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A mind-blowing blend of apocalyptic imagery and metaphysical discussion that is easily the best film of its type since "Southland Tales" (and I should stress that I mean that as a compliment).

April 2, 2009 Full Review Source: | Comments (10)


John W.

John Walsh


Knowing may be the worst movie I have ever seen. If you don't laugh out loud at the burning moose then maybe you will when the alien vomits light all over Nicolas Cage. I found myself wishing his head would burst into a flaming skull and he would ride off on his motorcycle to make Ghost Rider 2. As a matter of fact that is about the only stupid thing that didn't happen in this movie. I found myself thinking "what would be the next most stupid thing that could happen", and then, BANG!, there it was on screen. Maybe they should make a movie about someone watching this movie and predicting how stupid it is going to get. They could call it Blowing and I'm sure if they offer Nic enough money he'll sign on.

And, spoiler alert! There is no point to the whole "Knowing". Sure the aliens "whisper" numbers into a creepy little girl's head and drive her crazy in the process. Sure, Nic Cage's character gets to figure out what those numbers mean. But so what? It has nothing to do with what happens to his kid and the world still blows up anyway!

Apr 2 - 07:15 PM

Ashiedu N.

Ashiedu Nwadiei

I kept thinking the movie was flawless when I was watching it. I was really blown away, especially after all the bad reviews. Maybe people are anti-anything-related to religion.

Jun 25 - 06:07 PM


todd wetzbarger

It isn't an Anti religion sentiment, We are expressing an Anti crappy movie sentiment ...

Jul 3 - 01:06 AM

erik k.

erik kristjansson

it seems a lot of you are forgetting the issue.. its not about the special effects, then again the alien vomitting headlights was very creative, yet stupid. my point though is, this movie opened a lot of doors and new ideas that i personally have never imagined. coming from a non-religious background the ending scene really pulled the movie together and made the movie overall enjoyable. i personally felt as if the 1st half the movie was herendous, from when nicholas started his drunken spree, as if a light bulb clicked in his head... "maybe these numbers mean something..?" that part is what left me questioned. then again its nicholas cage.. he comes from a background of national treasure.. "mister smarty pants".. this must MEAN something. and John W.. your reasoning is blown out of proportion, the world didn't blow up, it burned to a crisp and then restarted. i sense your ignorance and your lack of knowledge and i find it some what offensive you'd post something so senseless and implausible to the actual story that was created.

i personally enjoyed this film and give it 3.5/5, because until the climax the movie is really bizarre and misguiding. to think that there way to provide such an ending was through a list of numbers and a 50 year old past from a crazy little girl..

Jul 11 - 01:51 AM


Julianne McCartney

erik k.

why would you crticize someone on their "ignornace and lack of knowledge" when one, it's their opinion and two ignorance and lack of knowledge are the same thing.

and why do you "find it some what offensive"... it's a movie, and it's not as if you MADE it.

oh yeah and Nicholas Cage is a horrible actor. Go watch the remake of Wickerman and try not to laugh.

Jul 13 - 01:09 PM

Michael O.

Michael Odom

John W, those weren't aliens, they were angels stupid. You obviously don't possess the intelligence to understand this movie's biblical aspects, therefore you shouldn't be criticizing it.

Jul 27 - 06:57 AM

Adam T.

Adam Temple

I sympathize with both camps. There are a lot of drawbacks to this movie...near preachy, Nicolas Cage, etc etc. But THankyou! This movie has one of the most refreshing portrayals of aliens ever! (Maybe minus the light thing) The depth of this film is so ironically cast with the lack of depth in its delivery that that in itself blew me away! And I'm not religious.
Metaphysical paradox? I think so.

Jul 3 - 02:12 AM

Sam M.

Sam Mahew

They aint aliens they are angels and remember according to bible humans are made of clay and angels are made of light

Aug 11 - 12:06 PM

Nico Alvarado

Nico Alvarado

Sep 3 - 10:56 AM

Nico Alvarado

Nico Alvarado

Well...I'll let you give this movie any kind of review you please. Now you need to comment on the real tragic aspect of this film. That tragedy being Beethovens seventh second movement for first time listeners forever being associated with Nicholas Cage.

Sep 3 - 11:01 AM

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