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Sequel just as over-the-top explicitly violent.

December 24, 2010 Full Review Source: Common Sense Media | Comments (14)
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Tarantino Film Student

στρατηγί&# πολεμιστ&#

I think the kids are hungry.

Jan 17 - 02:44 AM


Tommy Nelson

Did you see the movie? Just as over the top violent as part one? This one is both significantly less violent and not nearly as over the top with it.

Jan 25 - 05:34 PM

adithya k.

adithya kantewada

Hey stop reviewing films from now. All that I hear in your reviews is 'This is not for kids' ,'Kids find this material disturbing' , 'Kids shouldn't watch this movie'. Do one thing work as a baby-sitter or start a 'Baby Care Centre' & enjoy with all the kids.
This is 1 of the greatest films ever made! Quentin Tarantino's direction is film making of the highest order & its an extraordinary experience watching the movie.

May 7 - 07:28 PM

Dlormin R.

Dlormin Rosentahl

Approved Critic my ***. The movie is about rage and therefore violence. Its like criticizing a love movie for having to much love in it. Got one big word: misconception.

Jun 30 - 12:58 PM

Robert C.

Robert Cruz

Just shut up.Im a 12 year old kid who loves this movie.Everyone but you on this website can accept when a movie isn't for kids.You're,what? 33 grow up and stop acting like some ultrababysitter who can't handle a little ketchup on the movie screen.Get off rotten tomatoes,f**k you common sense media.

Oct 15 - 07:52 AM

Peter J.

Peter Johnston

Well said mate, couldn't have said it better myself... Common Sense Media along with the MPAA are definately the worst things to have ever become involved in movies.

Dec 20 - 09:39 AM

Tyler S.

Tyler Sweet

Very well spoken for a 12 year old. Couldn't agree more.

Mar 11 - 02:40 PM

Austin Campbell

Austin Campbell

Have to agree with the people who commented before me. Not to mention the fact the title explicitly has KILL in it, so if someone were actually stupid enough to believe this film was even remotely acceptable for children in any way, and reviewed it as if it were a kids' film, then that'd just be ridiculous.

Jan 3 - 11:17 AM

patrick m.

patrick M

are yo blind?

Feb 25 - 10:10 PM

2001 - A Space Odyssey

Andrew Andrews

It's ridiculous that Common Sense Media actually counts as a critic for RottenTomatoes. Common Sense Media is not supposed to review movies, it's supposed to say how appropriate movies are for children. Shouldn't count as a review.

Plus, this movie is nowhere NEAR as violent as the first one. In fact, it would have probably been PG-13 had it not been for one scene between Beatrix and Elle. Of course, the word "Kill" is in the title, but that doesn't mean Common Sense Media is enough of a critic to qualify for this website.

Mar 27 - 04:25 PM

Jack Heslop

Jack Heslop

That Rotten Tomatoes allow Common Sense Media airspace on the site is a joke. These aren't film reviews. The "critics" have no passion for cinema and are just joyless suburbanites providing guidelines for other joyless suburbanites to wring their hands over at their weekly prayer meeting.
In fact, I'm not sure they're even guidelines, as what CSM reader in need of entertainment for their kids would choose Kill Bill, an 18 (R in America) rated film directed by Quentin Tarantino?
"Hmmmm... what would little Susie like? The Nativity Story, or a film about a woman eviscerating the people who murdered her wedding party and shot her in the head while she was pregnant? If only there was a dried up old bitch who could tell me..."
These articles exist just so some simpleton from Connecticut can feel awfully important.
Uma Thurman or Nell Minow? The choice for me is obvious.

Mar 29 - 11:14 PM

2001 - A Space Odyssey

Andrew Andrews

"Joyless suburbanites with no passion for cinema"

Awesome comment, couldn't have said it better myself.

Apr 16 - 05:40 PM

Kemuel Butler

Kemuel Butler

Worst review ever. You should just stop.

Jun 24 - 08:12 AM

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