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September 5, 2010
This movie had the potential to be a great movie, but I think maybe the scriptwriters got carried away or something because it doesn't go anywhere. It has some good stars, but it lacks any interesting situations or anything. It's okay, but it really should have been made better.
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October 20, 2008
A contender for Cary's worst film, leering and unpleasant
July 11, 2012
Not particularly interesting, but they did a really good job of recreating the look and feel of 1944. Granted this was only 13 years later, but it looks authentic and they did a really good job of interspersing real war footage with the film.
½ May 29, 2010
I came here to get drunk and chase girls

A group of military men are allowed four days leave to party and enjoy themselves. They obtain a hotel room and quickly after arriving, the leader of the group, Andy Crewson, meets a girl. He wants to spend as much time as possible with this girl but numerous people keep pressuring him and his friends to provide reports on the war. Will the men ever be able to relax and enjoy themselves?

"Any sharks?"
"Just one, probably a female by the way she nuzzled me."

Stanley Donen, director of Give a Girl a Break, Funny Face, Charade, Two for the Road, Lucky Lady, The Little Prince, and Blame it on Rio, delivers Kiss them for Me. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward and limited. The display of the troops on leave was interesting, the script was well written, and the cast was marvelous. The cast includes Cary Grant, Jayne Mansfield, Leif Erickson, and Suzy Parker.

"Everybody is selling things to everyone else."

I am a huge Cary Grant fan and came across this picture the other day and had to DVR it. While I enjoyed this picture, I did not feel fulfilled by the conclusion. Ultimately, I believe Grant remained a playboy and never returned to Parker's character. Overall, this is definitely worth seeing as Grant delivers another captivating performance; however, this is definitely not his best picture.

"True love always fades but money stays green."

Grade: B-
½ March 4, 2010
a serious romantic comedy? grant is grant but the overriding theme of corporate avarice is foremost throught the film. as a strict comedy it is flat and unfunny, but as a subtle peek at the u.s. war machinery is is a decent film. however, grant is too stoggy and awkward, e.g., considering his star power drags the movie down.
August 6, 2008
Top-notch service comedy. Model Suzy Parker gives a typical wooden performance, yet strangely compelling. Ray Walston before My Favorite Martian.
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½ January 10, 2008
This movie didn't hold my interest. The problem was they cast the wrong woman as Grant's love interest. Mansfield is hilarious.
October 23, 2007
Fair film, boosted very much by the presence of Cary Grant. He transforms an ordinary film into one worth watching. The rest of the cast is good as well, Jayne Mansfield always make an interesting presence, and Suzy Parker is always a beautiful addition to any cast.
½ August 30, 2007
Cary Grant is charming and great like always, but he can't make up for this pedestrian and unfunny script.
½ July 11, 2007
The plot is pretty bland and slow moving at times. Jayne Mansfield looks stunning, but this role certainly wasn't the best vehicle to further her career. (And quite honestly, if she didn't appear in the film then I probably would not have sat through it.) Definitely not Cary Grant's best either.
½ April 17, 2016
Very dated...Some the dialogue is not PC. Grant tell Ms. Parker, at some point, "Don't say much Just be decorative." Ms. Mansfield plays a Monroe type, on steroids...
½ April 18, 2015
Goes Nowhere. Disappointing Really, Given Some Very Well Known Faces.
March 8, 2015
Beneath its glib exterior, there is a pretty serious, sober film
October 16, 2014
Cary at 53 tries to play a 30 year old pilot. The movie is pointless and bad.
April 11, 2014
Not a Cary Grant classic, but hey, it's Cary Grant so how bad can it be? A group of Navy men on a four day leave have crazy hi jinx, including hooking up with wacky bubblehead Jayne Mansfield. Grant is the group's ringleader and Ray Walston (Mr. Hand) is part of the group. Stanley Donen directed this lightweight, but enjoyable comedy.
September 1, 2013
It could have been better! The writers got too carried away. Cary Grant and Jayne Mansfield are the main reason to see this movie!
June 23, 2013
Jane Mansfield is such a beauty, the movie was alright but nothing special although considered a classic.
March 6, 2013
Suppose to be a comedy but instead just ends up being depressing. Even Cary Grant can't save this film!
½ July 27, 2012
a mildly funny wartime comedy
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