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Kingdom of Heaven Reviews

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Josh L

Super Reviewer

April 6, 2008
I need to watch the directors cut before judging this movie. I didn't like the original much, but everyone says the directors cut is better so I'll try it.
July 23, 2014
Still one of my all time Favs :)
June 8, 2014
I had too watch the theatrical version for school a few months back, and my god it was really messy and flat, although entertaining.
July 21, 2014
The film does have something to say about religious tolerance and has some decent action, but Orlando Bloom is not believable as a lead and not a strong enough actor, especially when surrounded by such decent performances from legendary actors. The Directors cut is better
July 21, 2014
This movie is amazing. I love my historical action flicks and the Crusades is an untapped oil well containing the material for hundreds of amazing films and this is somehow the only blockbuster in recent memory. I'm saying this because I am definitely biased towards the material, so fair warning, I may be over rating it. Bloom's acting is sub par but Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, David Thewlis, Ghassan Masoud, Liam Neeson, Alexander Siddig and Ed Norton (That's right, Norton is the masked leper King of Jerusalem) more than make up for it. The fight scenes are exactly what they should be, violent and fanatical. Some may say that this is not a beautiful movie, they would be wrong. The scene where the christian army emerges from the mirage on their approach to Kerak is one of my personal favorites in any movie. If you're expecting high art, then what are you doing? this is a manly action movie, look somewhere else. If you're looking for an excellent action movie with good insight on the worth or something that is utterly priceless along with religious fanaticism then here you are
December 2, 2013
If "Gladiator" is Ridley Scott's "El Cid", a crowd pleasing heroic epic that speaks of unity and redemption whilst still being truly emotionally engaging and thoughtful enough (with a heroic Spaniard played by...well...not a Spaniard.), than "Kingdom of Heaven" must be his "The Fall of the Roman Empire". Not quite as good as its predecessor, in my opinion, but ultimately a great beast of its own as well.

The biggest misconception I have found surrounding this film, as praise by some and scorn by others, is that this film is Anti-Christian if not Anti-Religion/Belief altogether. Frankly put, it's not really. What it is against is the corruption in such institutions, and the what feels like never ending conflict between the different groups. As the Knight Hospitaler puts it, a major theme of the film is about that what God would want for us is to be good people in the mind and heart. Within those is the true Kingdom of Heaven, as some would at least see it. What God cares about would be whether or not we choose to be good or bad people, not rituals and show.
July 17, 2014
Somehow flat and uninteresting. Plus, O. Bloom is always a bad casting choice.
July 14, 2014
The battle scenes are good, but the war remains hard to justify.
July 9, 2014
Very poor character development and agonizingly boring. It's as if you are repeatedly asking yourself "what's the point of all this?? what purpose do all these characters serve in the plot?" The only good traits this film has to offer are the cool fight scenes and special effects in each large battle.
November 23, 2011
Just another sword and sandal epic...
June 7, 2014
An adaptation on the crusades is lacking in substance and detail for most of the film. Bloom's performance at lead falls very short as he struggles to build any presence in the 145 min run time.
May 26, 2014
Given the scarcity of films set in the Byzantine Empire and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, I have to give this film points simply for existing. That said, it represents a popular and inaccurate view that anachronistically has more to do with later European colonialism than with the Arab-Byzantine wars of the 7th-11th centuries. In short, bad history that should have been done better, but I watch it for the historical setting for the lack of anything else. Also, I recommend the Director's Cut.
May 12, 2014
A historical drama based on the events surrounding the crusades. Despite the negative reviews this received I rather enjoyed it. It certainly is not without its flaws, but I think its gives a great look into a historical war that is still more or less being fought today.
May 22, 2014
Muy buena la versión director's cut de esta peli, con errores factuales históricos y todo (que película no los tiene en favor de cierta narrativa).
May 23, 2007
Compared to the movie version of the film, the extended cut (on dvd) is much better and a fuller movie. It gives time for explanations and depth. If you liked it on big screen, you're gonna love the extended cut.

On its own, though, the theatrical version is already an almost perfect movie. Depth, dedication, faith - and the loss. Battle, cruelty, love, loyalty. What are we fighting for in this world? And is it really worth the fight - and the sacrifices?

The journey of Balian turning from a blacksmith into a knight is portrayed as if it took only a while, which feels rushed in comparison to the rest of the movie. When this matter is settled, the rest is one enjoyable ride; a beautiful, bloody ride.
May 17, 2014
Tipped slightly form the historical facts, its still a great movie if you're in to medieval stuff.
June 25, 2012
Se que hay personas que nos les agrada mucho esta película de Ridley Scott, sin embargo a mi me parece muy disfrutable, con escenas de batalla emocionantes y actuaciones buenas, ambientaciones excelente y música à (C)pica, claramente no es uno de los mejores trabajos del señor Scott, pero si es de sus mas disfrutables.
May 3, 2014
(based on the Extended Director's Cut) The Theatrical Release cut far too much out of this epic for it even to still be considered epic. The Extended Director's Cut however delivers an experience highly comparable to Gladiator, only more historically accurate, and far more visually pleasing.
April 14, 2014
Made worth it for Liam Neeson talking about his testicle injuries.
April 12, 2014
Ojala que la 20th Century Fox hubiera estrenado la versión completa de 3 horas y 10 minutos o los Director's Cut. Si tan solo la productora hubiera dejado a Ridley Scott hacer pública la entrega completa, la prensa extranjera de Hollywood y los demás críticos universales del Arte y cine habrían arrojado una recepción positiva, que para mi criterio personal, es la mejor película épica por parte del maestro Ridley Scott y mas un tema tan interesante que fue la Cruzada cristiana vs Jihad Sarracena, dos culturas, dos creencias y un solo Dios peleándose a muerte por el reino de los cielos lo que hoy es jerusalem.
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