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Legion may traffic in signposts of the apocalypse, but the whole affair mostly indicates that we're in the movie wasteland that is January.

January 22, 2010 Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times | Comments (4)
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Jan Y.

Jan Yeap

Religious hokem, eh? Do you seriously know how the world will end? This film's version is as good as anyone's. Besides, 'm tired of films that pull on the same old stuff... world ending with environmental destruction, or turban men riding to war against Israel! Besides, those familiar with the Nook of Enoch can tell you that an angry God did send Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Sureil to Earth to instigate and incite the descendants of the Watchmen into killing each other. Besides, who actually believe that we all descended from Adam and Eve... unless of course, the couple were to produce dozens of children to further produce through incest. The gospels have always been open to predictions. And if Lucifer was a fallen angel, who's going to deny there won;t be others, including Michael in this film. And I'm frankly more likely to accept that fallen angels could be responsible for the many beings who could be yours or my heritage! And besides, what's wrong for the filmmakers to see the end of the world as contributing to God's wrath against all sinners, or change of mind not about allowing the 2nd coming of the Messiah????

Jan 24 - 09:18 PM

Anthony P.

Anthony Paredes

Too much talking not enough action. The talking wasn't even worth listening too just mostly relationships and why man kind should be save which interesting before the first ten conversations. Small action scenes. Way too focused on the side actors and not focused on the main story line actors who apparently were supposed to save all humans

Jan 25 - 01:20 PM

Jeff M.

Jeff Munski

Unfortunately, it largely is 'religious hokum', much in the same way that we've seen dates come and go in the past two thousand years that were 'predicted' by biblical sources, or interpretations of. Frankly, one such interpretation made by some biblical scholars was that the original texts dealing with Armageddon were actually written as events of things to come, but it was meant to be an event that happened in the lifetimes of the authors, not now. Or during Y2K. Or any of the other 44 failed biblical predictions of the End of Times . . . one of them being even at, believe it or not, the first 'Y2K' at the turn of the first Millenium. Call me funky, but I'm gonna go with my gut and just say it's just religious hooey made up by fatalists determined to be one with their god, and like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going, and going . . .

Jan 25 - 10:49 PM

Gregory V.

Gregory Venturini

I'm only sad that the makers fell so far short of what could have been an excellent feature, reminiscent of the beautiful imagery in Paradise Lost.
unfortunately this movie didn't even raise the bar for the genre it ultimately ended up conforming to, the sad, tired apocalypse thriller.

please god, spare us from any more ninja angels, ice cream demons, and denis quaid movies

Feb 6 - 02:33 PM

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