Magic vs Reality

I loved the movie and the direction. There are times when you just can't stop tears from rolling down your face. Such an emotional act for a first time actor as well. I remembered Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind from its mind-twisting, reality-questioning experience. This is a great movie to be watched on 3D as well. It is visually stunning!

Spoiler ahead:

At the start of the the movie, Pi was opened to the other religions and he was eager to learn from them. Though I agree with his father giving him a lecture about starting with rationality, believing in everything is not the same as believing in nothing. It has some undertone that not believing in a higher power is a negative trait. I disagree. Being skeptical separates fact from fiction.

Pi's story revolved around the tiny boat with the Bengal tiger. While we can make a case that he was delusional due to extreme trauma of losing everything he knew in an instant, his experience and journey can't be denied or falsified but was a rich story of fantasy and emotion. There are times he can't tell the if he is daydreaming or is it reality.

In the end, he offered two stories. One is magical which he says what really happened, other is realistic but served only as metaphors to his experience. You choose what you want to believe.
Raphael Ruiz
12-25-2012 03:24 AM

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Typhon Q

Well it wasn't so much magical as it was improbable.

Jan 8 - 09:35 PM

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