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Xeyla D October 8, 2014
Great movie. Not like the newer vampire movies, but just as good.
Thor . Thor . ½ October 7, 2014
must see. so so very good.
John Eric D. John Eric D. September 29, 2014
Let the Right One In is not just a horror genre on its own or some kind of a teen vampire flick but its more than that, its epic. It has sleeper moments at the start but it ends with a dramatic fashion. It will be the most satisfying and memorable melodramatic horror in years as Alfredson's best film yet.
Reece L ½ September 16, 2014
The performances are incredible, the direction is stylish, every inch of the production (from the sound design to the cinematography) is impeccable, and the script intelligently examines what makes a human being a monster with heart and fear, making "Let the Right One In" a masterful product from a considerable talent.
James C September 21, 2009
Absolutely, brilliantly creepy.
Dane P September 15, 2014
An expertly crafted story riding on its great subtlety making for some really absorbing imagery.
CC B. CC B. September 11, 2014
Let the Right One In is a unique, unforgettable and scary vampire movie with a clever script, memorable perfomances and interesting characters.
Llama K. Llama K. ½ September 10, 2014
I was thrown off by the rather flippant English dubbing at the start, but something grabbed me about this movie. I stuck with it, and am haunted days later. This movie saves the tricks, and slides them in subtly to remind you they are talented movie makers, without shoving it at you from the start. Great movie.
Dan M September 9, 2014
The story and the acting are both totally intriguing. I'll take this over the latest (cinematic) franchise any day.
Doug P September 8, 2014
Ranks among the great horror films, period. Perfectly paced, brilliant atmosphere and cinematography and lifelike emotion.
Matt L February 12, 2012
An amazing adaptation. Gorgeous cinematography. Touching story of childhood friendship with a vicious twist.
Marc K April 23, 2012
The original vampire story. Hauntingly bleak, with some of my favorite scenes of all time.
Must watch.
Shaun W August 25, 2014
A vampire movie with intelligence, smart characterization and plenty of suspense and thrills.
Joe H ½ August 17, 2014
Bolstered by gorgeously textured cinematography, passionate direction, and two spectacular lead performances from children no less, Let the Right One In is an imperfect film on the verge of brilliance. It's as touching as it is scary, but a relatively simplistic plot and the film's ice-cold tone is off-putting, and makes the character-driven drama feel just out of reach of emotional connection. Additionally, the ending is too sudden and the conclusion ultimately unsatisfactory.
K. Davis K. Davis August 17, 2014
"Let the Right One In" is unmistakably Swedish in tone but, despite its gloomy exterior, is about love, a strong love, in a cold land. And the execution of this love story is one not to be missed, filled with terror and suspense and small moments of pure delight, "Let the Right One In" is a masterpiece of both horror cinema and the coming-of-age tale.
Trey W ½ August 17, 2014
Not only the best vampire movie that I've seen in the past decade, but one of the best movies I've seen in the past decade. Watch it.
David C ½ August 9, 2014
I was surprised at how similar Let the Right One In was to its American remake.

A surreal story of childhood and the supernatural mixes elements of a drama and suspense/thriller. Its strange medley of unsettling beauty delivers.

One caveat though. There is a shot of the little boy peeping in on the naked 12 year old getting dressed. Um, why the graphic nudity of an underage girl instead of tastefully suggesting what was happening? I try and chalk it up to cultural difference in appropriateness, and not let it ruin the otherwise great film.
Joe M October 24, 2012
Let the Right One In comes at a perfect time to reinvent vampires, making them more human and relatable rather than killers. Due to the high quality of the actors, the story, and the overall feel, this movie feels more like a movie about kids that features vampires in it.
Aaron O August 4, 2014
One of the few "horror" films I will ever recommend. This one is uniquely beautiful.
Javier F ½ October 19, 2013
Fría, terrorífica e increíblemente bien actuada, el filme no sólo muestra las características del género de vampiros en todo su esplendor, sino que además alcanza una complejidad emocional muy profunda. Hay pequeños cabos sueltos, pero son nimiedades que no afectan para nada a su brillantez. Todo lo que 'Crepúsculo' intenta ser y nunca consigue.

Nota: 8.8/10
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