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October 9, 2015
I do think I missed out by not watching this film when it was released and when I was 9 years old. I reckon I would have enjoyed it a lot more back then. It's a very basic story and it is all over way too soon. You can tell that the purse strings were not exactly slack when this was made. There is a lot of animation made to look real, which is ok, it sort of works.
July 20, 2015
A time capsule worthy example of 80's sci-fi cheese. The effects are laughable and the characters are unsettlingly bizarre. At its best you'll grin at the dopey earnestness. At its worst it feels like you're watching someone else play a boring video game.
½ June 2, 2015
Enjoyable, and much more fun than you'd think.
April 13, 2015
For gamers of the 80's this film was their wet dream....the story still plays while the visuals are purely stuck in the 80's.
½ March 16, 2015
Terrible special effects and an anemic script!
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August 7, 2009
why is the trailer for the movie the "too sexy for my shirt" guys?
January 30, 2015
A strange, cool and most importantly fun adventure of self-discovery through the stars. Full review later.
October 13, 2012
Star Wars influenced it... and what? It's still one of the most remarkable sci-fi nostalgia tales of the 80's. So much memories, so much fun.
March 31, 2010
An outer space delight! Always has been, always will be.
½ November 8, 2014
Entertaining 80's cheese at it's most prominent.
½ August 27, 2014
A dream come true for imaginative minded galaxy heroes
August 26, 2014
Had I seen this in my youth, I'd probably be able to look upon this more fondly with childhood nostalgia, but having just watched it I can't see it for more than what it is, a pretty bad movie. The script is pretty awful, even for scifi of its time. It feels like it's just going through the motions of what better scifi movies had done. Also, the main actor is incredibly generic and not good at all.
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½ August 15, 2014
"Greetings Starfighters..." A science fiction classic, The Last Starfighter delivers an imaginative, action-packed adventure. After breaking the record on the Starfighter arcade game at his trailer park Alex Rogan is approached by the game's creator and taken to a space-station on a distant planet where he learns that the arcade game was really an alien recruiting tool to find Starfighters to defend the Star League against an invasion force. Starring Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart, and Robert Preston, the film has a good cast that delivers some pretty strong performances. And, as one of the first feature films to use CGI, the special effects are incredibly innovative and revolutionary for their time. The score by Craig Safan is also extraordinarily well-done, and is full of sweeping themes. Though it's aged a bit, The Last Starfighter is a fun and entertaining space odyssey.
March 5, 2010
(First and only viewing - 10/17/2012)
½ July 2, 2014
Filme que respira Spielberg por todos os poros... e é 80s puro!
½ July 2, 2014
Little almost-cult born in the wave of Star Wars success. A bunch of good ideas and premature CGI, grounded by a juvenile budget-saving story revolving around herself, and I cannot resolve to like young mr Guest, who could be the precursor of nerdy videogame guys, but only for their worst qualities.
June 7, 2014
Great effects considering when this movie was created. Still one of my all time favorites for good old fashion science fiction.
½ February 24, 2007
If anyone is looking to watch a movie with some decent visuals and pretty good sci-fi action, then I recommend The Last Starfighter. The Last Starfighter maybe a little cheesy and may have some similarities with Star Wars, but as a whole the film is still a lot of fun. For anyone who loves science-fiction or video games I think you will get a lot of entertainment from this movie. Is The Last Starfighter the best sci-fi movie? No, but it's still fun to watch! Comparing it to Star Wars would be a tad silly because Star Wars is way better, but if you like Star Wars or if you like the movie Tron, then you might enjoy this movie. The characters are pretty memorable and the story is pretty interesting, sure at times the movie gets a little cheesy, but it's still entertaining. So if you love video games and you love sci-fi give this movie a watch.
April 27, 2014
Great and entertaining movie.
April 24, 2014
It's not Star Wars, but it is still a fun sci-fi adventure. The premise is great, but once we get into space, the movie doesn't have any spark. The ending is exciting, but we have to get through a dull middle section to get there. A good 80s flick for what it is.

Grade: B-
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