Weekly Ketchup: WB and DC Comics Prepare for Justice League Push


This week's Ketchup has lots of superhero news, as well as news for the RoboCop reboot, Darren Aronofsky's Noah, Stephen King's IT, a new sequel for the Jackass franchise, and a movie with Jamie Foxx as the POTUSA. Back to Article


Brad and Netflix

Bradly Martin

I'm just gonna get way ahead of myself here on this DC Movie. What do you think we would be looking at in the form of a villain? The Legion of Doom? Then all the capes could kick ass, respectively.

Jun 9 - 09:45 AM

Adam B.

Adam Burkowski

Ryan Dunn was born in 77, so unless he dies 5 years from now, he was not 40.

Jun 9 - 10:59 AM


Greg Dean Schmitz

Thanks for the correction !

Jun 9 - 12:33 PM

Fred Brooks

Fred Brooks

Well you're right by Marvel Studios standards, i was looking at the first 'Hulk' from 2003 as well, but that film obviously does'nt in no shape or form connect with the current Marvel film universe. I'll be very interested to see how DC approaches this, hopefully they'll take some cues from Marvel and not be too arrogant and humble enough to follow a similar path.

Jun 9 - 12:02 PM

Fred Brooks

Fred Brooks

I agree that DC needs to take their time, don't try to rush to beat 'Avengers 2' to the big screen with an inferior product, that would be far less reckonizable and ingaging to the common movie masses. What Marvel did so brilliantly and effortlessly was take their time to introduce these characters to us on the big screen, they allowed us to get invested in these characters and grow with them. You can't just throw a "Justice League" on the screen and say it's Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash,etc, so now we're all going to rush to movie theaters and buy tickets like crazy, it does'nt quite work that way. Sure, some people will do just that, but the general public as a whole, no. Now Batman on the big screen is obviously set, no issues with the 'Bats' whatsoever, he's definantly good to go as we already know. But these other characters need to be introduced, or in 'Supes' case re-introduced properly, hopefully the "Man Of Steel" will do just that next summer.

Jun 9 - 12:18 PM


Greg Dean Schmitz

Thanks for the correction !

Jun 9 - 12:33 PM

Lars Ronin

Lars Ronin

Dude ur awesome, i read the Ketchup jus so I can trip off ur comments!!! lmbo

Jun 9 - 01:29 PM

Epic Barney Funk

Barney Funk

The Justice League is nowhere near as AWESOME as the Avengers but it still might be a pretty good movie if executed properly.

Jun 9 - 05:43 PM

King  S.

King Simba

I don't know, A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, and V for Vendetta were all pretty succesful, both critically and financially. Granted, they weren't huge but they did pretty well considering their tone and subject matter. Meanwhile, 300 was pretty massive at the box office though not so succesful with critics, and while they were both considered dissapointments at the box office, Stardust and Watchmen were both well recieved by critics (Personally I think they're both underrated).

So in short, Warner Bros. does pretty well with their non-superhero or gritty violent adaptations of DC comics. It's only when they try to imitate Marvel and go for potential mainstream franchise starters do we get stuff like Catwoman and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Jun 10 - 02:28 AM


Bigbrother .

Agreed, I wasn't counting the Vertigo properties, only the ones that I considered potential Justic League contributors.

Jun 11 - 02:51 PM

King  S.

King Simba

Personally, I think DC should hold off their Justice League film for now. Work on establishing solo debuts for the non-Batman or Superman characters and see if they go well, because their track record sure doesn't give much confidence (they've done really well with their standalone films, but whenever they make a film with the intention of starting a franchise....well, do I need to explain? Just look at Green Lantern and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Also, I do hope that they don't do the origin of Batman all over again with their planned reboot. Just do what Incredible Hulk did and show the origin in a flashback or don't show it at all. Normally, I'd just suggest laying off Batman completely until the release of JL, because that would give JL even more hype at seeing Batman finally returning to the big screen, but given the realism of Nolan's trilogy, they're probably going to have to set up a Batman world where rings that turn thought into reality and a superfast guy are possible.

Robocop is looking better and better with each new anouncement. Also, with Promotheus making repotedly making 21 mil on Friday alone I think it'll convince studios to be more willing to make big budget films r-rated (No, I'm not someone who believes that an r-rating will automatically make a film better and I don't get too upset when an r-rated franchise goes PG-13 but given its themes Robocop is one of the few franchises that really needs its R label).

I agree that Ritchie's career isn't flawless, but don't forget, his floudering came when he was with Madonna, so I'd put the Treasure Island adaptation as more borderline fresh than borderline rotten.

Also, I don't think Captain America should be labbeled so low. I mean, other than Whedon did any of the Marvel studios directors look like good choices initially? And yet their track record so far is five for five.

On a side note, Green Lantern was a 2011 film, not a 2010 film.
Glad to see Emma Watson making smart choices in movies. Even with Harry Potter finished, she still looks to have a pretty prosperous career.

Jun 10 - 04:00 AM


Frisby 2007


Was wondering when they'd do this, Wonder Woman, The flash & the rest. Just as long as Christopher Nolan doesn't have an involvement; i don't want any of that realistic & down to earth bullshit.


1. I was wondering when more knews on this would come up. I've been wanting this re-adaption to happen (I don't know why the morons on RT can't learn the difference between a remake & a readaption). And it makes sense to split it into two films, seeing how huge that damn book was. But oh well, Del Toro would have been great working in this.

2. Yawnville

3. Well it's about damn time this adaption of Noah happenned. While I'm not always looking forward or ever interested in Buble adaptions, this one made me wonder when it was going to happen.

4. I still need to finish watching the rest if the third one.


Everything in this section can suck it.

Jun 10 - 03:32 PM

Jimmy G.

Jimmy Gee

Justice League...sigh. A dream of every young comic reader's heart, but if they don't screw this up several different ways it will be a miracle. For me, Aquaman is the stand-alone I want to see most...and I don't know why so many think that it wouldn't work. It would basically be Thor underwater with sharks and Atlantis and all kinds of craziness. As far as JL goes, they will have to take their time with this one--some of the problems are obvious ones, and have been mentioned here by others.

I'm really glad they've decided to revisit "It" and make a 2-part film. King is the master at setting up a climactic finish, with the reader thoroughly invested in the character's outcomes, and with the tension of whatever evil they're facing racheted high. (Unfortunately, King also does a lousy job closing a lot of these epic moments) It was one of the creepiest stories I've ever read (maybe because I was a teen, I don't know), and I'd like to see if they could really capitalize on that if given a second shot. (Excited also about the progress on the Stand movies and Gunslinger. My favorite King story, though, is Talisman, and would love to see the big-screen treatment on that one)

I'm one who feels that most films can benefit from a little Samuel L thrown into the mix. Besides, I think it's pretty hard to screw up a Robocop film. (Though they did manage it with #3) I'm excited about this one.

I'm sure I probably missed it, but why not bring Joe Johnston back to direct Cap 2? Personally, I thought that he did an admirable job with the first one. I'm a little concerned, but I have a lot of faith in Marvel Studios...they haven't let me down yet.

Having read Treasure Island as a kid, I can definitely see the potential for Ritchie to work some of the same magic from Sherlock into this film, especially if he could get an actor like Downey or Depp involved. (Not necessarily these guys, but someone with their charisma to carry the story along...a la "Holmes" or "Pirates"--yes I know Ritchie didn't direct the latter) Treasure Island is a classic that deserves special treatment--they made a film off the Disney ride before they made this one? Come on! Despite Ritchie's track record, I believe that he can pull this one off. We'll see.

Jun 11 - 07:27 AM

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