Smokin' Joe Finds a New Pablo for Killing


Now that Javier Bardem has said "no thanks" to Killing Pablo, who's going to play Mr. Escobar in Joe Carnahan's upcoming picture? Smokin' Joe knows, and he's shared the news with us all. Back to Article



jack giroux

huh cool, I bet this will turn really good. I loved Narc but was dissapointed with Smokin Aces, I bet this bounces him back. Hey is Christian Bale still in this?

Aug 14 - 08:26 AM


Steven Gilpin

Where's the article?

Aug 14 - 09:07 AM


joe shmo

wait, who did they say was replacing bardem (no link to article, just this comment page)? because i saw that edgar ramirez from bourne ultimatum was gonna play pablo in antoine fuqua's 'escobar' and now i'm reading elsewear that carnahan drafted him for 'killing pablo.' what the sh#t? there's no way both movies are using the same guy, right? someone please clear this up NOW! just kidding, but this is getting sorta confusing.

also, on smoking joe. 'narc' was an amazing debut and 'smokin aces' was one of the biggest pieces of crap ever. all the praise from 'narc' went straight to joe's head (as evidenced by his self-important blog) and as a result, his follow-up was worthless. then clooney was like sorry, not doing 'white jazz' and that project folded. then bardem was like nope, not gonna play pablo for you. starting to think joe isn't the most desirable guy to work with. there's a shocker.

Aug 14 - 11:02 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

That's cool I like Ramirez, good see this will give him bump up. And I thought Smokin was entertaining, not great, but it wasn't that bad.

Aug 16 - 01:50 PM

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