Bonding with Bond, Day 18: Licence to Kill


Community Manager RT-Ryan has never seen a single James Bond film, except for 2006's Casino Royale. To rectify the situation, he decides to watch every Bond film and write about his reaction as a 007 novice. Timothy Dalton only signed as Bond for two films, and today features his second, Licence to Kill. With a distinctly darker and more violent plot, it elicits a mostly positive response from Ryan. Back to Article


drew g.

drew gordon

As I posted before, sorry to repeat myself, but I really liked Timothy Dalton's James Bond. Gone was the sheer stupidity of the later Moore titles. Finally, we got Ian Flemming's James Bond...and it was good.

Then NBC canceled Remington Steele.

And we got Pierce. Roger Moore with slightly more gravitas...and we lost Tim Dalton. Too damn bad really.

Golden Eye was OK. Hey, I'd watch anything with Famke in it!

Tomorrow Never Dies was my favorite of the Pierce Bonds. Then we get subjected to The World is Not Enough (Dr Christmas Jones...heaven help us), and Die Another Day (CGI para-surfin' on an arctic tsunami...good times...NOT!)

Thank the heavens for Casino Royale and Daniel Craig. And for those of you who think that Craig's Bond is Jason Bourne lite....just remember, James Bond was saving the world long before Jason Bourne was a glimmer in Robert Ludlum's creative cranium.

Nov 8 - 05:42 AM


Mike PArker

I'm always surprised when folks say License could've been any generic spy movie.

I don't believe the set up would have worked as well, or been as powerful (whether you liked it or hated it) if the average viewer didn't already have an interest and an understanding of Bond's character. So a generic spy basically quits to go on a quest for vengeance on the folks who hurt his friend (who we only just met)? Who cares? But make it Bond giving up the License (woa!) and have Felix be the friend?

Sure, both work equally well for the casual viewer, but I think the Bond fans have alot more invested interest in where this story takes them with it being Bond.

Also, the camp elements which were there (toned down though they were) probably wouldn't have flown in a generic action flick...but we all know to expect them in a Bond movie, so they're cool.

Just my two cents

Nov 8 - 10:24 AM

inactive user

Jared King

Where's Ryan? Probaly mourning over Dalton's last Bond film.

Nov 8 - 10:43 AM


Jay Rog

I have a feeling that you are going to love the opening of Goldeneye. Thats all i have to say ;)

Nov 8 - 10:51 AM

Shahid N.

Shahid Niazi

Dalton was a fantastic Bond. Very close to the novel. GoldenEye is an overhyped movie with Brosnan looking more like a guy from a cologne ad and less the assassin he's supposed to be.

Nov 8 - 11:18 AM

Timothy Michael Makepeace

Tim Makepeace

GoldenEye is good, it certainly is the better of the Brosnan films, probably because it had Dalton written in mind. The rest were written for Brosnan and look how they turned out.

Nov 8 - 01:02 PM


Brandon R

Bond meets Commando. I hated LtK the first time I saw it, but I've grown to like it over the years, and Daniel Craig's Bond persona has let me go back and appreciate Dalton's films more than before. I agree with some of the posters though about the Bond song. It's a dull re-working of Goldfinger's theme. Unfortunately, this film and TLD to a lesser extent were largely rejected by audiences at the time of their debuts. LtK remains the lowest grossing Bond film ever (adjusted for inflation). I'm surprised the studio invited Dalton back for a 3rd given the lousy box office.

Nov 8 - 02:46 PM


Aaron Wilkins

Boy, I don't think these Brosnan flicks have hold up very well over the years. GoldenEye is special to alot of people because it was the first one they were old enough to see in theaters (by themselves). For others, unfortunately, many of their opinions are skewed thanks to the excellent game. Ryan, some here will get mad for no reason other than being told their beloved game was based on an overrated movie.

Nov 8 - 03:52 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Ryan? Yooo- hooo! Don't worry, Dalton may be gone but Bronsan's coming. (Did I spell that right?)

Nov 8 - 05:49 PM


Ryan Fujitani

Sorry I've been MIA from the comments, everyone; had a birthday celebration to attend, so I didn't spend a lot of time online. Anyway, Goldeneye writeup is coming within the hour.

Nov 8 - 06:11 PM


Stephen Fargo

You better hurry. I'm getting impatient.

Nov 8 - 06:37 PM


Alex D.B.

Timothy Dalton is a strange but really good Bond. Craig is like Dalton's Bond brought one step forward. Just like Brosnan was Moore's Bond brought one step forward. I imagine that after Daniel Craig, we will have a Connery's Bond brought one step further.

Nov 9 - 01:54 PM

jason h.

jason hickey

this installment has always and continues to have a feel of a 80's made for tv movie of the week, a middle of the pack bond mission. bring on goldeneye!

Nov 11 - 03:01 AM

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