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December 21, 2009
Okay .. neat premise .. okay action . . I am pretty sure this is full of at least 2 dozen plot holes. BUT I had fun watching it. Not bad not good. I would almost say they tried very hard to not piss anyone off when it came to religion. Where they may have been able to go overboard one way or the other. In the end, like I said, I had fun watching it.
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½ August 15, 2011
Legion is a supernatural biblical horror flick that had the potential of being so much better than what it turned out to be. The film's biggest problem is that it relies more on special features than on story, thus the plot itself suffers from lacking ideas and undeveloped characters that really doesn't pay off. Legions had a very interesting concept, but it really didn't ended being a boring, unimpressive ride that simply failed at being a memorable and ultimately enjoyable film. There are a few chilling moments, but it's not enough to make for a memorable horror picture. The end of the world aspect of the film really didn't tie in to the overall story and I felt it was pretty sloppy. The way it was thrown in to the movie, seemed lazy and out of place, as if the filmmakers just needed some leverage to the films plot. The film's downfall is aided by a wooden cast of actors, and the somewhat good start quickly falls apart and becomes a train wreck. If the film had a better plot, and didn't rely entirely on special effects, I think that this would have been a more compelling film to watch. As it stands, Legions is a poor horror tale that is quite forgettable in the long run. The film is defi8nitely not worth your time, and it's just an effects extravaganza that lacks plot, good characters and memorable chills. Legions fails in terms of a horror film with religious overtones, and the potential in making a great picture is wasted after the first thirty minutes of the film when the film relies more on effects. Legions is a film that lacks substance and good direction. This is not a film worth your time, and it's a poor attempt at creating a biblical horror yarn.
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January 21, 2010
It sounds like from an old John Carpenter movie: the world's fate decides on the residents of a desert diner, who desperately fight for their lives as God's army is trying to get to a pregnant woman among them. Because, you know, God had it with this crappy Earth and only one of his arch angels is on our side. What promises creepy fun or cool stand offs is sadly rather dumb. The film misses out on bringing biblical motifs or characters to the mix and instead throws ice cream truck drivers, grannies and kids obsessed by demons at the protagonists. That's lame and never really exciting. Things get a tad cooler when Gabriel comes down from heaven to take on his brother Michael. The showdown is better than the first half but only makes you realize how many opportunities for a fun apocalyptic ride have been missed here. Meh.
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January 19, 2010
An isolated diner is besieged by a horde of the possessed intent on killing an unborn child who is prophesied to be the saviour of humanity. Another hokey action thriller based on religious mythology, Legion is actually pretty good fun as long as the bullets and fists are flying. Paul Bettany makes quite a charismatic holy warrior and the entire cast are pretty good in their roles as the usual Romero inspired zombie holocaust survivors. The format is very much in the vein of a heavily armed Night Of The Living Dead and it provides some stylish and exciting violence that's basically Assault On Precinct Exorcist. The biggest problems with it are that Kevin Durand makes a pretty bland nemesis and the fact that nobody ever bothers to tell us what the prophecy is or why the child is so important. This makes for a very unsatisfying ending that makes the film feel like the pilot for a non existent TV series. Still, it's a lot better than the dismal End Of Days and fans of TV show Supernatural will no doubt lap it up. And it's worth it just to hear a white-haired old granny drop the c-bomb!
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½ July 25, 2011
The Archangel Michael comes to Earth to protect a pregnant woman after God has given up on the human species.
When the film opens with "I asked my mama about why God was so angry, and she said, 'I don't know. Maybe He just got tired of all the bullshit,'" I thought this would be a film in the tradition of The Prophecy, but it's much more action-packed. And the action scenes are indeed quite thrilling and well-choreographed, but there are multiple other problems with the film that all the fun with guns can't hide.
First, the scenes between the fighting are meant to build characters, but I can't say that any of them rises beyond cliched types.
Second, if God and/or Michael can see the future - that Charlie's kid is important enough to save (the term "new baby Jesus" was used by one reviewer, but because this comparison isn't used in the film, I think "new John Connor" is a better term) - then don't God and/or Michael know the end of the film? The knowledge that is typically attributed to God makes futile any conflict against Him (in the film, "He" is the only term used, though "She" or "It" are probably just as appropriate). What is more, if God is all-powerful, then surely God isn't restricted to using possessed humans, who behave like a cross between zombies and Gumby, as his weapons. Wouldn't God at least be able to make the firing pins in Michael's guns malfunction every now and then? What's the use of being all-powerful if your minions are vulnerable to a Glock nine-millimeter?
My final point may contain spoilers. Michael says, "The first attack was to test our strength; the next one will test our weakness." So what is human weakness according to God? Apparently, it's our compassion. Percy and Kyle specifically are killed off because they care about others. Jeep is lauded for his self-sacrifice vis-a-vis Charlie, but the same treatment isn't showered upon other sacrificing characters. At best, the morality inscribed in this film is inconsistent; at worst, it is unethical because it exhibits God calling compassion a weakness,
Overall, for fans of pure action films and senior citizens who use the C-word, this is a good film, but for those of you who pay attention to plot, character, and thematic consistency, you might want to look elsewhere.
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½ May 24, 2011
One of my new favorite bad films for script and acting, but in terms of action it actually is a lot of fun too.
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March 6, 2011
Archangel Michael appears at a roadside diner in the desert to save the unborn child of a waitress, on whose survival the Apocalypse rests. It seems that God is sick of the human race's corruption and debauchery, and intends to end it all with a fight to the death between good and evil. For a horror movie about the end of the world, it wasn't very horrific. The only reason I watched it was because Paul Bettany is in it, who I kinda like. But he takes it all far too seriously, which makes things even worse. It's pretty bad when the best part of the movie is in the first few minutes, and is a scene where an elderly woman with a walking frame calls another woman a "f***ing c**t, and then bites a chunk of meat out of the other woman's husband's neck. And the movie went downhill from there.
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February 1, 2011
God has lost faith in mankind (don't blame him!), so he's ordered an extermination and kickstarts the apocalypse, but a small group of survivors band together with the help of the archangel Michael who has defied God's order and tries to ensure the survival of humanity. It's got some cool action sequences now and again and a show-down between Michael and Gabriel at the end. It's two best moments though were of the possessed old lady and Ice-Cream man - creeepy!! Unfortunately the majority of the characters were unlikable so the slow talky moments in-between the action were meaningless as it only provided more justification for God's annoyance of humans! Overall it's overblown and doesn't maintain a scary atmosphere but it's decent entertainment.
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January 22, 2011
Had so much potential, didn't turn out at all what I thought. I had high expectations for this, and it turned out to be a dozen awful actors put into a horror movie.

Grade: F
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½ September 20, 2010
People usually have harsh reviews for movies with religious themes. This movie has a strong script. A bit corny at times, but the underlying theme of undying hope is strong. Critics should view this movie for what it is, an intense action packed thriller, with a message for all who view it. The message being one of love, passion for life, and overall hope for the future....and that you are seeing the makings of a superstar. Paul Bettany is an amazing, amazing actor. Yes..he deserves 2 amazings...he's that awesome! :)
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½ December 30, 2009
2 stars and a half
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December 10, 2010
Dumb as a bag of rocks, but it's sort've interesting and Paul Bettany and Kevin Durand were extremely good. The plot should've just been the two of them duking it out; it would've made a lot more sense than the whole "new baby Jesus" scenario. The apocalypse has been dealt with so many times and done tremendously better, but I don't think I was expecting this to be good in the first place. It's worth it just to see some cool Angel fighting and Tyrese Gibson as another deadbeat dad/gangster.
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May 26, 2009
Interesting to see the whole "good angel versus bad angel and showdown on earth" as what I thought it's like The Prophecy.
Legion had an interesting potential but ultimately got let down by its half-baked plot development and references so close you'd think it was The Matrix or The Terminator .
Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, and Paul Bettany were all fine. However none were memorable. Even the two main Godsends, Gabriel and Michael, managed to have conflict that was forgotten seconds after the next scene started.
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October 24, 2010
Boy, this movie sucked. Took themselves way too seriously and was way too cheesey.
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January 21, 2010
Well you have to say it is action packed and fast paced which is always entertaining to watch, i liked the cast, the action, the acting was on top form, its just a shame about the story. The storyline i think ha potential to be fun and cool, however it wasnt executed very well, and this shows in the movie itself!
The plot seems to lose the point towards the middle of the movie and doesnt seem like the story was actually finished to be honest!

However the Possess people by angels is really cool, with some proper freaky footage, the old lady in the cafe was also awesme!

conclusion: If you want a cool action thriller then you should watch this, just watch this baring in mind that there isnt much of a story!
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½ October 5, 2010
LEGION is the synonymous for the word STUPID
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½ January 23, 2010
A rather decent premise (which could have given birth to an entertaining film) is wasted on a film that doesn't amount to anything more than a few mildly amusing action sequences. But everything else is completely terrible and void of any positive value so please just skip this one!
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September 14, 2008
Definitely a guilty pleasure movie for me. It was actually good, but then again Ive always had the hots for Paul Bettany XD! Miiiyaaoowrr!!! XD!!! Aww.. I dont want to rate it lower than 3. Its been a long time since Ive seen something like this, I even had this crazy grin while watching it. Oh, oh and that granny! IS MENTAL! XD!!!

Paradise Falls, A group of people makes a last stand in a lowly diner. ---- Theres this line that I really liked, it went something like "Will have you been proud of how you lived your life?" -- Some parts of the script really stimulated all sorts of things inside my head. [L4D2 + Paul Bettany + Theological Ironies]
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January 25, 2010
Apocalyptic thriller depicts what transpires when an angry, vengeful God loses faith in humanity, and decides to exterminate the human race. Sort of a follow up to the biblical Great Flood story, this darkly shot, depressing movie deals with a small group of "rebels" that rise up against His army of random demonically possessed civilians. Unrelentingly bleak film puts the audience in the awkward position of rooting against God. It gets more difficult because these characters are so unpleasant, you really don't care what happens to them. If this is the kind of riffraff left in the world, perhaps starting over, isn't such a bad idea. There goes the suspense. The mundane dialogue doesn't help matters much. And let's face it, if these people were really facing off against God's wrath, would they even stand a chance? Oppressively dull.
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