Adam Brody Is JLA's Flash?

Warner Bros. keeping mum.

There's still no confirmation from Warner Bros. -- in fact, the studio says the movie hasn't even been greenlighted yet -- but the Justice League of America casting rumors continue to fly fast and furious.

The latest, from a report published today in The Los Angeles Times, says The O.C.'s Adam Brody is all set to play the Flash in George Miller's live-action adaptation. Warner Bros. will likely hold off on any JLA announcements until the entire cast is in place, but in the meantime, it's still fun to speculate -- as the Times does here:

Brody, best known as the heartthrob on "The O.C.," joins Australian supermodel Megan Gale, who was reportedly cast as Wonder Woman, apparently beating out Jessica Biel for the part.

Among the other young actors rumored to have been cast are "Friday Night Lights"' Scott Porter as Superman and "Wolf Creek's" Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul -- a recurring love interest for Batman. Common was rumored to be playing the Green Lantern (a.k.a. John Stewart).

The Times references an earlier report from Slashfilm, saying Brody will play the nephew of the second Flash, Barry Allen.

Source: Los Angeles Times



Daniel Klooster

This is still sounding terrible. Didn't Biel reject the role of Wonder Woman (thankfully)? This article makes it sound like she wanted the role and was beat out.

Dec 5 - 07:00 AM


Brian Jarchow

Besides maybe Megan Gale as wonder woman, none of these people should be playing super heroes in a movie, especially adam brody. and the only reason Megan Gale would get the the role is that she will look good in the costume

Dec 5 - 07:09 AM


Keane Gallett

Yikes. I misread that as Adrian Brody.

This movies is still shaping up terribly.

Dec 5 - 07:24 AM


S Doc -------

lol, me too

Dec 5 - 01:52 PM


Daniel Klooster

Saw some pictures of Megan Gale and she actually looks like she could fit the image, much more than Biel. She's also 5'11'', so at least she's not absurdly short (for Wonder Woman) like Sophia Bush. Definately sketptical of the casting as a whole so far. This project should've been killed when they couldn't get Bale and Routh.

Dec 5 - 07:27 AM


Gimy Moo

bale is now gonna be busy doing T4, its already confirmed. woo hoo! second, brody as a superhero just seems hilarious. i don't see super, nor hero...coming from him. and i don't see "faaaastest man alive!" coming from his mouth and not laughing. honestly, i hope i'm right and this turns into a hilarious Ghost Rider.

Dec 5 - 08:11 AM


Ryan Alley

I still can't believe they are going young with this movie, it makes me wince everytime I hear it, the Justice League was always older, it was formed after the heroes established themselves in their own little city. This is simply another attempt to market a movie to the coveted 18-25 year old mostly male crowd, and as such we have a young group of beautiful television people playing characters that really should be older. I mean think about it, add some legitimacy to this project by adding some known stars and actors to these roles. Think about it...I wouldn't mind seeing Avery Brooks as the John Stewart Green Lantern, Morena Baccarin for Wonder Woman, Ryan Reynolds as the Wally West Flash, Phil Morris for Martian Manhunter (he does great on Smallville so why not?), maybe Cary Elwes for Aquaman, and yes Routh and Bale.

Dec 5 - 08:18 AM


robin thompson

I also think Routh and Bale should stay away from this project, for continiuty's sake if nothing else, but otherwise I agree with Creekboy. And I can't believe I didn't think of Morena Baccarin - she'd be... wonderful!

Dec 5 - 01:06 PM


Daniel Klein

They lost me at 'Batman may be played by [some F#CKING 20-year old].' Everything else is irrelevant. I hope a lot of really rich people are publicly and humiliatingly bankrupted or fired over this project.

Dec 5 - 08:24 AM


jeremy d

Why on earth do you people want Routh and Bale involved in this movie? It would totally ruin the continuity of their individual franchises. JLA should be a seperate universe, and absolutely nothing to do with what C. Nolan has got going for Batman. Therefore, it should have completely different actors and a completely different style to Superman Returns, BB and TDK.

Dec 5 - 08:25 AM


jeremy d

Megan Gale and Teresa Palmer both being Australian, kinda suggests they were probably picked because George Miller is also Australian, and not because they won out over actresses like Jessica Biel. Has Megan Gale ever acted before anyways? Since they're throwing in Australian supermodels though, why not make use of Jennifer Hawkins, she's much better looking imo.

Dec 5 - 08:32 AM


Steven Gilpin

Brandon Routh sucks.

Dec 5 - 08:57 AM


David Lu

whadda fook happened to ryan reynolds?

Dec 5 - 11:07 AM


Arend Anton

This movie is a joke before they've even started filming. This is the most negative buzz I've ever seen for a movie this early on in it's production. They should cancel it because it's going to bomb since they won't even get most of the DC fanboys to go.

Dec 5 - 11:07 AM


mark mckinley

i agree with the dude that said Brandon Routh sucks
pick a new superman

Dec 5 - 11:37 AM


hector torres

this is got to be the first superhero movie i don't agree with because there casting nobodys and there toooooooooooooo yuong to be the Justice league

Dec 5 - 12:21 PM


Todd Williams

This movie will never get made!

Dec 5 - 12:32 PM


robin thompson

I also think Routh and Bale should stay away from this project, for continiuty's sake if nothing else, but otherwise I agree with Creekboy. And I can't believe I didn't think of Morena Baccarin - she'd be... wonderful!

Dec 5 - 01:06 PM


S Doc -------

lol, me too

Dec 5 - 01:52 PM

Azlam Orlandu

Azlam Orlandu

I have high hopes for this one. Hate all you want, I'd rather see this than a sequel to Superman Returns.

Dec 5 - 02:28 PM


jason gerard

I disagree that JLA and Batman/Superman are different universes. For continuity's sake they should use Routh (who I thought was a great Superman/ Clark Kent) and Bale(who as we know was a superb Batman) I would love to hear the banter between these two actors cause that it is a huge part of the Justice League, Batman vs. Superman....who doesn't want to see Bale pull out that tiny piece of Kryptonite from his utility belt when Superman starts throwing his weight and his holier than thou morals around? They should wait until those two have made a trilogy of movies in their respective superhero roles and then bring out the JLA to show the progression of these characters....bringing it out soon while other Batman and Superman (and Wonderwoman) movies are still coming out just seems absurd. It sounds like this movie is going to be a made for TV movie on the WB.....too bad

Dec 5 - 04:58 PM


Brian Gaul

I think this movie is in good hands and people really need to relax or they're going to have aneurysms before the movie even comes out in 2010.

George Miller has a pretty stellar track record as a director: His Mad Max movies were among the most influential action movies ever made and he's yet to make a bad movie so he is at least entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

To read through these message boards you'd think McG, Brett Ratner or Uwe Boll was directing. My only caveat with Miller's directing this movie is that they've hired an Australian to make a movie called Justice League of America. That's outsourcing for you.

Dec 5 - 08:39 PM

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