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May 24, 2015
A fairly serviceable love-was-right-in-front-of-me story. Brooklyn Decker plays hot but nice to a tee (faint praise), and Jennifer Aniston is a reliable voice of reason, but the true standout is young Bailee Madison as Adam Sandler's pretend daughter. Her mile-a-minute-British-theatre-kid schtick is overbearing yet perfect. The movie really revs up with the hula dance and coconut passing competition - featuring wild cameos by Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews - and even Aniston and Sandler generate some rollicking chemistry.
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January 24, 2011
A surprisingly amusing romcom that's enjoyable with a good cast. Even Sandler doesn't annoy me, even in Anistons age she still has it.
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July 14, 2012
Just Go with It, isn't really a bad movie, but sometimes could be unfunny and terrible silly, just like the character Eddie and present some romantic cliches. Interesting, but not a good remake of 'Cactus Flower'.
Directors Cat
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November 2, 2011
It's your typical romance film. Just Go with It isn't memorable or humourous in any way. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are certainly not a cute screen couple or are that enthusiastic in any way. They showed me very unconvincing performances attatched to a very thin plot. Instantly forgettable.
Nate Z.
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October 30, 2011
Loosely based off the 1969 film Cactus Flower, the title of the latest Adam Sandler comedy feels like a transparent plea from the screenwriters and Sandler. He plays a womanizing plastic surgeon that has bedded many women under the false pretenses of being married to horrible women. Now he's in a dilly of a pickle because has to convince the new hottie in his life (Brooklyn Decker, former swimsuit model, clearly chosen for her acting "talents") that he is getting a divorce from his fake wife, played by his assistant (Jennifer Aniston). Her real-life kids become Sandler's fake kids, and the whole lot goes along for a Hawaiian vacation. At various points characters will talk about how confusing the lies are becoming. I wish. Just Go with It doesn't have the ambition to embrace its farcical premise, instead settling on rom-com gooeyness even though most of the characters are lying jerks. Sandler's been tricking women into sleeping with him for decades, but we're supposed to view him as a good guy? What's the point of throwing in Nicole Kidman, of all people, as Aniston's college nemesis if the film doesn't do anything with the different pretenses? Things don't get too complicated because the characters really only assume one identity and one story, blunting escalating comic mishap. While Sandler and Aniston have a surprisingly natural chemistry together, and some of the jokes are decent in conception, Just Go With It is a wearisome rom-com weighed down with false sentiment and kicks to the groin.

Nate's Grade: C-
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March 18, 2011
It wasn't as bad as all that. No, it wasn't in anyway what a critic, reviewer, or human being would call funny, but at least it tried its darndest to make a go of it. If you listen to the dialogue, its a solid idea to be cast among the likes of funnyman Sandler, bombshell Aniston, and Bahama mama Decker, but when you stir in a lot of supporting roles such as the Kidman/Matthews paradigm, and Nick Swarsdon popping up in a role that does him no credit, it becomes a mess. Before it was contrived, messy, and a maze of irresponsible unwatchability, the film flowed really well, integrating a solid relationship between Sandler and Aniston. Then we're suddenly in Hawaii, there are about twenty sub-plots, and none of it is funny. Not one single moment of this is actually able to gripe a laugh from anyone watching. The only solid reason to watch this is because of the gorgeous shots of the coastal island, the many scenes with skin tight clad bikinis on Decker and Aniston, and those kids, who we should watch in the next couple of years. Though their characters are shallow caricatures at best, those kids can act, and it was good to see some with comedic abilities beyond making inappropriate jokes and aiming for the younger audience. These kids actually played into the script really well. Still, it was stupidly plotted, and a story that goes nowhere, does nothing, and involves characters that this is based off of nothing as well isn't going to entertain. Slightly enjoyable at best.
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½ February 13, 2011
Just Go With It is one of the worst comedies in history. Danny (Adam Sandler) uses a fake ring to get bimbo chicks by making them believe he is married and sad. He is very rich by being a surgeon and his assisstant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) thinks its funny and they are such good friends that she doesn'ty mind. When he meets a woman that he thinks he can live his life with named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), but when she finds the rings, he starts a ploy with Katherine to get him off the hook, but one lie leads to another leading him to the mother of all bad situations. The plot is so cheesy, so dull, so stupid, so cliche, so boring that its hard to understand why anyone would enjoy this, and you want to know why, because its Adam Sandler and everyone thinks if hes in it its the best comedy of the year, which is a lie. The cast sucks, they all sucked, Sandler was an idiot, Aniston was cheesy, but worst of all was the children, they are so Hollywood and moronic that it hurts, and the writers purposelky make these characters the dumbest people in recent film history. The jokes were so incredibly dull and stupid that it hurts, everyone in the theatre was laughing and it made me feel smarter because of how smart I was for hating this. I hated this film, and I will never even kinda like it, worst Adam Sandler comedy i have ever seen.
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½ January 24, 2011
I see the critics obviously got lost and thought they were going to see Black Swan? Lighten up already! I'm not a big fan of Rom-Coms they kinda all merge together in the end, following the same old plots and always ending the same.
I found this quite refreshing, it has a strong cast, great location, cool sound track, is fairly sexy and funny! It not a non-stop laugh from start to finish but so few are. The humour is good natured and situation based, good to see a comedy not relying on gross out gags for a change. Overall it's an entertaining film to keep you busy for a couple of hours, especially on a cold, wet night. The DVD also has a nice featurette on shooting in Hawaii and a promo for the luxury hotel it was filmed in.
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February 22, 2011
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are always two actors that never go a year without presenting a new flick on the big screen once or twice You may even find it funny that the two comedic stars have never been in a movie together with their incredibly long list of comedy films. Maybe because imagining them as the boy and the girl together is laughable, but either way, the two off-screen friends star for the first time together in "Just go with it". While I believe the film is better than "Grown Ups", "Just Go With It" isn't for everybody, even if you are a fan of Sandler or Aniston. I, however, managed to enjoy the film for what it was, even if it could have offered much more to it.

The storyline on the film falls short on nothing but lame, but, it still manages to entertain the audience. It also does a good job dummying it up enough so no one thinks on how stupid the idea of it really is. Even I didn't think back on everything until afterwards. The movie focuses on a lie and as the movie grows the lie becomes more and more stretched to the point where the films doesn't make much sense anymore. Meet Danny, a plastic-surgeon with a pretty good reason for going into the work he's in. He's never been married but he still wears the ring. Why? Well, he picks up women with it. Yes, its one of those romantic-comedies. The boy is a pig in the beginning and once he meets his true love he becomes an average Romeo. Actually, that doesn't exactly happen here either. Instead, when Danny meets the women of his dreams he must continue the lying, but this time he takes it with a new approach. Asking his assistant, Katherine to play the role of his wife who he's divorcing, the lie stretches where Palmer (Danny's young new girlfriend) finds out Katherine has kids and Danny must become "Dad of the year" in order to succeed with winning Palmer's heart. A trip to Hawaii seems like the perfect way to do it, huh? Oh, and things take a terrible turn when Katherine reunites with an old enemy (well, sort of) and forces Danny to pretend to be her husband. Whoa, two different lies going on on the same island? That should be interesting. What I found odd was that I found Katherine story lie more interesting than Danny's, which is the films main plot. I found Danny and Katherine's fake relationship funny from Katherine's lie than their relationship in Danny's. I thought the movie set itself up nicely with making them each have a lie of their own. It made the movie much more entertaining. Her is something I found stupid from Danny's lie however. Why Danny thought he could trick Palmer into believing Katherine's two kids were his for the rest of their relationship was beyond me and it really helped make the movie a tad bit stupid. But, then again this is an Adam Sandler movie and not everything needs to perfect for it to be enjoyable. Watching Danny and the two kids (Boy and Girl) pretending to be a happy family was entertaining all the way through, even if it was stupid. But, another stupid thing from the movie was Aniston's character Katherine. She seemed like a real role-model for women in the film being a single-mother and a hard-working women, but, would a character like her really give in to helping Danny with such a lie? That involved her children? Well, like I said, what's left a thought in your mind hidden is what makes the movie much more enjoyable.

This an Adam Sandler movie, everyone, so don't expect characters you haven't seen before. You've got Adam Sandler playing Danny, who is pretty much the same guy Adam plays in all his movies: Himself. You've got silly characters with off-accents, babysitters without a brain, and cameos from all his pals. What struck me shockingly was that I didn't see Rob Schneider once. Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler didn't include Schneider in this? They must've gotten into their first fight or something. Anyways, I've always liked Adam Sandler even if his movies aren't perfect. I find that his lazy acting makes his all the more hilarious. But, that's just me. Jennifer Aniston is the same deal. She's normally always the same bratty, spoiled girl. In this movie, however, while she still feels the same, she plays a mother of two. Her performance isn't strong, and I found it not believable that the two kids in the film were hers. Either way, her performance was fine. I just enjoyed watching her and Adam play it out for the first time on the big screen. Nick Swardson, who seems to be the new Rob Schneider cameo-guy in Sandler's recent films, plays Eddie, Danny's idiot cousin. Swardson is what brings most of the crazy, over-the-top, but super funny laughs in the film. His scenes are mostly corny, but his energy actually makes us laugh, even if they are ridiculous. I'd like to see the guy play a lead in his comedy, he has the potential. Brooklyn Decker plays Palmer, Danny's new beau. The girl plays an absolute moron, and doesn't intend too. I think Decker does an alright job here, but, she doesn't do anything special with the role. The role was quite simple though, look beautiful and look way out of Sandler's league. The worst performance, and I feel like a Scrooge saying this, comes from the little girl in the film: Bailiee Madison. Madison plays Maggie, a girl who wants to grow up and be an actress. She becomes excited that she will be pretending to be Danny's daughter and uses the lie as training. Using a British accent the entire time, her croaky voice added to the accent made her a real pain to watch on-screen. I'm sorry, but, the accent wasn't cute. The little boy, however, does a much better job than the girl who plays his sister. He was a dull little boy, but, is obviously broken by how his "real" father doesn't pay attention to him. This brings anger towards Danny and Palmer (her believing Danny is the father) which brings Danny and the kids much closer. This shines into Katherine's eyes and then everything becomes predictable. Not like it already wasn't. Oh, and don't forget Nicole Kidman! She'll make you say, "What the hell is the point of her being in this?" the entire time. Literally. As for the film's acting, I wouldn't expect anything from it than what you would from a Sandler/Dugan collaboration.

Dennis Dugan has directed just about all of Adam Sandler's movies except for maybe a few. The two are obviously good friends, but, they tend to always use the same humor over and over. Not such a bad thing, because I always enjoy watching a new movie from the two. While Dugan isn't the greatest director, I'm shocked even he didn't make a quick cameo in this, as he always does. Did he and Sandler just get lazy with their little repeated jokes used in all their films like Schneider cameos and other missing pieces? Whatever, I'm not going to complain over something so stupid and something I could actually careless about it. But, Schneider not being there made it feel as if Sandler wasn't either. Odd. Anyways, the direction on this isn't so bad and I liked the whole Hawaii outlook. Me never being to Hawaii, its films like this and "The Heartbreak Kid" that really make me want to visit someday.

One problem I had with the film was that many of the jokes in it are overused. I laughed at the "Taking a Devlin" bit in the beginning of the movie and then the film repeats it over and over throughout where it becomes annoying by the 100th time its used. Same thing with the bass-player with the moving beard. The character is never actually shown until an epilogue scene but Sandler's character Danny seems to shove in Katherine's face his impression of the beard itself. He's only twitching his fingers under his chin, it was a snickering scene when he first did it, but then he did it twenty times throughout the film after that scene that made it really stupid. Usually what I like about Adam Sandler films is that they're always moving at a very energetic pace and are always throwing something new to burst out and laugh at but with "Just Go With It" the same jokes are used over but in different texts. Believe me, there are other funny moments in the film, like one random slow-motion scene that's so stupid its actually hysterical, but I feel like this one just wasn't the best with making the audience laugh. This was more entertaining for how these characters pulled through on the lie than what will happen next with the humor. But, I thought Nick Swardson, as ridiculous as his character and even his fake character were, was hilarious in every scene.

Overall, "Just Go With It" presents itself lame, but even though it does live up to that expectation, the movie still remains entertaining from start to finish. You can bash on me, tell me I'm wrong, and disrespect my opinion, but I stand by saying that I left the theatre happy with spending my money. Its super predictable, corny, and just another Adam Sandler playing Adam Sandler movie. But, its also energetic, fun, and interesting. A lot more than "Grown Ups" was. I'm not saying the movie is perfect, because believe me, it isn't even close. But, its still decent enough to rent.
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February 9, 2011
"Just Go With It" is a BAD movie. There's no doubt about it. But unlike most bad movies, it never felt unwatchable and there were actually a few bright spots. Also, at two-hours, it didn't feel that long, so for that I give it an extra half-star.
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June 6, 2011
Just like any other Sandler movie, except with a little more "romance" and a little less Rob Schneider. Nice to see that Jennifer Aniston has stepped out of her comfort zone and gone for a little more provocative comedy of late. Might I also add that she's looking smoking hot in a bikini for someone who was born in the late 60's. Besides the visual attractions, there's also a couple of other things that speaks in its favor. One is the cameos, which is another of Sandler's trademarks. Not as many as we're used to, but a little more on the qualitative side, with an extensive appearance by Nicole Kidman. It's also easy to digest with it's lightweight humor and thankfully never goes too far into chick flick territory. Compared to his other movies, it's far from his best material, but I knew it was gonna be pretty average, so I'm not gonna bother with making any huge complaints here. It served its purpose, in keeping me entertained for 2 hours, and that's all I really asked of it in the first place.
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July 31, 2011
This movie really surprised me, I mean with a mere 18% of critics liking it, I expected something horrible. Honesly, I liked almost everything about the film. I felt like the writing was solid, still average, but there were many moments that were genuinely funny. I also really liked the cast. Jennifer Aniston was great, and Adam Sandler was more likable here than he normally is for me. He felt more tame to me, which I preferred. Even the supporting cast was good, especially Nicole Kidman and the young Bailee Madison.

Yes this film does has the typical modern Hollywood touches, but this film still entertains a lot more than so many other mediocre comedies these days. So overall, I completely recommend this film. I enjoyed it!
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August 1, 2011
I have quite a bit of movies I've written reviews for on this website, and i can honestly say i believe I've watched every one of those movies all the way through. 'Just Go With It' may be the first I did not. I just couldn't stand it. The lies continued to build and build, and none of it is funny. The movie should only earn some praise for the decent performances of Aniston and Sandler, but Swardson is the only one that seems to be trying to offer an entertainment. But even his character gets annoying. I turned the DVD player off just before the 1 hour mark (When Aniston meets Kidman in Hawaii, and another flood of stupid lies ensues). I dare any movie fan to go further.
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½ March 21, 2011
Just another predictable romantic comedy with pushed laughs and amateur acting.
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½ January 24, 2011
Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Nick Swardson, Brooklyn Decker, Bailee Madison, Griffin Gluck, Dave Matthews, Kevin Nealon, Rachel Dratch, Minka Kelly, Heidi Montag

Director: Dennis Dugan

Summary: When plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee lies to his girlfriend that he is a divorced family man, he recruits his office manager and her children to role-play as his ex-wife and kids -- generating a flood of farcical results and unintended consequences.

My Thoughts: "I really thought it was just going to be another eye rolling romance flick. But I surprisingly enjoyed this much more then I had anticipated. The relationship between Aniston and Sandler seemed so in-tuned with each other that at moments I forgot they were acting. They flowed very well together. The movie was funny. Nick Swardson completely stole the show. He was such a great fun character. Nicole Kidman was pretty funny in this as well. It was nice to see her in a silly role and not being so serious. It was just a fun film to relax and have a good time watching. I love Adam Sandler and most of his films. Not all get or like his humor, so some may not enjoy this as much as I did."
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½ March 8, 2011
Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nick Swardson...how can you go wrong?! This movie was funny, romantic, sweet, and just plain fun. There is a scene with Nick Swardson and a sheep...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Kudos!!
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½ January 24, 2011
While it throws up a few genuine laughs, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are on autopilot in this largely predictable affair.
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June 23, 2011
Without a doubt, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anistons best film. You can tell during the hysterical 'eyebrow' scene that Jennifer Aniston is genuinely laughing and it's nice to see. Brooklyn Decker is one to watch as an actress and Bailee Madisons English accent is absolutely hilarious. Nicole Kidmans was amazing as her character Devlin and the whole film made me laugh start to finish. Especially the botox guy. I could watch this over and over again and I'd still end up with tears of laughter. A definite must watch film! So, so funny!
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June 22, 2011
It may be a bit predictable, but I thought it was a good romantic comedy! Jennifer Aniston did a good job in this film, even though I don't like her. Also Nick Swardson was hilarious in this. Overall it kept my attention throughout even though it is a romantic comedy. It was much better than the travesty that is Grown ups.
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June 21, 2011
Sandler follows the usual formula, and the movie goes exactly as you'd expect. The writing is lazy, but I found myself laughing out loud a couple times, and have to say I moderately enjoyed the experience of watching it. 'Just Go With It' is better than 'Don't Mess With the Zohan' and 'Grown Ups', but that's not saying much. If you enjoy Sandler's other sub par films, then you'll enjoy this one, too. Grade: D+
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