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½ May 1, 2009
The film was written and directed by Tim Metcalfe, who found a copy of Panzram's journal in a used-book store, read it and spent five years getting it onto the screen. He does not, however, ask the right questions about Lesser, and the film softens some hard edges.
½ March 4, 2012
Showing an unlikely bond between a convict and a prison guard, both Woods and Leonard play their characters very convincingly in this hard-hitting thriller.
April 12, 2011
Killer - A Journal of Murder turns out to be more like Killer - A Journal of Love.

87 minutes of two guys ''bonding.'' I went from expecting James Woods to slice and dice, to thinking - just kiss already.
April 4, 2011
More for fans/admirers/researchers of Charles «Carl» Panzram, however, it does contain a good amount of quotable material. Some critics apparently were expecting some sort of Horror film; it carries on more like a slow-paced, dramatic indictment of the mechanically indifferent U.S. prison system.
May 12, 2005
[b]VHS[/b] First Viewing, 1 Metcalfe film seen

James Woods is one silly bastard. The box cover says he deserves an Academy Award for this film. I think I would give him a pat on the back and a thumb up for effort, but no best actor Oscar - not even consideration. It's more of a MadTV sketch than a film exposing the injustice of the judicial system in America. Watch either [i]Paradise Lost [/i]or the second [i]Aileen[/i] documentary (you should see both - actually, you should have SEEN both).
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