Critics Consensus: Leatherheads Has its Ups and Downs; Nim's Island is Stranded; Guess The Ruins' Tomatometer!


This week at the movies, we've got pigskin pratfalls (Leatherheads, starring George Clooney and Renée Zellweger), isle imagination (Nim's Island, starring Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin), and archeological anxiety (The Ruins, starring Shawn Ashmore and Jena Malone). What do the critics have to say? Back to Article



Laurence Houle-Collin

The Ruins : 48%

I actually see a decent, if derivative, little creepfest that goes well beyond the, putrid horror offerings 2008 offered us. (One Missed Call, anyone?) So, yeah, basically, I don't think The Ruins is gonna suck. At all. Even if, chances are, it's not gonna be too good... and certainly not fresh.

Apr 3 - 05:21 PM


Daniel Satué

The ruins: 57%

Apr 4 - 08:46 AM


edward jones

I just finished The book version of "The Ruins" today and liked it, so I really want the movie to be good, but the lack of screening scares me. So, I'm going to be fairly generous and say 52%. And yes, One Missed Call was bad.

Apr 3 - 05:28 PM


edward jones

52%. I liked the book but the lack of screenings scares me.

Apr 3 - 05:29 PM


jonathan ramirez

man i would love to watch "Shine a Light". the Stones, and Martin Scorsese? a dream combo.

Apr 3 - 05:39 PM

~*Admiral Snowstorm*~

Dominique Amsterdam

33% for The Ruins. I somehow don't see it as too big of a failure, but of course, it's entirely possible. Pardon my optimism in my estimate, in that case.

Apr 3 - 05:47 PM


jack giroux

Ill definately see LAETHERHEADS and SHINE A LIGHT this weekend.

Apr 3 - 07:59 PM


Alex Smith

58% for The Ruins.
Horror critics loved the novel, which was actually a bit weak, and I feel that critics will give it a mixed bag, leaning towards the positive, but still leaving the movie Rotten.
I certainly want this to be amazing, I've been looking forward to it for a while. I just wish they had cast some more recognizable faces [not necessarily A-listers, mind you]as the four leads, to raise some more buzz for the film.
But I think the trailer is strong. We'll see what happens.

Apr 3 - 08:02 PM


Zach Johnson

35% for The Ruins. I don't know, I just don't think it's gonna be very good, but I haven't read the book, so I don't really know what to expect.

Apr 3 - 08:08 PM


Clark Metheny

48% for The Ruins.
Still have high hopes for it though.:)

Apr 3 - 08:10 PM


Bryan Inghram

Ruins... 12% Just watched a sneak of it.
Blah. It's both grim and boring.

Apr 3 - 10:05 PM


Bryan Inghram

Maybe it wasn't that bad. I just hate movies that end like it did.
No spoiler here though, you want to know you can suffer like I did.

Apr 3 - 10:17 PM


Craig Smith


Apr 3 - 10:42 PM


That Guy

My guess for The Ruins is 25%

Apr 3 - 10:53 PM

Drunken Midgets

Corey Gloor

37% for The Ruins. Looks stylish enough to garner SOME good press

Apr 3 - 11:44 PM


andrew schwalenberg

22% for the ruins. i'm not a horror fan, but it didn't look /That/ bad.

Apr 4 - 12:42 AM


Matthew Squance

guessing 61%
just fresh but nothing like The Descent

Apr 4 - 01:12 AM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

The Ruins - 35%

Apr 4 - 03:39 AM


Gimy Moo

never even heard of the Ruins...sounds better than ANOTHER Butler chic flick/kiddie crap. seriously bro, you need to stop hangin' out with Vin Diesel and the Rock, you SHOULD be an action star. not starrin' in lame pics like this. you've followed up 300 with too much estrogen and spongebob. although's actually a step up from the Saw 5: a Romantic Revenge flick he did when he died...yet planned all this stuff for his ugly gf. fire your agent...

premierb...hopefully its nothing LIKE Descent...since that was a crap movie. completely overrated and predictable. more funny than anything else and only for 5 seconds did it actually enter the realm of "thriller" or "scary".

Apr 4 - 05:34 AM


Toohey Brian

67% on The Ruins, and it probably deserves much better than that. The book was fantastic, and the movie looks really solid.

Apr 4 - 07:41 AM

John Z. Delorean

John Street

The Ruins is rated r and doesn't include mutants or eurotrash so I'm going 52% on the tomatometer and 12 mil at the box office still think 21 and horton will take money from the new movies but I'm going to give The Ruins a shot just because it seems to be the most entertaining of the movies in theaters right now.

Apr 4 - 08:39 AM

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