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½ November 5, 2013
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy is the first film of the Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the hall, and it is a very funny film. I'm a huge fan of KITH and their show was the finest sketch comedy TV show that I have ever seen. How does the troupe transcends to the big screen? Well, it's not a perfect film, but the Kids in the Hall manage to keep their eccentric brand of humor in the film, which in turn makes for an entertaining film to watch for fans of the show. Brain Candy is not a comedy for everyone as it will most certainly alienate viewers. The cast here is great and the storyline is terrific for what they try to accomplish. Brain Candy is entertaining and will definitely appeal to KITH fans, but to those not familiar with the troupe, they want to pass it up as they won't find it funny. As a diehard fan of KITH and the show, I thought this was a well crafted comedy that had the traditional elements that you'd come to expect from the Kids. At times, the film could have been reworked to make it a highly memorable film, but as it is, it's funny, but it of course leaves room for improvement. I felt that Show was much better, and that the troupe put more effort into their skits than on this film. I'm not saying the film is bad, I'm just saying there is room for improvement. For what it is, it's a fun comedy worth seeing if you're a fan of the KITH, but like I said, you may want to skip it, if you're not familiar with their work. Anyone looking for a final glimpse of the troupe may want to check this one out, as their later work, would depart from what they previously did on the show and in this film.
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August 9, 2009
ehh.... it aint no American pie: naked mile, dats da trufe.
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November 19, 2007
It's exactly like stummies! But it makes flipper babies. This movie was great, but after a while it got to that point where it felt like they were just making stuff to fill time.
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½ June 24, 2007
A wacky comedy about a pharmaceutical corporation releasing "Gleemonex", a happiness drug - and its affect on the world. It's quirky and funny, with a trip inside the minds of those who take the drug. I really liked Cancer Boy, the Disco-Chick and the Gay Dad. It's hummm-funny like "The Kids in the Hall" TV show, but not rip-roaring funny.
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November 20, 2006
If you've never seen an episode of Kids in the Hall, you probably won't get into it. If you have and didn't like it, you probably won't like it. But if you love the show, you'll love the movie.
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½ December 28, 2007
The film was not worth destroying The Kids in the Hall, but at least they could come up with a clever and funny story and it's just always a blast to see these guys together.
April 7, 2012
Pretty decent. There were some laugh out loud moments, but nothing really stands out as worthy of highlighting except Mark McKinney's Lorne Michaels impression. "My empire is crumbling!!!"
½ November 21, 2008
Pretty darn funny I would have to say. The film could have been a bit less sporadic as far as the humor it almost seems like it was a bit pushed. I was a little shocked by David Folleys name not appearing as a writers credit. Interesting that he was so dissatisfied with the script that he quit midway I think it has a lot to say.
May 2, 2008
Okay, let's premise this with the fact that I'm a HUGE Kids in the Hall fan.

This film is awesome to see the characters from the Kids in the Hall show interwoven into an ongoing, film-length storyline. As a film itself, the storyline feels weak and cliche--anyone who's read Brave New World knows the fate of people addicted to happy pills. Be that as it may, KitH and their characters are great comedy. This film just proves that they should stick to the sketch format.
August 27, 2007
i saw this at a time in my life when i couldn't appreciate this kind of humor. hence the low rating.
June 30, 2007
Though much different from their sketch comedy show, this movie is uniquely odd, offbeat, unconventional and funny!
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February 11, 2007
maybe if you weren't a KITH fan it wouldn't be as disappointed, but i didn't find this funny at all. i expected much more from them
½ February 9, 2007
Pretty funny ... not much to say about it except that I laughed really hard at some points. It just seemed like a tv special, not enough to carry a movie title. Yup ... thats about it .... NEXT
December 23, 2006
A smart, witty, take on the world of antidepressants. Particularly interesting since at least Kevin McDonald likely has personal experience with them, since he's bipolar. I think that fans of KITH will enjoy it more than non-fans, so I suggest watching some episodes of their series first. It really is too bad that it didn't do better at the theaters.
December 9, 2006
i think one of the reasons i love this movie so much, is that none of my friends know about it. also though, kids in the hall are fucking brilliant
½ August 7, 2006
I love these guys desperately. Their movie isn't the best thing since sliced bread, but their sketches- yum.
½ July 29, 2014
I am no fan of kids in the hall, i have seen bits of the show here and there, so i was surprised when i found this movie very funny. A dirty random sense of humor with a little social commentary and some good characters, what more do you want. Its got a better plot then most comedies these days that just revolve around weddings.
March 16, 2014
This movie is brilliant ...
Dark humor and a smart edge make it almost hurt to laugh.
January 27, 2014
Great movie from my Canadian friends at Kids in the Hall.
October 20, 2013
Great, intelligent movie dealing with depression, the superficiality of media, the greed and power of corporations, the artificiality of people, the importance of both happiness and sadness in life and how depressing life really is. I am a giant Kids in the Hall fan so I was very excited to watch this movie, even knowing how badly it did when it came out. At first I wasn't sure what to think as there weren't nearly as many jokes and gags as there would be in the show in the opening scenes, but I think they decided to aim for a more serious, dark, intellectual, opinionated movie and they succeeded. It's kind of gritty for a KITH project, but it's a unique way to look at the group and I think it added something interesting to the movie.

My favourite character was definitely Mark McKinney as Don with his uncanny Lorne Michaels impersonation. So many things discussed in this movie are so depressingly true that instead of laughing you almost cringe a bit, like the talk show where they interview the scientist Chris Cooper and all they care about are superficial things like his resemblance to Tom Jones. Towards the end there are more funny scenes (like Don and Chris' ridiculous fight in the hallway full of coma victims).

Even with the darker approach they seemed to be going for, I think it would have been safe to add more of the Kids in the Hall jokes they are known for. All the same it was a very thought-provoking and humorous movie and the critics who didn't like it are wrong. There, I said it.
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