Lazy, stunned half a movie.

I like Tarantino, I like Mean Streets, hell, I like grim movies like Street Trash and Desperate Living. I like about ten of the actors in this film. But this is the laziest, most inept piece of sh1te I've seen in ten years, and I live in Canada where the creation of dismal, derivative films are a tax haven.
Simply incompetent, such as where you see three separate shots of Gandolfini walking through an airport, because, y'know, that advances the story and plot. Or Ray Liotta standing in the pouring rain, completely dry for a full minute, because they were too lazy to think of wetting his hair in the shot, and then, when the camera angle changes, instantly soaking wet. Scenes that drag on for three or four minutes, not in a "royale with cheese" kind of way, but more in a "we forgot to come up with more than half an hour of plot" kind of way.
minke p.
01-2-2013 05:22 AM

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James BradShaw

James BradShaw

get them off ye, the mink pants i mean. no i have to agree minky even if i did give it 3 and a half stars.

Jan 6 - 04:08 PM

minke p.

minke pants

Oh, and let's talk about the card game heist:

We're to believe that 20 people come into a acardgame, bank 5 Grand a piece (20 x 5 = 100 grand) and a.) there's no security for the money, there's no security at the door, the manager of the game leaves the money unattended in a cupboard. I might not be in the mob, but if i handed ANYBODY five grand for safekeeping, I'd like to have some kind of idea what they were doing to keep it safe.

But, I know, I know, I'm missing the great metaphor, that metaphor being, that in America, no one, including the shiftless indolent filmmaker, gives a phuck.

Jan 2 - 07:08 AM

Connor Quade

Connor Quade

In the film, Squirrel says that it's not really the mob's money (hence the lack of security). After the first robbery by Ray Liota, the card games shut down, but no one really cared and the games started back up. The whole scene is more of an ironic metaphor, the poor people steal the rich mob's money, which is actually their's in the first place the mob probably scammed them out of. This is in turn makes all the games stop around town and no one anywhere makes any money at all. If KIlling Them Softly is an analogy about the economic collapse (the phrase Squirrel uses to describe the aftermath of the first robbery), then it shows that after the rich people lost a lot of regular people's money, everyone else but the upper class are the real ones who suffer and die.

Jan 11 - 11:51 AM

Connor Quade

Connor Quade

Also, the president's speech during the holdup is about recovering the economy and distribution of wealth, which gives more irony to the scene.

Jan 11 - 07:17 PM

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