• R, 1 hr. 45 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Martin Papazian
    In Theaters:
    Oct 12, 2012 Limited
    On DVD:
    Jul 2, 2013
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Least Among Saints Reviews

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October 29, 2012
My new favorite movie!!!! A must see!!!!!!
October 28, 2012
Went to see this film today in Palm Springs....It is emotional story, great cast, Directing & Cinematography!!! I enjoyed the Q & A that followed with the writer/director/actor Martin Papazian. Take the time to go see this film, it won't disappoint!!
October 29, 2012
Hey brother- I went and saw your film last night at 7:45pm. I laughed, cried, I shifted to the edge of my seat, listening to the pain, the past, the hope & hopelessness, the pride, the proudness, the sarcasm, the need, the want for the one thing that matters in life- Love. The touch of another. Holding hands down a path which leads in infinite directions but isn't intimidating when u have that "one" with you beside you. Your relationship with him (the neighbor, the friend, the mirror image of your character at that age) and the look you gave when you said "Father" to the nurse- tore me up inside. All of the characters were connected to each other thru the gift of giving. Giving- Though labelled difficult, hard, impossible, you captured our world and all it's flaws and proved theories and beliefs false with your endless tour to find, connect, re-connect with/to love and with that came the end of the nightmare(s) and the gift of the dream and to be loved. The man in the mirror. Past present future.
Sorry for my snippets of thoughts/words. I knew I had to write you for many reasons but didn't know or think of what I was gonna say but i do know i send u a huge congrats, a very heart felt and a very sincere thank you for creating, and sharing with me and the many others who have & will see and experience your gift. Sean Thomas
Steve D.
October 28, 2012
I enjoyed this film very much. It delivers strong performances across the board, and the shot selection and cinematography serve the story well.
October 28, 2012
heartwarming story. superb acting. the kind of movie that will surprise any movie lover. gonna see it again!
October 27, 2012
Great performances from lead actors. Inspiring story.
October 26, 2012
Least Among Saints is a powerful emotionally moving story about a veteran dealing with the trauma of war and finding a purpose to go on and in the process finds healing. The acting is excellent. The directing is dead on and the cinematography serves the movie well. I highly recommend this movie
October 26, 2012
As a Military Wife and Mom who has watched her husband and two children experience the direct impact of war it is magnificent to see that Papazian has captured a story that reminds one it isn't about one man's journey but about a family's journey. Anthony (Papazian) and Wade (Leabu) are both seeking to find a family together and although society expects the happy ending, this film reflects that often, the biggest battle of war is fought on the home front and reintegration in finding your new normal because of war. The tough skinned but sensitive social worker Jolene, played by Giacomo is able to see through the exterior of a hard shelled boy wanting to become the man Anthony is struggling to make better. The viewer will walk away knowing that sometimes it's okay not to be okay.
October 26, 2012
A well-performed, well-written and emotional story of two broken souls trying to figure each other out and in the process find their way in the world. Performances by Tristan Lake Leabu and Marty Papazian are particularly stellar, followed by a strong supporting cast. Definitely worth the trip to the movie theater.
October 26, 2012
Least Among Saints is a tremendous film written, directed and starring Martin Papazian who has a masterful way of teaching us universal lessons from an almost mythical, allegorical design. His story of a returning alcoholic veteran and the shattered life he must somehow rebuild is not unfamiliar to our culture. We are skillfully reminded once again, along with the power of humor and irony, that with just the mere willingness to try, anything is possible, that redemption reveals itself in the most unexpected ways and salvation can be achieved by simply having faith in . . . life. A must-see film.
October 26, 2012
Saw the movie and just loved it!!!!
October 26, 2012
This is an honest and humble love story, really, framed in two important social/political issues that our world currently faces. How do we deal with returning Veterans and help them heal - and - how do we deal with children who suddenly find themselves in the system? There are moments in this film that are so lovely and important. There are moments that make us squirm and cover our mouths. There are moments that are truly tragic but tinged with humor. Martin Papazzian lights up the screen as does the rest of the cast. Every note is perfectly hit.
October 25, 2012
"A deep and authentically moving story...well-calibrated direction with strong performances distinguishes this special piece!" Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles TIMES. "The best and most meaningful film I've seen recently seen, tough and gritty, but definitely worth the ride." Jill Lynne - Huffington Post. "A very touching, true-to-life drama with compelling performances. Martin Papazian is a rising star, perfect for the role, who directs his own screenplay with a careful eye on emotion and character.." Jeffrey Lyons - LYONS DEN RADIO. "This drama has been put together by filmmakers who passionately cared about telling this story, one that testifies to the powers of intelligence, goodness and forgiveness to survive in a broken world of loss and disappointment." Chicago Daily Herald." A shining monument to the power of the human spirit. Papazian has a strong directorial hand...the movie brings more than one tear to the appreciative eye...If you're sick and tired of all the blockbuster shoot-'em-ups, try Least Among Saints." Joe Smigelski - Huffington Post. "Watching Least Among Saints, its hard to believe that this is Papazians first feature as writer/director. Papazian and his camera closely follow the performers when it counts, while at the same time he knows when to pull back and let instincts unfold for spontaneity in his frame. He serves justice to every character, as sympathetic as they are flawed, that steps into his vision." Nikki Cruz - Filmmaker Magazine
October 26, 2012
WoW! What a breath of fresh air. Least Among Saints is moving, simple yet remarkably well scripted. You get the feeling that "Anthony" played by Marty Papazian who also wrote this script, directed it and was the main star, served a tour or 2 over seas. But this is not the case. It seems as if this young man has really done his homework when relating to our countries war Vets. For a low budget film, Marty really captures those feelings of emptiness, apathy, and darkness in his character only a true Veteran could relate to, to bring it full circle with love and willingness to overcome his PTSD from war. The unimaginable battle with PTSD to the triumph of his love for his ex and his love for "Wade" played by rising star Tristan Leabu, captivate you and grab you by the throat at times. This is a film you should see while it is still in theaters. Thank you Marty Papazian.
October 26, 2012
This is not a "fast action" "car crashing" "AK47 wielding hero splattering walls with bullets" kind of movie. This is not about a big budget. This is not about a comic book hero with special powers coming to life off the pulp page to rescue the perfect, idealistic world from an incredibly horrible villain. This movie is about reality. This is about the true heroes in our society, the small, insignificant people who despite the "system" still truly believe in and hope for and love each other. This is a movie an audience can relate to, everyone knows people like these characters. It grips the audience from the beginning and keeps you to the end. The performances are fantastic, especially Tristan Lake Leabu, Laura San Giacomo, Charles Dutton, and Azura Skye. Martin Papazian's work as writer, director, and actor shows his dedication to telling this story of what is happening in our society that we sometimes don't want to see. And yet it leaves you with hope. It is a touching and uplifting experience at the same time. This may not be a slick, "Hollywood", "Critically Acclaimed" movie, but it's the kind of movie that real, regular people love.
October 25, 2012
The perfect balance of deeply moving and delightfully honest. Papazian has shown what he can do as an artist by creating a true drama that will make you cry, smile, laugh and rejoice. The characters he has so meticulously brought to life are impossible not to care about. Least Among Saints is a genuine work of the heart.
October 26, 2012
I saw this movie last night, and I loved it!! This is a fabulous story, very well told, of an Iraq war veteran's life after he completes his military service. I encourage everyone to see it!!
October 26, 2012
As a psychotherapist, I'm reassured that Least Among Saints is being viewed around the country. It validates some of the struggles veterans have with PTSD and also, children who've had the trauma of losing a parent in an extreme manner. This is an entertaining film with much heart and I'm happy to recommend it.
October 26, 2012
Marty puts on the screen what is found in many small towns throughout the United States. Living in a town of 30,000 I have heard stories and been a part of this movie's story. There are real people dealing with life and the characters are believable and the music and soundtrack fit very well. If you do not "feel" during this film, then you have no feelings anyway ;) Take the time and make the effort to find this playing somewhere near you.
October 26, 2012
This is a good movie with a good cast..if you do find time go and watch this film..i give my two thumbs up..
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