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½ October 25, 2014
Kite was an interesting, dark and interesting anime. This film should be ashamed really to be called a sequel. The character Kite returns, but instead we have space aliens, and non nonsensical elements in another extremely short film.
May 2, 2011
Obviously the first part of a Larger series, interesting story with alot of greater plot points never being resolved and a cliff hanger ending, Overall interesting movie, worth the watch.
½ June 8, 2014
The angel of death killed your brother.

A high school student in Tokyo aids the local authorities by cleaning up the streets and taking out criminals. She is quickly becoming a local legend known as the angel of death. She leaves behind feathers in her blood trail as a calling card of her work. When an alien being that threatens mankind arrives in Tokyo from space, it may be more than she can handle.

"We can't negotiate with that pervert."

Yasuomi Umetsu, director of Robot Carnival, Kite, Mezzo Forte, and episodes of Girls High, and Wizards Barristers, delivers Kite Liberators. The storyline for this picture was way better than I anticipated. The action scenes were excellent and I enjoyed the characters. The movie definitely could have been longer but the animation was solid as was the overall premise.

"Something is about to happen inside your body."

I found this on Netflix and decided it had an interesting enough premise to give a shot. This was way better than I anticipated and reminded me of the first Blood. Overall, this is an excellent addition to the genre and a must see for anime fans.

"I am sure it has a weak spot."

Grade: A
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