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½ October 30, 2009
This was a very good psycho-thriller. Gerard Butler is actually kind of creepy in this movie & Jamie Foxx does a good job as the Lawyer trying to figure out what the Psycho is going to do next Some funny lines and one unexpected jump. Good movie, good action.
April 23, 2015
Intense movie! Interesting storyline. Started out great with the revenge but ended up taking it too far. You find yourself rooting for the main character up until the end of the movie.
February 27, 2015
Intense, ambitious, clever and well-acted, as a society we are sick and tired of watching the bad guys get away as a result of our unjustified and severely messed up judicial system. Because of a so-called technicality, we have to watch the criminals walk out of their prison cells and onto the streets as we citizens pay the price for their crimes whether that's by tax payers paying for the criminals' lives from behind bars so the criminals can sit around and watch t.v. while enjoying a nice, hot meal in their prison cell, or by family members sitting at home or at therapy suffering through the neverending emotional prison sentence of losing a loved one in the hands of said criminals. And Law Abiding Citizen understands that.
March 30, 2015
I love this movie, its a feel good movie for anyone who hates the establishment & all it's BS thats perpetrated on us when we try to "do the right thing" yet continually get shafted, KILL EM ALL CLYDE!!
½ March 27, 2015
Much better then Rotten Tomatoes and its 25% would have you believe.
½ March 20, 2015
Mostly good movie let down by a terrible ending.
February 24, 2015
Review is personal, amateurish, and may contain spoilers
Only people that watched the movie should read the review

What is the definition of a Law abiding citizen in the first place? A law-abiding citizen always obeys the law and is considered to be good and honest because of this. Knowing his meaning, the content in the movie and the title are total irony. What happens in the movie and what the title meant is the polar opposite.
The story is something like this: Clyde Sheldon (Gerard Butler) had a happy life with his family. However, two thugs break into his house and kill his wife and daughter. The happy life Clyde had was shattered. Both of the thugs are captured later on and a prosecutor named Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) takes the case. However, there was not enough evidence to put both of the thugs in jail. Nick decides to only put one of the thugs in jail, and let the other one go free. Furious about this, Clyde decides to take revenge.
10 years later, the thug that was captured is executed. However, during the process (meant to be painless), the thug dies in pain and agony. The other thug who was never captured is captured by Clyde, who was disguising as a police officer. Clyde kills the thug by drugging him and cutting off every body part with a saw. The police capture Clyde and he meets Nick one again. Nick wants to put Clyde in jail but there is not enough proof. Clyde then asks Nick for a good bed and he will confess. He does as if he is trying to mock Nick. Nick agrees and gives Clyde a nice bed, and Clyde confesses. In jail, Clyde now asks for a nice meal from his favorite restaurant. If he gets his meal, he will tell the location of where Bill Reynolds (Lawyer of the two thugs) is. Though a deal is made, Nick and the police reach Bill too late, and Bill was already dead. While Nick was away, Clyde kills his cellmate with the T-bone he had from his steak. With this Clyde is sent underground to use a room alone.
Later, Clyde's identity is found out. Clyde Sheldon was a government agent who specialized in assassinating others. He was considered a genius in his field. Nick asks Clyde if he is doing this for revenge. Clyde answers by saying that he is doing this as resistance against the justice that is oblivious of what right and wrong is. Clyde then threatens Nick to release him free. If not, he will kill everyone related to his case. Nick refuses.
Later when he was trying get on his car, all the cars in the parking lot explode, killing his partner, Sarah and many other comrades. Later at the Funeral of Sarah, an army droid comes and destroys more of Nick's friends and police officers. Nick is heavily depressed because of this, but with help from a friend (Sarah's boyfriend) he learns where Clyde's secret base is. In this base Clyde was hiding all sorts of guns, equipment, and even armed droids. Clyde's base was connected to Clyde's cell room. Meanwhile, Clyde is disguised as a janitor and breaks free from his cell. He places a time bomb in the Office building of the mayor and comes back to his cell only to be greeted by Nick. Nick tells Clyde that he doesn't need to do anymore of this, but Clyde refuses and detonates the bomb. However, Nick already place the time bomb under Clyde's bed. Nick acted quickly and brought the bomb to the cell room. Clyde eventually dies and Nick continues his life as a prosecutor learning a lesson.
Apart from the long and sloppy storyline I wrote here, the rating of this movie isn't that good. Actually, everything is sloppy considering the title of the movie. Is the movie really trying to criticize the law and justice system of the society or is it just the opposite? The ending couldn't explain this (Clyde goes crazy and kills people, only to be killed by this trap. However, the person responsible for making Clyde crazy is living a happy life). Was Clyde just doing all of this just for revenge? The one responsible (Nick) is living his life without any problems. Anyway, many of the aspects in the movie do not make a lot of sense. This may be a fair reason why many are disappointed and confused about this movie. It would have been a lot better if Clyde just succeeded in his revenge and killed Nick and his family.
February 17, 2015
I really liked it, it was fun and exciting and it drew me in. Yeah it was no citizen kane but it's not trying to be like that it's trying to be a badass thriller and it is.
February 6, 2015
Directed by F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator (1998), The Italian Job (2003) and Be Cool (2005)), and written by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium (2002), Ultraviolet (2004) and Salt (2010)), this is a violent legal thriller which on the surface, looks like it's taken it's inspiration from the Death Wish films, but underneath, it's a very intelligent and complex thriller, even though it's a vigilante revenge film. When Clyde Alexander Shelton (Gerard Butler) witnesses his wife and daughter getting killed before his eyes by thugs Clarence James Darby (Christian Stolte) and Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart), he wants to see justice done. But when Prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is unable to bring up any DNA evidence, he cuts a deal with Darby to testify against Ames. Shelton is furious about this going on behind his back, and 10 years later, when Ames is finally executed, and it's botched badly. Rice is curious to know how this happened, and then Darby ends up dead too. Shelton is arrested, but claims they have no evidence, but he knows something. It could have been a sleazy mess, but this has the benefit of having an intriguing and mysterious plot, which all makes sense in the end. While the plot might seem ridiculous after you've watched the film, it's good fun to watch, and there's a lot of violent deaths on display and some well staged moments of action.
½ January 28, 2015
This movie makes us to think what the true justice is. What the lawyer did was wrong bad he eventually wins against the father. The whole idea in this movie was flawed.
½ January 27, 2015
i liked it and i cannot see how it scored so low on rotten tomatoes
January 26, 2015
One of the darker, nihilistic things I've seen, and that's why I love this movie so much. Too many wrongs against this guy, from the death of his family to the "justice" system passing his wrongdoer as innocent, and he screws them all (or tries to, at the very least) back in epic ways. I smiled in delight when the character in question got his revenge against his main wrongdoer in a way that the rest of society and so many other movies were too cowardly to carry out. The reactions of the characters as the events play out, from absolute horror, to not even taking the man seriously until the very moment he has you cell phone blow your face off, makes his little game all the more enjoyable to watch. He does go overboard with his rampage, however, starting with car bombing the protagonists aide. While some who got killed didn't really deserve it, and it ends with many dead and no uplifting resolution, it definitely shows intense vigilantism at its creepiest. If you're the type of person who likes the idealistic "sugar, ice and everything nice" kind of stories with a good ending, this movie is NOT for you. One of the better, if ridiculous, ways to show suspending horror. However, as the bodies pile up, you start to care less about the safety of the characters, and by the end are left passing the popcorn with your friends and guessing who he will pop next. Demonically twisted bit of a movie, indeed.
January 6, 2015
I give this a solid 4 stars. This is far from a perfect movie, but decent enough to watch it. The premise is what really got me to watch. A father losing his wife and daughter before his eyes is a terrifying proposition to me. I really felt Gerard Butler's performance. There is a court scene in this movie where he successfully argues to the judge that he deserves to post bail, then he proceeds to berate the living daylights out of her for being so stupid. I loved this scene. This movie passed a point about half way to 3/4 of the way through where it became overly preposterous. There are lots of twists and turns which I won't share. There are many shocking moments. Jamie Foxx is an exceptional talent. Great job here. I almost never go back to watch scenes again, but I watched the one court scene where Gerard goes off several times. I "get" that moment in court when the character is berating the judge for her absolute hypocritical stupidity. I didn't appreciate the revenge beyond the actual men who hurt his family. The justice system is horrible, but this man's actions beyond the actual killers of his family would theoretically disgrace the memory of his daughter and wife. Nonetheless, good movie. Not quite great though.
December 13, 2014
Whilst Law Abiding Citizen is completely implausible and emphasises violence a bot too much, it is an incredibly entertaining action movie.
½ October 27, 2014
Law Abiding citizen is a movie that strikes the audience with a flawless family full of nothing but love for only about thirty seconds. The opening scene sets up the whole movie beautifully. As the family is getting ready for dinner, the doorbell rings. The dad approaches the doors and opens it only to encounter a burglar that strikes him across the face, leaving him unconscious.
After this, the vicious burglars killed the wife and daughter of Clyde shelton (Gerard Butler). Shelton also got stabbed but he only blacked out. After, he sees one of the burglars, Clarence Darby, was released years later, he erupts in rage and kills him. Shelton is detained but threats the city of Philadelphia of going on a killing spree if not released from jail.
The setting for this movie is extremely important. Clyde Shelton buys an ample amount of properties to disguise all his killing. This all ties together when he is in court giving his defense speech, and when he is being interviewed by detective Nick Rice. It is also important because he has close connections with many places in Philadelphia that help him achieve all his goals.
In addition, this movie is 50 times because of the strict schedule and precision this film follows. When in fail, Shelton is still killing people who had to do with the murder case of his family. As he demands for goods while in jail, in exchange, he gives specific coordinates and the time to be there in order to save innocent people's lives.
Another great aspect of this movie is the cast it has. Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, along with many more make this movie truly come to live. These actors fill in perfectly the shoes of their character in the movie because they have similar characteristics and in the movie in their real personal life as In conclusion, this movie is a great movie if you love action packed thrillers.
October 12, 2014
A very violent thriller, gruesome in places. A plot that starts off well but goes off in a very far-fetched direction.
October 9, 2014
A poor man's "Seven." Gerard Butler is so unappealing on screen, but combined with the personality-less Jamie Foxx, it doesn't matter how on-edge some of the scenes are. It still comes across like a B movie.
October 9, 2014
I enjoyed this film for the first hour. Then it started to get too unbelievable and silly. Good acting by Foxx and Butlar.
September 21, 2014
Bullshit, this film is AWESOME, great story and NECESSARILY violent.
November 3, 2009
again! it's Gerard Butler!
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