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Neither as original as Ratatouille nor as funny as Shrek.

June 6, 2008 Full Review Source: Toronto Star | Comments (14)
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Neph Vazquez

Shrek was certainly not a funny phranchise, the 1st one was only decent.

Jun 6 - 01:53 PM


Penn Louis

"phranchise" is spelled franchise and he was only referring to the first shrek

Jun 6 - 07:00 PM


jo lee

you are a cynic, try to see past your ego. this was a great movie, wheres the fun in your life?

Jun 7 - 03:41 AM


adam cruz

If you thought Shrek was funnier than this, then I certainly question what you think is funny. You're hair is funny though. If you meant it to be funny I will take it back. You know funny!

Jun 7 - 07:16 PM


Richard Byron

Yeah, your hair is funny.

Jun 8 - 09:58 PM


eric ang

"the premise about believing in yourself is admirable, especially if you're of the age where Pablum is a food choice rather than a put-down"

- trying to be funny? why the hell are you taking all these stuffs seriously? just enjoy the movie pal and you'll understand why we're cursing you.

"Anyone older than that may yawn at the rote journey Po makes from noodle shop delivery boy to kung fu master"

- oh my, that's the same thing all my geek friends said!!!

"waste of talent in the voicing for the Furious Five"

- haha, if youre so concerned, why not make your own animated film and hire LOSERS for voice overs?

- and finally... you're from canada? stick to reviewing films in quebecois

Jun 9 - 06:39 AM


Todd Biddinger

I question what you were judging this by. You should look at your films from different viewpoints. Shrek was aimed at a much different audience than Kung Fu Panda. This shows but the amount of slapstick envolved. I do agree that the voice talent for the Furious Five was underused.

Jun 9 - 08:41 AM


Jon M

The Kung Fu instructor the bear is teamed with has nothing but his height in common with Yoda from Star Wars. Your complaint about a lack of originality in reviewing a movie with Kung Fu in the title is inutile at best. Were you expecting something other than the standard Kung Fu movie fare? You point to Ratatouille as a superior model of originality when Ratatouille follows a standard model as well.

You went into this movie not liking it and came out with rationalizations.

Jun 10 - 06:44 AM


Jonathan Groen

I agree. Shrek, Ratatouille, and Kung Fu Panda are all different movies with unique qualities and story lines. Don't compare them based only on the production company.

Jun 30 - 10:06 PM


michael soener

ok, sure, it's not as good as Ratatouille or Shrek, agreed. But these are two of the finest animated films ever made. Why are we making that camparison. Compared to most animated films this is marvelous. Or just watch it for itself, and it's terrific.

Jul 4 - 11:44 PM


Timmy Carlos

i too found kung fu panda dull and boring. i don't know why but i think it is one of the most boring movies i have ever seen.

Jul 24 - 06:52 PM


Mike Bragg

Not going to read the review, but I'll react to this blurb. You assume that the only value a movie could have is humorousness or originality. With that, you might as well be a hack movie exec. This movie had a great structure, and it was very entertaining. What's more, it was visually brilliant, not a movie you can edit for tv (though it will be done). You're entitled to your opinion, but based on your blurb (snickers to self), you should learn to subdue your judgment reaction.

Dec 5 - 09:45 PM

Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes

What a lame review. -_-

Feb 9 - 04:43 PM

Niko Zguri

Niko Zguri

your stupid review ruined everything.

Oct 17 - 01:14 PM

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