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The characters are completely uninvolving, the narrative incomprehensible for the most part, and the performances seem to reflect the bewilderment of the plot.

September 23, 2010 Full Review Source: At the Movies (Australia) | Comments (10)
At the Movies (Australia)


Chris Y.

Chris Young

Oh really! The film is perfectly easy to follow and quite enjoyable. Next time try watching it sober.

Sep 25 - 01:17 AM


Dayne Rzeszkowski

I think you'll find Margaret Pomeranz holds a bit more sway than you do as a critic, and also that she's quite credible and almost certainly not an alcohol/drug abuser. Have a look at the evidence buddy, this film is an absolute shocker, even by M. Night's (now) pathetic standards. Statements like 'next time try watching it sober' must somehow make the moron stating them feel better, as though 'there I showed her/him'. It completely lacks base, where is the evidence she was not sober? It's an absolutely inoffensive statment, if you want to upset people, attack a specific aspect of their person. I really like Margaret, so that is not the message, but the message is, if YOU, for some reason, WANTED to upset her, then making baseless claims about being drunk/high is NOT the way to do it. And you are standing up for The Last Airbender, you are almost objectively a moron. Now kindly go embarrass yourself elsewhere and stop sullying the good name of Margaret in any small way you germ. Hi Margaret!

Oct 9 - 08:09 AM


Johannes Hansen

It would be torture enough watching it sober...

Oct 19 - 03:39 PM

steve c.

steve coates

i agree with Margaret, as i have seen the original source and then the film, the film was a complete disaster, it's like shyamalan was blindfolded and deaf when directing the film, important plot sequences are left out and one of the most important characters isn't even there, and yes i saw it sober

Mar 23 - 08:11 AM

Petra Dobrovich

Petra Dobrovich

how did you find this enjoyable did you even waTCH THE SERIES

Jun 14 - 05:05 PM

movie l.

movie lover

i am a big avatar fan since 2005 when the cartoon series started i watched every episode and i love all 3 seasons of the cartoon series?its great?..NOW the movie that just came out in 2010 ?haha OMG IT WAS A DISGRACE TO AVATAR?first things first the cast for the movie was the worst i am so disapointed ?next is the movie missed so many parts from the cartoon series and did things very differently than in the cartoon series ?i will admit they followed a lot of parts from the cartoon but they missed many!!! also they pronounce the avatars name ?aang? WRONG in the movie?watch the cartoon nd you will kno the correct way to pronounce it ?another is in the movie wen he is in the spirit world the ?spirit dragon? that tlks to him about the fish in the north pole is bs!!! it was not a spirit dragon in the cartoon and in the cartoon aang talked to several different spirits not just one dragon spirit like in the movie omg it was such a piss off watching those parts?.also at the end of the movie when he creates the huge wave when he is in the avatar state and then he drops the wave then the fire nation leaves OMG ?that is the worst ending in the cartoon aang used the wave and pushed away and destroy the ships to make them retreat?OMG i can go on and on about every thing that they did wrong in the movie!!!i also felt like were ever there was a fire bender that was about to fire bend there was always a pot or bucket of fire next to them or on the ground hahaha in the cartoon they create there own fire by drawing heat from the sun or from within themselves not control it from another source like com?on seriously OMG i hate the movie so bad ?the cartoon is still my all time favorite nd i still watch it ..nd never again will i lay eyes on that crap movie?.the whole story line was messed up bcuz the parts that they did get right 5 min later they mess it up again ? like seriously make me the director of the last airbender movie and i will make sure everyone is satisfied with a perfect awsoume movie with the correct informatioon thats supposed to be given not like that other director?what was he thinking ? on that note ?SHIP THE MOVIE, WATCH THE CARTOON?.AND IM BEING SERIOUS

Oct 15 - 03:26 AM

Dimon D.

Dimon Davis

M Night Shyamalan should have just left it alone. It was okay i belive but nothing compared to the cartoon.

Oct 21 - 04:02 PM

Dimon D.

Dimon Davis

M Night Shyamalan should have just left it alone. It was okay i belive but nothing compared to the cartoon.

Oct 21 - 04:02 PM

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Oct 26 - 05:41 AM

Marc Dickason

Marc Dickason

@ Chris.
I'm sorry Chris. Nothing can possibly justify this film. It got lost very badly along the way to production. Being a troll wont make it any easier to watch

Aug 7 - 04:35 AM

Frank Li

Frank Li

Uninvolving? Half the time I just can read their urge to be in one of the Twilight movies.

Feb 13 - 03:45 PM

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