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February 4, 2014
I was very disappointed in Kevin Hart's most recent stand-up special. The first 20 minutes were not even comedy, they were just a poorly written parody of him at a party trying to "explain" himself to his friends. Then the next 30 minutes were just boring, especially for Kevin Hart's standards. By that time, you're checking the clock every five minutes anxious for the special to end. Finally, after that snooze fest, some great, classic Hart-humor kicks in. I'd say the last 30 minutes of the special were outstanding and make the special worth watching. That being said, the first 50 minutes hurt the experience and dragged down the rating. The laugh-to-bore ratio should be better than 3-to-5.
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February 2, 2014
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain is a decent little stand up movie, but it's too short. There's a little skit at the beginning and by the time he gets on stage, there's only like an hour of actual Kevin Hart. The standup he performs is for the most part, really funny. 

Kevin Hart fans will love it. The standup show is at Madison Square Garden and by the comments of Kevin Hart at his show, this obviously means a lot to him. That adds a cool new element to the show.
½ February 1, 2014
Really disgusting. Not funny, cruel at times. He doesn't sound like a comedian just a bitter person ranting about how his wife deserved to get cheated on. Weird. I didn't laugh once, literally.
½ January 31, 2014
That bitch in the corner with a diaper on her face, that bitch is crazy!

Kevin Hart has gone from traveling the bar circuit to traveling the world and starring in movies. As a tribute to his success, he decides to have a special event at Madison Square Garden where he addresses his divorce, his security, his lies, and his friends, amongst a wide variety of other topics.

"Put the pigeon on the fucking phone."

Leslie Small, director of Hair Show, A Good Man is Hard to Find, and several Mike Epps, Eddie Griffin, and All Star Comedy Jams pictures, delivers Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain. The content, set-up, and delivery were all consistently funny. Kevin Hart's body language and method of delivery is fairly unique and fun to watch.

"Let's get some fire up on these bitches one time!"

Neither of us had watched a stand up comedic performance in some time and this was a recent addition to the Netflix library, so we watched it. We definitely were laughing throughout this picture. I wouldn't say this was over the top funny like Eddie Murphy Raw or Delirious, but it was well done and worth a viewing.

"I'll double punch your face."

Grade: B-
½ January 22, 2014
While it never gains steam until the final 20 minutes, it's never unwatchable. So it's got that going for it.
½ July 4, 2013
Absolutely atrociously bad
January 18, 2014
This is why Kevin Hart is where he is right now. He is absolutely hilarious and can make a bad situation hilarious no matter what. Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians of all time and is movie should definitely be given a watch.
January 17, 2014
Absolutely Hysterical! He eats other stand-up comedians for breakfast!
½ November 26, 2013
That 20 minutes of preamble got on my nerves. I am glad I didn't go to the show to see this.
January 16, 2014
He's one of the most hilarious men out there doing comedy but only watch this if you're a die Hart fan.
½ January 14, 2014
Could not stand the first part of the film where it shows the tour bus antics and whatnot... Once the standup starts its the usual funny Kevin Hart!
January 12, 2014
Let him over-explain.
June 24, 2013
Can you even call this a movie? haha. Besides that, this Kevin Hart comedy routine is probably one of the funniest routines in his career. I was with friends so I probably laughed pretty hard. It was super funny. Kevin Hart is my favorite comedian and to be totally bias, I loved it. It's not a movie though. It should be like a recorded comedy routine that isn't really a movie but it's in theaters...It just seemed like a special tv show on ABC or something like that. besides not being a movie, this film is hilarious.
½ January 3, 2014
Obviously this is less a movie and more just a stand-up routine, despite the little framing sequence, but as a stand-up routine it's pretty damn hysterical.
December 21, 2013
This is my first review of a stand-up comedy movie. But I love stand-up comedy, that being said I haven't watched a lot. But when I do, I laugh my ass off. It's a great time for me. That being said, I didn't know if I wanted to review a stand up movie because I didn't know how to rank it. My system for movie was one to ten, but not anymore. Now it's one to five, and it's a hell of a lot easier. And I'd much rather watch a standup comedian and be highly entertained in some DVD than some bull crap below average movie. That being said a movie that is good holds a lot of value, and so a comedian has to be really funny to compare to that. And I really think Kevin Hart is funny. He's grown popular enough even a guy who doesn't watch too much standup like me has seen all his major DVDs. And I enjoy them, just like I enjoy pretty much each standup I've ever watched. And with the new one, I rented it, and I've watched it twice in a two day period, so I think I'm ready for a review. Now I heard mixed reactions from this. Maybe the biggest is this didn't live up to people's hype. Now I don't hype things, I really don't. And so, I am far away from hyping a comedian. Besides that I haven't heard much. But I did enjoy all of his skits, but this one he mixed things up. The opening thing was good enough, I do wish these DVDs had more of them. But he goes into a lot of stories, a lot of them to do with his family and friends. And Kevin Hart wants you to know all about his family and friends, but he makes it funny as hell. And it's believable. The reason why I think the most is because he didn't look like the good guy in any. In fact he kind of seemed like the asshole in a lot of his stories. Now I don't know why he'd do that in a DVD titled "Let Me Explain," but I guess that's him. I mean he explains his divorce and other stuff like that, but in the end he just kind of admits his shit, and makes good jokes out of it. And I like just about all of his segments. Each one had me at least laughing. But there was at least three to four times I was laughing my ass off. The only one I didn't like was the one about bums. At one point Kevin was laughing so hard he couldn't get the joke out. And I couldn't relate to being afraid of homeless people, I guess I haven't had enough homeless people trying to flick my lip. Bumbump isn't as funny or quotable as his old stuff. Not that this isn't really funny and quotable, and have tons of good lines. I think something Kevin Hart does really well is hit his punch lines really good with facial expressions and voices. When he's telling a story, you are getting the story. And just little things like smiling or widened eyes as some of the people from the stories really makes a difference. Now there is the question of, "Is this as good as the old stuff, or what came before this?" To be honest, I don't care. This isn't a movie sequel, so I'd be okay with this sucking. But I thought each of these DVDs was about as good as the other, and this one I thought was really good, but not as good. Some of the jokes were really running, it got to be too much of some of it, and I just didn't enjoy my end result as much. I will say I think you should watch his earlier work before watching this if you can. Kevin Hart also seems to be a really good guy, even if it kind of feels like they really have to tell you that. His near cry at the end, that was real, the opening with people reminding you how famous and likeable he is, not so much. Anyway, really good, the problems I had didn't bother me like it probably did some people. But Kevin pulled out another good show, which I think is a lot harder than you'd think, and he did have a hot show, literally. Like, there was fire, lots of it... see this quotable!
July 2, 2013
Funny Ass Kevin Hart!! A+
½ December 3, 2013
While not my style of humor at all, there are certainly worse ways to pass the time.
December 1, 2013
Most of Kevin Harts stand up is repetitive. This one was as well. Not a good comedy when I find him hilarious, yet I fall asleep halfway through because it's all things I have heard before.
December 1, 2013
I traveled the world! And by world I mean Canada and the places in Europe I'm popular! "Kevin Hart's audience loves him, but this probably won't start the infatuation for you." "Any comic who can play the Garden must be good, but you wouldn't know it from this jumble of random routines and on-the-bus footage."
November 22, 2013
This nigga is hilarious occasionally.
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