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Legendary Reviews

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Super Reviewer

May 18, 2011
This film is quite predictable, formulaic, and far from original, yet it is well-meaning, inspirational, and I actually sorta liked it. It's flawed enough to where I don't feel quite comfortable enough to give it an extra half star, but I did enjoy it, and think that there are a few scenes that are okay enough to watch. So, in a rare move, I don't totally recommend the film, but I think it would be okay to watch if you rent it or something, like if you feel you need or just really want to see it.

The story here is that of the classic underdog. Cal is a runt whose father and brother were local wrestling gods, but he is not wrestling material. He feels he has something to prove though, so he tries to follow in his family's footsteps, and in the process tries to better his life, come of age, and get his estranged family back together. This is total Hallmark stuff, but I do applaud WWE Films for making somehting not related to the horror or action genres.

Graye is actually not bad as Cal. He's a convincing underdog. As Cal's brother Mike, John Cena brings some authenticity to the proceedings, despite his stiff acting and limited emotional range. Danny Glover is underused but it's nice to see him, even though his characters seems more like an angel than a human. Surprisingly though, it is Patricia Clarkson who really holds thigns together. She brings some needed weight and gravitas to things, even if she's put in better work elsewhere. Even though I think the character of Luli was mishandled and awkward, I don't totally blame Madeleine Martin. She's not great, but she's trying, and she seems like a nice and quirky girl, so there.

Like I said, this film is nothing new, but I was never bored. The wrestling scenes are well done and you can tell they put effort into bringing some realism and integrity to their portrayal. For this to be a great movie it just also needed a better script and some stronger performances. It will please most viewers though, I'm sure. It's relatively inoffensive, has a lot of heart, and there are a couple of scenes I really liked.

As Siskel and Ebert would sometimes do, I'm giving this a rare "thumbs sideways" because I'm just torn about it, and can't think of a better way to judge it.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

February 28, 2011
Well slap my back, and call me Sally!!! I really liked this little movie. John Cena is surprisingly good. Devon Graye gives a great performance in what should have been a breakout role for him, if only the movie had a wide release. Hopefully, he will get a chance in the future to become a star. In the meantime, watch this heart-warming movie about overcoming personal obstacles, and achieving more than victory!

Super Reviewer

August 27, 2010
It's not the greatest film of all time, but it definitely is a very good one. I found myself feeling every emotion that the cast was feeling, mainly, because it wasn't huge actors, but it was new actors who will one day become stars, and you are sitting watching this film thinking about things that are all related to this movie. It has a very gripping story, but at times the plot seems stale. It has it's very heartfelt moments just like any drama, but something feels special here. Danny Glovers character seems like nothing in the beginning, but in the end he is triumphant to the story. Great story, but it has been told before in a different way. I really liked it, but there is much room for better developement! However, not disappointing one bit!

Super Reviewer

September 15, 2010
Cast: John Cena, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, Devon Graye, Madeline Martin, Tyler Posey, John Posey, Angelena Swords, Teo Olivares, Lara Grice

Director: Mel Damski

Summary: Fed up with fending off bullies, bookish teen Cal Chetley (Devon Graye) joins his high school's wrestling team with hopes that his older brother, Mike (WWE star John Cena) - a gifted athlete who wrestled in high school and college - will want to whip him into shape. Trouble is, the brothers haven't had much of a relationship since their father was killed in a car accident and Mike left Cal and their mother behind.

My Thoughts: "I am always concerned with a film when there's a singer or in this case, a wrestler. But to my surprise I really liked it. The story is simple, yet interesting. Really liked Madeleine Martin in this. Thought her character was funny, quirky, and bubbly. She brought some good humor to this film. Devon Graye was also well placed in this film. I was surprised with his acting. I thought his and Patricia's scenes were really good. You believed that tight mother and son bond. Patricia Clarkson did a great job in this as well. Her scenes with Cena were pretty emotional. Danny Glover at first seemed liked that strange old man who just showed up and gave speeches of great wisdom and encouragement. But in the end his character is explained. I have seen John Cena in a couple other movies, but they were action packed and very typical. But this film showed him in a different light, and surprisingly he played well in a drama. You won't find any action in this besides a couple bar fights. He was good in this supporting role. Just a good little film that is a bit heartwarming and sad. Definitely worth the rental."

Super Reviewer

February 17, 2013
The film isn't bad but it is not great either. It feels like an after school special. The film reminded me of movies like Win Win, Vision Quest, The Fighter, Invincible, and the Karate Kid. Only those movies were better than this one. They needed a better director and a better script. I didn't like that they had songs in the film during scenes that didn't need songs. The film is also predictable.

Patricia Clarkson shines in the film. Her best scene is with Cena in jail. Cena, I thought was better here than in 12 Rounds or The Marine. I would like to see him do a film with Mark Wahlberg. Danny Glover also shines in his supporting role. Devon Graye and all the other cast members felt miscast in their roles. Devon has no chemistry with Cena or Clarkson.

The film is worth checking out for the performances of Clarkson, Glover, and Cena.
Erin C

Super Reviewer

October 17, 2010
This was a really good movie, and I'm not just saying that because I think John Cena is the hottest man alive :P It was a really good story, and the acting was very good as well.

Super Reviewer

September 10, 2010
"I told their father I'd watch out for them if anything ever happened to him ?" That sounds a lot like a line you'd here in a war movie doesn't it ? Legendary isn't a war movie though, it's about high school wrestling. Yet, when Cal Chetley (Devon Graye) reveals to his mother Sharon (Patricia Clarkson) that he wants to join the wrestling team, she reacts as if he said he wants to join the marines.

Cal's brother Mike (John Cena) and his father were so into wrestling that the father died in a car accident on the way to scope out one of Mike's opponents. So Mike is now a drunk bar fighting loner that keeps himself as far away from his family as possible. When Cal needs to get better at wrestling, he goes see Mike behind his mother's back. Mike is hard to convince at first, but of course Cal eventually gets his help.

Cal becomes more confident, gets a girlfriend and takes on his bullies, no this isn't the Karate Kid. The film is over the top sentimental, but it won me over anyway due to Graye and yes John Cena having chemistry.

While Madeleine Martin was adorable as Cal's girlfriend. Cena, I found surprisingly solid in the first half. I bought that he was a troubled man and he was better than usual and I almost believed that he could act. In the second half when he becomes nicer and a role model, he just phones in his performance and is about as wooden as he usually is. Legendary may not be original but compared to all the other WWE films it's the best. It's a good family film.
Lee K

Super Reviewer

September 27, 2010
Ok to all those Cena haters out there, dont judge a book by its cover cause this is one Cena movie that was actually pretty good. Yes those who know mw know i live and breathe pro wrestling and i have never hated Cena, although truth be told i have seen alot better wrestlers out there however that being said i will also have to say their are alot worse. Are u listening to me Flair?? Cena is definatly no Dwayne Johnson although i think he has like 100 lbs of pure muscle on the rock, he couldnt out act the rock, but ill tell you in this he tries damn hard. I have to hand it to wrestlers who journey outside the squared circle to venture into unknown territory that hollywierd has to offer. I mean you never see Actors do it aside from the late great Andy Kaufman and of course the idiot David Arquette. Wrestle i mean that is. Great cast including Danny Glover who plays an old fisherman that young Cal (Devon Graye) bumps into and gets a freindship going while spending time down by the river. And Patricia Clarkson who is simply briiliant as Cal and Mike's (John Cena) Mom. The rest of the cast although basically unknowns including Devon Graye do fantastic jobs. The storyline is this, young Cal who is living in the shadow of his former all star wrestling brother Mike who has estranged him and his mother ever since their father was killed in an automobile accident. Mike went from all american hero on a major downward spiral and alluded the surviving family members. Cal decides to join the school's wrestling team and also seek his brother's help in training him along the way. Although reluctant at first mike decides its time to break the ice and take his younger brother on. This movie is inspiring and in my opinion can proudly say can join amongst the other sport inspiring stories ie; Rocky, Cinderella Man to name a few. A good film.
September 10, 2010
sweet and honest and heartwarming kinda lives upto what WWE fans expect from John Cena and rest of the cast is great too
July 11, 2011
It's good to see Cena can do more than blow stuff up. He play his role great and I think is a big step in his career. I don't even think The Rock made a movie like this early in his career.
February 27, 2011
Plot:Cal Chetley, a bright, undersized fifteen year-old is an outsider in the blue collar town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, known for its high school wrestling program. His older brother Mike, a one-time high sc... read more hool champion with whom Cal is estranged, left Cal and his mother Sharon behind years ago after the tragic car accident that killed their father. Sharon is grieving the loss of her husband while struggling with an estranged, older son and her bright, socially isolated younger one, the latter of whom is determined to put his family back together. With the encouragement of Harry "Red" Newman, a charming, albeit mysterious, man who has a way of showing up in Cal's life just when he needs him most, Cal joins the high school team hoping his brother will train him. What ensues is an emotional, uplifting journey about Cal's drive to succeed and his unwavering pursuit to reunite his family.
This movie was the most amazing movie I have seen
February 5, 2011
I wanted to see this movie for a few reasons. One, I am a big wrestling fan, er, I mean, sports entertainment fan. And I know its not cool to like John Cena as a wrestler, but I actually do. And you know what else? He's a pretty damn good actor too. The second reason I wanted to check this one out is that its directed by Mel Damski, whom I've gotten to know and love over the last 5 years as he is an executive producer and resident director on my all-time favorite TV show "Psych." Finally, the third reason is I wanted to see what all the excitement is over Patricia Clarkson! Here, Patricia plays Sharon Chetley, mother of two and an assistant to the county DA. Her and her youngest son Cal, played wonderfully by newcomer Devon Graye, are extremely close. Cal spends most of his time being extremely smart, spending time with his gal pal Luli and getting bullied by the bigger kids at school. One day he decides he wants to try out for the high school wrestling squad. Not only is he hoping to be able to learn to defend himself, he is also hoping that it reunites his older, estranged brother, his Mom and himself as a family once again. Personally, I think family is one of, if not the most important thing in the world. All Cal wants is for his family to get back to what a family should be. John Cena plays Mike Chetley, the older brother in question, and a former national and state wrestling champion. During his senior year, he and his father were on a trip to scout an opponent and they were in a car wreck. Mike and Cal's Dad passed away as a result and Mike moved away as soon as school was out, leaving Cal and his Mom all on their own. Legendary is a great tale of the love between two brothers and a family. The script was written by John Posey. It flows extremely well, and tells a great story. Mel Damski does a great job capturing the emotion as well as the action and getting the most from his cast. I now know why Patricia Clarkson is an Academy Award Nominee and why people say she can definitely act. She really can and she was fantastic here as a Mom who would do anything to keep her youngest son out of danger. I hope to see Devon Graye in more things in the future. If the job he did here is any indication of what he is capable of, I am excited for his future. Madeleine Martin plays Luli, Cal's best friend. You may know her more as David Duchovney's daughter in the TV show "Californication." She's also the lead singer of the band Queens Of Dogtown and a Broadway actor. And she's only 17! She's definitely going places. And like I said earlier, John Cena CAN act! This was his third feature film, following The Marine and 12 Rounds, both great action movies. Here he shows his range in a big, big way, playing an emotionally damaged young man, not knowing what his future will hold. On top of all that, throw in Danny Glover as Red, a kindly old fisherman encouraging Cal, and you've got yourself quite a stellar ensemble. Take equal parts story, cast and direction and you've also got yourself one great film, and that's exactly what they did.
October 25, 2010
Unlike most WWE movies, this is a fairly well done movie. It is a little heavy handed in its emotions but the pacing is nice and the story is tight. John Cena is actually pretty decent in an understated performance where he isn't a flawless hero.
October 8, 2010
This is a great movie.The story is really good.The performances are great too.This is by far John Cena's best movie/performance.
Brody M

Super Reviewer

October 1, 2010
As much as I HATE John Cena the wrestler, This movie wasnt all that bad & I enjoyed it until the part where Cal came out using pyro & a customized robe his girlfriend made for him.Leave it to WWE to turn even high school wrestling into "Sports Entertainment" That 1 part just ruined the whole movie for me
July 4, 2013
OMG I'm never left scratching my head like when I read critics on a movie, you can bet if the Critics do not like the movie it will be good and it was an awesome movie. A little chic flixy and wrestling for the guys but they just might get smoke in their eyes while watching ;~)
June 24, 2013
very simple plot...too simple, but whatever it was fine. cena didn't do too bad either.
June 15, 2013
Such a sappy story about an underdog and his dysfunctional family. Of course I liked it a lot. Lol. I do love sappy.
June 5, 2013
Ok so Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover raise this movie SO FAR up above what is actually is, it's astounding. The filming is pretty good. Some of the other actors are great, some, are just not very good...I;m sorry John Cena does NOT look under 30. He looks nearly 40, like he could be Patricia Clarkson's boyfriend. I'm so sorry if he should read this, but reality is reality and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole makes things worse in the film biz! That kind of stuff ruins careers. Anyway, this could have been a pretty good story but it fell short in story telling and most of all what truly definitely destroys this film so that it has a 17% here on Rotten Tomatoes is the music. Anyone who made significant choices in the making of this film should make sure the Music Supe of this film NEVER works again, that person SUCKS! The soundtrack is SO important for atmosphere and emotional connection, the music is SO lame I just could NOT finish watching, it was too painful and not worth it. I've seen Patricia Clarkson ad Fanny Glover in MANY other great roles.
January 2, 2013
It's not terrible by any means, and it has some moments, but by no means is it legendary!
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