RT on DVD: Bosomy Boleyn Girls, Jumper, John Adams

More new releases and wacky DVD news inside!

As the latest wave of Obamamania sweeps the country, look forward to HBO's Recount...or peek into the past with HBO's John Adams. Also clear your calendar for high-def Top Gun action and get over that crippling shyness with an innovative new DVD from Japan. Whatever you do, make sure you check out this week's new releases!

Recount, recount!

What went wrong in the 2000 Presidential election? Perhaps everything -- or perhaps nothing, depending on your politics. Either way, HBO's gripping fictional retelling of the Gore vs. Bush vote counting fiasco is coming to DVD August 19, which gives all of you non-subscribers the chance to see Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, and Tom Wilkinson portray some of the most notorious political movers and shakers in recent history.

Blu-Ray Top Gun to finally satisfy HD fans

If you were disappointed by the extras-free HD-DVD version of Top Gun, we've got great news for you. The Blu-Ray release of Tom Cruise's career-defining flick is not only headed your way, it's also loaded with bonus materials -- feature and storyboard commentaries by Tony Scott and more, a six-part making-of documentary, and a "Vintage Gallery" of '80s TV spots, featurettes, Cruise interviews, and, yes, music videos by the likes of Kenny Loggins, Berlin, and Loverboy. Which means you should grab your wingman, Maverick, and take the highway to the danger zone. Because you have the need. The need for speed.

Beware the Ninja Cheerleaders!

Breaking acquisition news! DMX and Kris Kristofferson. George Takei and The Real World's Trishelle. Willie Nelson and a young, beautiful assassin. You couldn't make up better movie concepts than these. Peace Arch Entertainment thought so, too -- they'll be bringing Lord of the Street, Ninja Cheerleaders, and Fighting With Anger, respectively, to your Netflix account soon. Just remember: the more you rent movies like this, the more they will make. Act accordingly.

Pour one out for Manny the labrador...

In sadder news, one of two pirate-sniffing dogs donated to the Malaysian government was found dead last week. Manny, a one-year-old golden Labrador, passed away mysteriously; despite recorded doggie bounties put out on previous Malaysian pirate smashers Lucky and Flo, officials do not suspect foul play. Manny and his doggie partner, Paddy, had been donated by the MPAA to form the world's first-ever DVD-sniffing canine unit.

Get out there and meet new people...kinda

And finally in this week's worth of DVD news, those crafty Japanese have created a solution for you bashful home theater owners. Cure your shyness with the interactive "Miterudake" disc, in which 50 different women stare directly at you -- in the hopes of helping the socially anxious become more comfortable around the opposite sex. Get it for $25 here. Have a sample staring contest below.

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jack giroux

Ill definately buy Recount when that comes out, that was really good. I think I might buy John Adams, or wait til its released on Blu Ray. Jumper was a big dissapointmen, it never explained anything. I think ill rent Funny Games... I thought Be Kind Rewind didnt come out til next week, I think I might get that, it was pretty good.

Jun 9 - 08:06 PM


Tyler Boone

I'll go ahead and make the obvious joke here.

"If you are seeking movies of chesty women looking awkward in front of the camera then you have 2 choices this week! 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and a Japanese Social Experiment!! Hey-ooo"

I feel so cheap.

Jun 9 - 11:45 PM


First Last

I'm getting Be Kind Rewind, that movie was awesome. Even though i love Scarlett Johansson, i think I'm going to pass on everything else.


On second thought maybe i'll get funny games, it was alright, just long at points... and no one else i went with liked it.

Jun 10 - 12:11 AM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Funny Games, John Adams for sure... And Jack Black kicks *** so I'm getting Be Kind for sure.

Jun 10 - 04:41 AM

Jen Yamato

Jen Yamato

You're right, jokerboy. Be Kind Rewind is next week - sorry bout that. Updated the article.

Jun 10 - 09:49 AM


john irvine

urban nomad.

you are awesome....... (i was just tooooo shy to make the same observation;)

Jun 10 - 10:06 PM


Big Brother

Ninja Cheerleaders with Kris Kristofferson, WIllie Nelson AND George Takei? Words cannot describe the awesome.

Jun 11 - 06:10 AM


Daniel Klein

I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a few minutes when I saw the 'Ninja Cheerleaders' cover- man is not meant to have every fantasy fulfilled at once like that.

That 'Japanese staring-chick' video is easily the funniest, most amusingly-misguided thing I've seen since breakfast (I work in the South Bronx, so someone will probably run by my office on fire within the next 10 minutes)

Jun 11 - 07:02 AM


Greg Guro

Jumper was amazingly bad. I was surprised by its badness. It overwhelmed me. I lost more brain cells watching it than I did all the parties I went to my Freshman year at college. . .

Jun 11 - 08:55 AM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

Man I hope they are doing some kind of research based on this new Japanese staring thing, seriously, very interesting.

Though it doesn't really help if you just stare at her boobs the whole time. Yea, definitely counter-productive.

Jun 12 - 09:30 AM

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