La Leyenda De La Llorona Reviews

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Jonathan P October 29, 2013
For kids who are able to speak Spanish (yes I am bragging a bit) La Leyenda de la Llorona will be a fun if not maybe a bit to scary cartoon. The story of a ghost who walks Central and South America looking for her children who died years ago is a familiar story to Hispanics and this cartoon gives a scary but fun take on the legend. The subtitles are a bit off as far as translation goes so bilingual children will really be the only ones that enjoy it.
Tony D January 14, 2013
Great Animation, decent voice acting, memorable characters, and nice nods to culture. Writing is a bit too slapstick, but that's a plus for younger audiences.
Chris M December 30, 2012
My god what a hilariously bad movie! Everything this movie got wrong went right!
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