So, do critics just hate sequels or something?

It's becoming very popular these days with critics, hating sequels. The first Alien movie has 97%, and Aliens the sequel has 98%. But these days a sequel gets a lower rating than its predecessor. Why is this? Discuss.
08-14-2013 10:41 AM

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Tommy South

Zack Snyder

Sequels are generally worse.

Aug 14 - 01:16 PM

J.D Dean

J.D Dean

Usually critics dislike sequels because, surprise! Their not very good, I'm looking forward to Kick Ass 2 as well, but I doubt any critic gave this a bad review simply on the basis that it's a sequel, same with any other sequel that got bad reviews.

Aug 14 - 12:37 PM

The Tall Man

Jebediah Morningside

Because Jeff Wadlow is a retarded fucking director, that's why.

Star Trek 2 got good reviews, Iron Man 2 got good reviews, Spider-Man 2 got good reviews, 28 Weeks later, Clerks 2, X-Men 2, Before Sunset, Bourne Supremacy, The Dark Knight, etc.

Aug 14 - 10:44 AM


* Catbus!

Yeah, and Grown Ups 2 got the same love the first one did!

Aug 14 - 11:07 AM


Entertain Me Or TIE

But those movies came out years ago.
The only reason Star Trek Into Darkness got good reviews is because JJ Abrams is incapable of fucking up his track record of good movies; that's why he's a wise choice for Star Wars. Iron Man 2 got good reviews but for some reason many people seem to hate the fuck out of it.

Aug 14 - 12:58 PM

Chris Etrata

Chris Etrata

Jeff Widalow, the director of Kick Ass 2, only made 2 films before this, both which were financial and critical failures. With him directing, I knew that the reception was going to be mixed at best.

Aug 14 - 04:01 PM


Everybody knew that lol

Aug 14 - 05:06 PM


LOL Everybody knew that.

Aug 14 - 05:08 PM

The Tall Man

Jebediah Morningside

Well, they all came out after 2000. That's fairly recent, some more than others. I could probably name more. I don't think critics hate movies just because they're sequels. Now REMAKES I could see critics hating no matter what, because remakes are usually pointless tributes to how little creativity exists in Hollywood's studios.

Aug 14 - 07:14 PM

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