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Kelly's Heroes Reviews

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March 5, 2013
Classic military comedy, staring screen legends Savalas, Sutherland, Rickles and Eastwood as the gang of soldiers on a mission to steal $16 million worth of gold from the Nazis.
July 29, 2012
I own this in a four movie pack along with:
* Where Eagles Dare (1968)
* Firefox (1982)
* Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

and a sample of the documentary The Eastwood Factor

and i own it on Blu-Ray in a two movie pack along with:
* Where Eagles Dare (1968)
February 23, 2013
Saving Private Ryan by way of M*A*S*H* (the anarchic film, not the sentimental TV show). Yeah, its original. Post Omaha-beach squad of disparate head into occupied France in search (not of Matt Damon, but) a bunch of gold bullion to heist. Premise = great, plot = ok, heist angle = ultimately disappointing. Great location work, but minimal finesse in action scenes - either standard or too repetitive with the explosions. Anti-war satire in sensibility and perfs - but still it loves to show us Nazis getting mowed down by the truck load. Yeah, its original. Best thing about it is the cast and their chemistry. This was one of Clint's last "for hire" roles, and its one of those (rare, pre-90s) examples of how good it could be to watch his laconic charisma balanced against OTT perfs from other star-quality actors. Rickles and his one liners are good, but the best scenes feature droll Eastwood getting bounced off by a brilliant-shouty Savalas and a wacked out Sutherland (who himself has some good stuff with Captain Stubing). "Always with the negative waves Moriarty, ALWAYS with the negative waves." Definitely inspiration for "Three Kings", not to mention Abe Simpson's "Flying Hellfish".
February 20, 2013
Fairly entertaining WWII heist movie. It was definitely a lot lighter in tone than many other movies with the same theme.
December 8, 2008
Weird anachronistic WW II adventure.
February 9, 2013
Are you kidding me?! Just look at the cast! AWESOME flick.
January 22, 2013
i love the part when they go into town palying all for the love of sunshine
May 29, 2007
Guy's FilmThis is my favorite Clint Eastwood movie. It's a World War II comedy/adventure movie. It's set in the weeks after the liberation of Paris in 1944. A squad of soldiers in a fictional National Guard unit has been deployed in a rural section of northern France. Every time they are about to enter a large city, regular Army troops are allowed to bypass them and enjoy the soft beds and clean showers. They are unhappy and loosing moral. Their unofficial leader is Clint Eastwood who plays a former lieutenant who has been demoted after leading a suicide attack against a hill in the weeks after D-Day. He was blamed for the excessive casualties even though he was just following orders. Telly Savalas plays the squad's sergeant. During a German attack Clint Eastwood's character "Kelly" captures a German officer carrying two bars of gold. From the German he learns that there is a large stash of Nazi gold in a bank behind enemy lines. Kelly convinces the squad to go with him to steal the gold before the Germans can move it. He then recruits a greedy supply sergeant played by Don Rickles. This is one of the funniest roles Don Rickles ever played. Donald Sutherland plays a hippie tank commander who has been separated from his unit. I doubt there were any hippie tank commanders in WW2 but I've been told that there were a lot of tank commanders just like the Donald Sutherland character in Vietnam. Remember that this movie was made during the Vietnam War. Donald Sutherland's character is called "Oddball" and asks to go along with his three tanks. Oddball has some of the funniest lines in the movie. Example, "I don't know what makes them work, I just ride in them." Or, "Don't make with the negative waves." At the end of the movie is a face off with the German tank commander that's done just like one Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns. In addition to the good story, funny lines, and exiting action the theme song is a catchy tune that actually made the pop charts in the early 1970's. This is basically a guy's movie. There are no women characters. Rent this movie to watch with your buddies.
dave f.
January 14, 2013
This is a great movie that is pure entertainment at its best.
January 6, 2013
A childhood favorite and I appreciate it more every year. Clint Eastwood is stiff, but an ensemble cast run with the exciting premise and make good on it. Great action and explosions. A super underappreciated gem.

Re-made into Three Kings and Battlefield: Bad Company (VG) kinda.
January 2, 2013
Clint Eastwood + World War II + Heist = Kelly's Heroes. I didn't expect an action-comedy, but this was really good.
December 24, 2012
This is a movie that I want to like, but it just doesn't work for me. I think it's very dependent on the humour working for you, and I just don't find this movie funny. That makes the humour an annoying distraction from the action for me. Some elements work ... I like the deliberate spaghetti western reference, but most don't. I find the performances to be too broad & slapsticky, especially Donald Sutherland, whose character I simply despise. (I'm not too fond of Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker general either).
December 16, 2012
Jerry's uncle from Seinfeld is in it. Not exactly going for authenticity in this 70's version of a WWII picture but it's nice to see Clint Eastwood and Don Rickles together in one movie. I don't know why but watching it made me realize how difficult it must be to fake being shot. I mean you get shot, then your body has to fall to the ground like a rag doll and they do it very well. I don't know something fascinating about faking an involuntary action.
December 11, 2012
Kelly's Heroes is a dark comedy about greed disguised as a war/action film. There is no way this film can be watched as a pure war film. The humour, the characters, hell, even the music, everything is so completely off the mark of objectiveness we can only take it as a satirical piece. The whole film goes around with small jokes and satirical characters, but when it tries to get serious it becomes serious (in one small scene on a mined field). Besides this scene, there is never any sense of danger, and all of Kelly's Heroes seem to always have the right shot at the right time, until the script predictably calls for one of them to fail. By far the best part of this film has to be Donald Sutherland's Oddball. When you have Sutherland playing A hippie in the 40's you can't go wrong! The straight faces of Eastwood and Savalas staring at his bizarre opinions and attitudes are priceless stuff!
December 7, 2012
Would like to see at some stage.
December 3, 2012
Still a great movie! Would rate it a "10"!
November 25, 2012
this movie has a hippie Sherman tank commander in it. nuff said.
February 28, 2012
Kelly's Heroes is one of my most watched war films. Well, Its more of a heist film that just so happens to be set slap bang in the middle of a war zone in WW2. It's very funny and from the very start Telly Savalas's rants put a smile on your face and you know exactly what you are in for. The cast are the main driver for this films success with a host of interesting and outrageous characters from Telly Savalas's larger than life Big Joe to Donald Sutherland's stoner hippy tank driver, Oddball. It certainly doesn't scrimp on the action either and there are enough bullets and explosions to take down a small country. It's not all fun and frolics and it still has a few satirical barbs thrown in for good measure. Kelly's Heroes is a fantastically fun film. Watch this.
October 8, 2012
Fricken' A! One of the best ever made!!
October 5, 2012
Great war-comedy. Hilarious in its take on the silliness of the military, with a decent amount of drama thrown in. Reminiscent of MASH, the movie and the series, and Catch 22, the book (the movie adaptation was less good).

Great performances from an all-star cast. Casting is spot-on: Clint Eastwood as the hard-bitten, decisive, take-command Kelly; Telly Savalas as the tough sergeant; Donald Sutherland as the hilariously insane Oddball; Don Rickles as the deal-a-minute stores sergeant; Carroll O'Connor as the clueless general. Also includes Harry Dean Stanton in a relatively minor role.

Also has one of the best and most memorable theme songs of all time - "Burning Bridges" by the Mike Curb Congregation.
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