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We look at some of the top Tomatometers of the past ten years

Just ten years ago, we were unearthing our analog phones and covering our heads with tin foil hats while listening to Matchbox Twenty and Creed to prepare for Y2K - the day electronics would turn against us. It's true, the new decade will arrive with considerably less dangerous fanfare and hoarding of canned goods, but it should not and does not take away from all of the films that impressed not only audiences, but the Tomatometer as well over the past ten years. With our annual Golden Tomato Awards just around the corner, RT braved the mothball-scented digital cobwebs in our archives to find some of the very best the Tomatometer had to offer this decade.

Best Reboot/Remake

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In a decade filled with the return of iconic franchises, Star Trek went from Impulse Drive to Warp 9 (too easy?) with both critics and audiences with its reboot this year. When J.J. Abrams signed on to take the helm of the Star Trek franchise with a group of new faces taking on the roles of the timeless Enterprise crew, little did we know that the blockbuster film would go on to be one of the best reviewed movies of the year.

While film after film has taken us forward with the voyagers of the Starship Enterprise, Star Trek was a true origins story that wasn't geared towards Trekkies, too simple for fans of the show, or too complex for newbies. Star Trek delivered a visually stunning brand of mainstream entertainment that propelled the series back not only back into theaters, but the public consciousness. However, the movie had some stiff competition, going up against the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bond and a man in a bat suit, amongst a number of others but its broad appeal and ability to recruit a whole new generation of Star Trek fans make it the Best Reboot of the Decade.

More Top Reboots/Remakes

Casino Royale
Casino Royale

The Departed
The Departed

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma

Batman Begins
Batman Begins

Best Superhero Movie

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Why so serious? In an era where superhero movies have become defined by grim angst, somber origin stories and dark nights of the soul, it might come as a surprise to discover that a psychotic clown versus a bat-man didn't top this best-of-the-decade list. And yet, there it is -- Pixar's decidedly exuberant and satirical superhero romp is the 2000s' spandex-clad champ with movie critics, edging out the list's highest-grossing film at the box office, The Dark Knight.

We shouldn't be surprised at all. Written and directed by Brad Bird -- who showed what he was capable of with the superb Iron Giant -- The Incredibles is a classic that succeeds in that rarest of ways; poking fun at the genre while at the same time celebrating it and bringing something new and exciting to the form. It's almost like Bird read Watchmen and distilled the novel's premise to a pure comedic element. Fallen strongman Mr. Incredible and his wife, Elastigirl, have been forced into a suburban life since superheroes have been outlawed; only to return to action when crazed villain Syndrome -- who's the ultimate fanboy -- sets out to wreak revenge on those that created him.

With Bird's impeccable sense of retro design writ colorfully in Pixar's CG world, The Incredibles is an artistic triumph as well as being a dynamic action film and a seriously smart comedy -- in any genre, really. It's an "unprecedented film that is not just a grand feature-length cartoon," wrote the Los Angeles Times, "but a grand feature."

More Top Superhero Movies

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2

Iron Man
Iron Man




William Reznicek

sweet list and categories. but the incredibles over you know what? blar.

Dec 23 - 12:36 PM

Jay S.

Jay Scherbach

Servethe... is that a Nirvana reference? Best of the decade.. The Departed followed by There Will be Blood...Best this year and have seen most all the fall contenders is Hurt Locker hands down

Dec 26 - 08:26 PM


First Last

The Incredibles was more creative than The Dark Knight. It was also more enjoyable.

Jan 26 - 05:01 AM


Josh Quarles

It's purely based on Tomatometer. Incredibles scored higher.

Dec 23 - 12:41 PM

Boarder X.

Boarder X

Confound you Tomatomeater. Incredibles over Iron Man? right...

Dec 23 - 12:41 PM

Jumbi J.

Jumbi Jones

when is the last time you watched the incredibles... iron man really wasn't that great... it was good but nothing special

Dec 23 - 05:14 PM


Todd Bruther

Meh, what an easy list.
Just a, which movie has a higher Tomatometer list, bet that took some time..

Best reboot for me would be either Casino Royale or Batman Begins (Sorry Camera Flare is not a winner here)

Best Superhero would be either X-Men or Batman Begins (Could care less about a kids animated movie..)

Best Comedy Hot Fuzz or Shaun, cheeky monkeys.

Best Failed movie MC:TFSW was a great movie, doesn't matter that it didn't get a sequel; even though it still might.

Agree w/ best Martial Arts Flick, CTHD is fantastic!

Best Disaster movie for me is 2012 (even though it could be in the comedy section as well!) The Core was good as well.

Any of the HP for best Child Book adaptation, but Prisoner of Azkaban would be No.1.

Superbad for best Teen movie, Juno was to much of a hippie/tree huger movie.

Memento easily is the best WTF! movie, ever!

*Extra Category*
Best Action Sequence Matrix Reloaded - starts w/ Neo fighting the programs at Merovingian place and on to the Freeway chase scene, go Trinity!

Great decade of Movies though, let's hope that the 2010's are just as good or better!!

"I'm not a killer. I'm just someone who wanted to make things right. Can't I just let myself forget what you've told me? Can't I just let myself forget what you've made me do. You think I just want another puzzle to solve? Another John G. to look for? You're John G. So you can be my John G... Will I lie to myself to be happy? In your case Teddy... yes I will." Leonard Shelby - Memento

Dec 23 - 12:56 PM

Tom K.

Tom Kapr

"Any of the HP for best Child Book adaptation"

"Could care less about a kids animated movie"


thoughtless sarcasm

an obvious misunderstanding of the entire point of this website


Lose your pretentious attitude. You clearly haven't earned it. (I'll throw in a "Learn how to spell and use grammar correctly" for free.)

Dec 23 - 09:13 PM


Douglas Wake

Excuse me, but dismissing The Incredibles as "a kid's cartoon" shows how ignorant of the movie you really are. I doubt you've even watched it. Incredibles was a film every member of any family can relate to, and dealt with a lot of issues and feelings that kids would have no clue about. It's one of the few true "family" films you'll ever see.

Dec 28 - 01:16 PM

Chris B.

Chris Bowers

District 9 doesn't get a look in for best directorial debut? I know Neil had done short films, but come on...

Dec 23 - 01:08 PM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

About "Best Disaster Movie" - why is 2012's Tomatometer listed as 29%? It's 39%! (Although I wish it was 29% xD)

Dec 23 - 01:13 PM


Anthony W.

It's clear this list was based on the Tomatometer. I'm not going to comment on all the sections as I just don't have the time but I will for a few of them.

"The Best Reboot/Remake" catagory is a marvelous & superb group of films.

"The Best Superhero film" catagory is pretty damn strong & can't be argued that none of those don't deserve to be there but "The Dark Knight" in all truthfulness is the superhero film of the decade. That's not taking anything away from "The Incredibles" but seriously, "The Dark Knight" was the superhero film of the decade on way too many levels.

"The Best R-Rated Comedy" catagory, I find it hard to believe that the "Wedding Crashers", "The Hangover", & "Hot Fuzz" are not on the list. I know it's based on the tomatometer but truth be told those 3 films are easily 3 of the top 5 R-Rated Comedies of this decade.

"Best Failed Movie Franchise" catagory, is somewhat odd to say the least as "Master & Commander" is the best film amongest the other films but I wouldn't consider that film a failure by any means. So, it didn't turn out as a franchise but truth be told, that film didn't need to be a franchise & I truly don't think it should be in that catagory. This catagory should have been called the "Worst Film Franchise" catagory as that would go to "Twilight" hands down. The reasoning for it's winning of that catagory has too much to be explained.

"Best Directoral Debut" catagory really can't be argued but Neill Blomkamp's directoral debut with "District 9" could easily be on this list.

P.S. This decade was a admirable one but it won't go down as one of the true sensational or marvelous decades though.

Dec 23 - 01:19 PM


Rachel .

I agree.

Dec 27 - 04:58 PM


Rachel .

I agree. "Wedding Crashers" should be on there.

Dec 27 - 04:59 PM


Daniel Barbour

RE: "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World"

Of course this wins - I don't get those who say it wasn't really a failed franchise. I really enjoyed the film, but even the extended and annoying title implies there will be more. A failed franchise by definition would be one where the first movie is released, doesn't make enough money, so they don't make more. Of these to happen over the last ten years, M&C got the highest rating.

And for my two cents, the best film overall this past decade was "Mulholland Drive."

Dec 31 - 04:08 AM

Eric M. Robbins

Eric Robbins

Whats worse than this list? The suggestions from the upset losers in the comments.

Dec 23 - 01:36 PM

Alexson Philip

Alexson Philipiah

LOL!!!! @ Eric .m.r

Dec 23 - 07:21 PM

Kami no Shi

mark fields

speak for yourself ,YOU FREAK.

Dec 24 - 03:53 AM

Joo Ah Ran.

Aran Cutts

Absolutely, positively. :)

Dec 24 - 10:19 PM

evil elf

joshua berkoff

a pretty good list overall.

Dec 23 - 01:38 PM

Sinister Minister

larry mcmichael

Where's Transformers2? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Dec 23 - 01:41 PM

Rick Blaine

Max Salling

Along with everyone else, I'm going to start with "I know this all is based on tomatometer but..."

I definitely would have included "Where the Wild Things Are" in best children's book adaptation. That film was amazing.

Overall I thought this list was a pretty good representation of the best of the decade. Clearly they can't include everything and everyone has their own favorites. Nice job RT!

Dec 23 - 01:42 PM

Nine Oh Two

Nine Oh Two .

Yeah, Casino Royale was a much more satisfying reboot than Star Trek. For me, Star Trek had pacing issues. The movie jumps from scene to scene, none of them resonate. Before you know it the crew is assembled and they are thwarting the criminally underused bad guy's plans in record time.

Good to see Sideways getting some love, and I would easily put Master and Commander as Russel Crowe's best movie this decade.

As far as directorial debuts go, I'd throw a bone to Neil Blomkamp(D9), Duncan Jones(Moon), Edgar Wright(Shaun of the Dead), and of course, Rian Johnson(Brick). I do think that Food Inc. is a much more important doc than Afghan Star though...

Dec 23 - 01:47 PM


Jake Peffer

Shouldn't I Am Legend be in the best disaster movies list? I mean it has a 68 or 69% I believe. Or would that be considered more of an action movie?

Dec 23 - 01:47 PM

slippery w.

slippery whenwet

i think DK was somewhat over rated. good, just kinda overrated. incredibles pixar FTW. but i see where u guys r coming from.

Dec 23 - 01:56 PM

anime maven

Patrick Drazen

Mine is a real minority opinion: The Incredibles is not a superhero movie, but a Spy movie. The business of the suits, the faux John Barry music throughout, and a plot that looks at what happens when a guy like James Bond gets domesticated and is expected to settle down--these don't seem super-hero-ish to me. Even the slinky sidekick Mirage and the monologuing have more to do with 007.

Dec 29 - 04:29 AM


RT-Ryan .

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We had a lot of fun coming up with these categories and subsequently researching which films would fit into them, so we hope you guys enjoyed reading it. It's true, we can't feature every favorite or every worthy "nominee", but we did what we could. Keep on truckin.

Dec 23 - 01:58 PM

slippery w.

slippery whenwet

Fantastic Fox pwns. amazing film. never knew shrek was based off something

Dec 23 - 01:59 PM

slippery w.

slippery whenwet

Transformers 2 was a disaster in itself XD

Dec 23 - 02:00 PM


Renee Knowles

Wow. Fantastic Mr. Fox and Coraline as a runner-up. Movies based off of books from my favorite childhood author and my favorite author as an adult! Squee!

Comedy... hmmm. Not many people even making the attempt, since the FX-laden spectacles always bring in the dough (no one will shell out $12 otherwise, I suppose). But Hot Fuzz was definitely the funniest movie of the decade for me. We saw that in the theater and the whole audience was nearly peeing their pants through most of it! Shaun of the Dead ages better, though, I suppose.
Sideways sounds good, though... I love Paul Giamatti, so I'll have to check it out. I'm curious as to why the category is "R-Rated Comedy" instead of just "Comedy"?

Dec 23 - 02:25 PM

Dave J

Dave J

I assumed there'd be more foreign films being mentioned than than those Chinese action ones if it's accordingly to the rating, but it's nice to see a "documentary category"?

Dec 23 - 02:27 PM


Numna Stingdoo

I honestly find Hero to be the far better movie over Crouching, Tiger. Crouching, Tiger was almost like a remake of Come Drink With Me, a film from the late 60's.

Dec 23 - 02:29 PM

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