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½ February 10, 2007
Utter trash but I somehow managed to gte through this because I focussed on how lovely Joesph Fiennes looks in this film ^_^

However, it's poorly directed, acted, written..the list is endless. Would recomend this is Joesh Fiennes films but besides that avoid it at all costs. Just terrible.
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July 6, 2009
Well, I had to review this film like this, whether the plot was the most sophisticated thriller, or whether the love scenes were copied from another film it was beside the point. Every woman would like to meet a man like Joseph Fiennes' character and be swept off her feet and have great sex and all the attention in the world. I think most of those who did not like the film must be men cause they know, they' don't have the guts to be a man like that... ( i m kidding) well, I recommend this film as a truly romantic love story and the kinky sex was also not the point of the story. Girls, u will really love this film and Joseph Fiennes is, of course wonderfully gorgeous and convincing and lovable in every scene, and Heather Graham was beautiful. The wedding night idea was absolutely brilliant. ( hi hi )
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December 16, 2007
This is an interesting movie with Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes. A bit on the surprising side, but the story plot was intriguing.
½ October 29, 2012
Pretty entertaining, I knew the twist before it happened and I didn't like how it ended but OK overall.
½ March 16, 2011
Well, this movie is basically porn with a developed plot. The ending was a nice and unexpected surprise so I am glad that I watched it until the end.
July 6, 2010
Only an alright film. It moved way too quickly for the plot and characters to be established very well, and I saw the ending coming about twenty five minutes before it actually did. Not to mention I've never liked Heather Graham, and personally I think she ruined what potential there was. Good thing I only saw this for Joseph Fiennes, because he at least didn't disappoint. If you're male, you get the bonus in this film of clothes-less Heather Graham. If you're female, you get the same bonus, only with Joseph Fiennes. Good enough flick for fans of Joseph Fiennes, maybe, but that's about it.
May 31, 2010
Like most women, I was swept away with the dreams of such romance. Unlike many I was waiting for the proverbial boot to drop. A sister who was wayyyy to friendly , and a lover who was wayy to secretive. I knew it was going to be exciting. The movie was quite good. The ending left me a bit frustrated. Well worth watching at any rate!
December 21, 2009
This is intended to by a steamy thriller, but turns out very lame and not at all convincing. It tantalizes and doesn't deliver. The leads seem miscast and do not seem comfortable in their roles.
July 23, 2007
Oh My Goodness.... the acting in this was soooooo bad.... the script for this movie..... was soooo bad.... this movie was sooooo bad.... It felt like i was watching a bad soap opera play out in an hour and a half. Fiennes facial expressions and his lines just made my skin crawl... He was supposed to be creepy (I guess) but he over did it in a big way.... horrible... If you've seen it you know what the only good parts were....

½ April 22, 2007
Heather Graham looks hot but she is one of the worst actresses out there. This movie was really bad. The only good thing...Joe Fiennes.
December 25, 2006
Oh my... I love Joseph Fiennes, but this was so bad... the ending? I mean, words can't describe what rubbish that ending was.
½ December 6, 2006
Let's not kid ourselves -- this movie has what you're looking for. Actually, aside from much nudity and hot sex scenes its still a watchable thriller -- this is just an erotic thriller that doesn't tease, it actually delivers the goods.
February 25, 2006
Hmmm. Well, that was a load of caca. The best part was pretty much Joseph Fiennes bum. Yep, that's certainly worth 2 stars.
November 19, 2015
Besides Heather Graham's body, this is perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen.
October 9, 2013
Killing Me Softly is a goofy, unintentionally funny, and oddly stylish erotic thriller. In the tradition of other goofy erotic/thriller films like Sliver, Color Of Night, Basic Instinct 1 & 2, In The Cut, and Passion (The 2012 Brian De Palma version), comes a film no fan of camp should miss out on. It is a gleefully stupid and hilarious film that is waiting to be discovered as the next camp classic. Marvel at the terrible script, gloriously awful dialogue, campy acting, jaw-droppingly awful plot twists, and artsy direction to complement the cheesy tone of the film, and you've got a howler of a film.

The film focuses on a woman named Alice who is a web designer from Illinois who is now living and working in London who enjoys her job and is even in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend whom she is living with. Still, something seems to be missing in her life.

That all changes during a chance encounter on the street with a man named Adam Tallis. During that chance meeting, there is an instant spark between the two, which results in an intense sexual encounter before they end up parting ways.

This one moment causes a massive shift in Alice's life, and she pursues the man who is named Adam, who is struggling with the guilt from a mountain climbing accident which cost the lives of all the members of his mountain climbing team, including his fiance at the time.

Alice ends up leaving her boyfriend and moves in with Adam, which soon results in a marriage proposal, which she is ecstatic about. But in the midst of such happiness, Alice begins to receive mysterious letters and phone calls warning her about Adam's past, which she blows off, going forward with the wedding plans (As well as more intense sexual encounters). But as the letters and warnings continue, a seed of doubt is planted in her mind, and she is determined to get to the bottom of the potential mystery at hand, unearthing shocking secrets that threaten her life.

The story has a lot of interesting ideas, but they are lost in a sea of cheesy character development, an abundance of trashy sex scenes, and plot twists that will have you simultaneously laughing and scratching your head as they unfold. The story is ultimately a mess of romance, thriller, eroticism, and other elements, culminating in many moments worthy of chuckles or outbursts of full blown laughter because of how utterly ridiculous they are. The story is only entertaining on a trashy, campy sort of level. However, I was legitimately compelled during the first 30 minutes of the film before it suddenly derailed into madness and hilarity. While I enjoyed the campy qualities quite thoroughly as a lover of B-movies, it's a shame that a promising start fell apart.

The actors try their hardest and I really can't fault them. It's the fault of a shoddy the script that ultimately dooms them, because they really do try to make the material work. I do have to compliment them for being able to retain a straight face, even during the particularly ludicrous moments of the film (Especially the last 15 or so minutes which produce some of the biggest gut-busting moments in the film). But I will legitimately compliment the performances of the leads, Heather Graham and Ralph Fiennes, because I do feel they did a solid job, even with all the ridiculous shit going on in the film.

Oh man, for entertainment, if you like thrillers filled with gaping plot holes, cheesy characters, and howlers for plot twists, you're in for a real treat, B-movie fan. If you come to watch this film looking for a legitimately good erotic thriller, you will hate it, and your head will probably explode trying to rationalize all the ridiculous things you are seeing.

Killing Me Softly is a glorious trainwreck for an erotic thriller. It's a B-movie classic that is waiting to be discovered by connoisseurs of crap because it offers so much entertainment value. Unless you are a B-movie fanatic, stay the hell away from this film.
March 9, 2014
OK, Heather Graham is excellent
April 11, 2015
I like this movie, but I can't ignore the fact that is always looking for a situation to show us a sex scene, and that's quite ridiculous. Joseph Phiennes was a rising star in those years but his performance in this film is very low. Near the end the writers realized that they were doing the screenplay for a film and made a desperate attempt to make the story interesting, but that didn't work. 2/10
½ January 17, 2015
Saw this on 17/1/15
Predictable even miles away from it's narrative, Killing me softly is a poorly made film which can't even be suggested for it's erotic nature as even the sex scenes are tasteless. The performances are bad and except for a view of people falling down from a mountain towards the end, there's no well shot scene here. A point less waste of time, but still towards it's middle, it delivers so tension.
½ July 31, 2014
Although I did not have high expectations for Killing Me Softly, I can't pass up a chance to see Heather Gragam naked on screen.

The plot in Killing Me Softly is essentially completely senseless. There essentially is none because there are really no characters in the film, just the hollow shells of talented actors that are wasted on a lacklustre script full of clearly artificial dialogue. The film just charters through a ridiculous plot which makes no sense and makes all kinds of sudden twists and turns without a hint of originality or cleverness in them which really makes you wonder precisely how this film could have gone so wrong. It made literally no sense, and it just went all over the place with random new plot dynamics being thrown in every second to the dismay of the viewer. It is really a challenge to think of anyone enjoying this film because it was not the slightest bit good. It was frankly one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life.
As an erotic thriller, Killing Me Softly deviates between the focus on being romantically themed and being a thriller without ever consistently sticking to one. But either way it fails in bother areas because Killing Me Softly is not appealing for its erotic virtues as the nudity in the film was randomly thrown in for senseless purposes, and it is completely bereft of any thrills. Viewers are going to find themselves unable to be scared by anything in the film because the premise is full of every predictable movie cliche in the book. So Killing Me Softly completely fails in both areas as it is not sexy or thrilling in the slightest, and it takes itself way too seriously to even succeed as a guilty pleasure. The film is ridiculous and it follows a seriously generic style of storytelling and visual style as well so it has no surprises and nothing to set itself apart from the hundreds of other erotic thrillers, essentially all of which are way superior. Killing Me Softly is the worst example of an erotic thriller that I have ever seen because it loses touch with its erotic elements halfway through and always has an atmosphere which is way too light for it to ever be the slightest bit thrilling. I could not believe just how ridiculously off key Killing Me Softly was. I mean, it had the most generic visual style and the most ridiculous story which left it falling flat in every single area. The dialogue in the script was ridiculous and cringe worthy, but I am used to that in films. What I could not tolerate was the story because it had a single intention the whole film and yet had to go through so many ridiculously off key plot dynamics to actually tell it. It went into all kinds of unbelievable directions which sped up the pace and cemented the fact that it would take no time before viewers would lost interest in the film. Killing Me Softly goes off focus so many times and then randomly back onto it that it is just too easy to be worn down by the whole thing. And on top of that, it is just so boring. Killing Me Softly is not even at the right level of negativity to succeed as a guilty pleasure, especially because Heather Graham's nude scenes were senselessly thrown in and do not have the atmosphere which plays them gently into the film and ends up seeming more explotive, and not in a good way whatsoever. Killing Me Softly is a just a truly awful film.
The acting in the film is genuinely bad. All the actors give lacklustre performances, but the main issue is that despite the fact Killing Me Softly is supposed to be an erotic thriller, all the actors are so uninvolved in the atmosphere that they act way too lightly. This applies to every single cast member in the film. Rarely does the performance of every single cast member in a film fail to match up to the film in the slightest, but Killing ME Softly Blew me away with a lack of quality.
I always wondered why Heather Graham never had much of a mainstream career. If it is because she is paying for the sins of her performance in Killing Me Softly then it makes sense because her performance is so uninvolving and uninspiring that it is depressing. Even her nude scenes are brought down by the fact that she puts no charisma into the character, and she just seems so consistently lifeless from start to finish. Heather Graham does not tie herself into the atmosphere of the film well at all, and her performance ends up being potentially the worst of her entire career.
Joesph Fiennes is no better. His performance has him remaining too emotionally subtle and monotonous at the same time as he fails to channel in even a hint of heart to his performance. It is easy for him to mess up because he has literally no character to him, but it is hard to believe that he is at all savage because he is so pathetically shallow in the part that it is depressing to watch. He has literally no charisma and not the slightest bit of spirit in him, so it is easy to see how he has landed fewer and fewer leading roles in mainstream films these years. Killing Me Softly seems to be the film that really killed the talents of everyone involved.

So Killing Me Softly ends up being one of the most misguided and pathetic films in existence. It is not sexy enough to be erotic, not scary enough to be a thriller, not sensible enough in narrative to actually be an even semi decent film and so terrible that it is less likely to hit the viewers' list of guilty pleasures and more likely to strike their list of worst films in the history of cinema.
June 13, 2014
very sexy movie. Acting isn't best at times. But still very sexy story.
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