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April 25, 2010
Hideo Nakata's spin off of the Death Note series, L: Change the WorLd, is exactly that. Just a simple spin off. Although this picture does follow it's own separate storyline, there are small bits and pieces, especially in the early going, that relate to the original Death Note plot. With that said, watching the previous 2 Death Note films, or at least understanding the original plot, is beneficial before viewing this one.The run time is just over 2 hours and for what transpires in this picture, it is a bit long. The character and story build up does take a while and it is nearly 1 hour in before the interest level starts to pick up. The story isn't overly complex, and while this does leave off confusion, it is still somewhat of a letdown.Ken'ichi Matsuyama shines as L, and because of his antics, any scene involving his character is enjoyable. Mayuko Fukuda also delivers an entertaining performance. The villains are stereotypical and the only person worth noting is Youki Kudoh as Dr. Kujo.As the 23 days go by, L: Change the WorLd plays out more like an action adventure rather than a battle of wits. Grab some sweets and enjoy the watch.
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December 31, 2008
A little extra spin-off movie to continue the adventures of L from the Death Note saga. It an enjoyable action adventure but not much else. It adds nothing to the story and also develops into a familiar Hollywood action type film. Death Note was a battle of wits, here we have car chases and even L jumping onto a moving plane. He is given two child sidekicks which, surprisingly, work. We get to see a tender side to L, but not the typical cutesy crap. Matsuyama's performance is consistent and still fantastic, though it takes such a simple plot a long time to set up, so you wonder if he'll be relegated to scenery. The slight references to Death Note are actually quite distracting and perhaps could have been left out. It's an overlong but decent film. Certainly if you want to see L one more time.
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January 1, 2009
This movie uses the setting of the Death Note movies, but lacks what made Death Note so fascinating: an intricate, constantly-changing storyline involving extremely intelligent enemies and their intellectual warfare. Naomi Misora, Watari, Misa and Ryuuk were given cameos, but nothing much was really done with their characters and the movie would hardly be any different if they never appeared. After burning the Death Notes, L helping solve various murder cases, and the main antagonists belong to an organization that must have been planning their attack while Kira was quite active. Not a single mention of Kira's influence is made, and it seems entirely as though the writers forgot that crime was supposed to have gone way down because of people's fear of Kira. Numerous opportunities for connections with Death Note were thrown away. The only two throwbacks (aside from the early cameos) were a villain with a scar similar to Mello's and the fact that, at the end of the movie, L names the boy he's been taking care of, Near. Of course, L change the World's Near looks and acts nothing like the Nate River of the series. Apparently the movie's acting was praised in Japan, but anyone who speaks English will be pulled out of the movie by the entirely emotionless (and quite frequent) English dialogue. Most of the actors didn't know what they were saying and were just pronouncing the sentences syllabically. I do consider L change the World worth seeing for Death Note aficionados, but I don't think most fans will feel it lives up to anything else in the franchise.
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½ November 10, 2008
L couldn't change this movie. I had an extremely low expectation in this film, and to my surprise, it was even worse than what I had imagined.

Poorly written and directed.
½ June 2, 2012
L is an interesting, funny character.. but his own movie? Ehh.. it's alright, but it isn't nowhere near as good as Death Note. Without Light Yagami, there's noone for L to really challenge or play off of, this movie sorely misses that. So instead we get a jaded bio-terror plot, go figure.
September 8, 2009
I will admit that this movie started off really slow. Almost to the point where I didn't want to watch it. But later it really picked it and it made me love the movie. Ken'ichi Matsuyama plays such an excellent L. And you really get to see his acting talents in this film because this film shows more emotion from L. The previous Death Note movies didn't touch base on all of L's background. All the acting was pretty good in this film. An actress who really stuck out was the young girl played by Mayuko Fukuda. There is one scene when she gets really angry and has a knife in her hand. She really makes it intense. So I would say that this film is not as good as the previous Death Notes, but really needed to be made to explain the character L.
November 18, 2010
Awesome movie! A great follow up to the Death Note series. Kenichi Matsuyama has done a superb job as the enigmatic "L" character.
July 30, 2010
Unrelated to Death Note. As much as I love L, the other characters got on my nerves. Random and it feels like it "gave up" after the first half. Disappointing.
September 28, 2009
Death Note 3: L Change the World shows what L does with his remaining days. This answers any questions left by both films. Its humor is sweet and L tries standing up straight. (laugh) Poor L.
September 4, 2009
It has a few interesting moments, but I mostly watched because this is the third film in the Death Note series. The lead character of L is just chock full of annoying affectations and I just can't get behind him at all.

Rental, but only to complete your viewing, I certainly wouldn't start with this film.
June 30, 2009
4 stars. This was possibly my favorite of the 3 Death Note movies. It's all in Japanese so at some points it can have a bit of cheese to it, but I think that just adds some necessary humor.
May 1, 2009
LOVE! Much of the love. Watched it subbed, of course, at the theater. Love, love, love... even if it's way off from the anime, was still of the love.

The absolute lack of Light was wonderful. L's expressions and confusion with the kiddos? Hilarious, more often than not. *snickers* As was the look he gave his poor sugary doughnut...

Definitely a must see, and a will buy on DVD.
April 29, 2009
½ March 20, 2009
Ok so now Im like in love with matsuyama as L. This movie partially takes place during the mid to end of the last movie while L is still alive. he has 20 something days to live because of the death note. Ryuk makes a short apperance btw. Another one of Wataris "kids" K is a grown up Dr that works with infectious diseases. hes obsessed with killing off everyone she deams unworthy with a disease. It becomes a race for who will posess a cure. L now without Watari has two kids who are mixed up in the whole thing to deal with. L being the introvert he is makes for some amusing scenes.
October 9, 2008
I've seen this film and it was great! Theres alot of thinking going on in this film.I luv this character L..
½ December 15, 2014
Although several anime lovers may fall in love with this movie just at the title, it's common storyline was brought down by the common girl who causes all of the trouble, and honestly made the movie difficult to watch any time she appeared on the screen. I also didn't think that the L people recognized would be so caring for children. Aside from that, L's detective skills fit perfectly with the nature of the film, and some scenes did manage to give me some sense of emotion.
February 23, 2014
Very interesting film, Ken'ichi as L was marvelous. He was so interesting to watch, I wouldn't make seeing the other live action films
July 7, 2012
L changed the world, Alex changed my rating.
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