Then Who is Pi? ****SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS*********


Okay, the profundity I found in this film lies in this question: "If the Jackal is the cook, The Zebra is the Sailor, The Orangutan is the mother, and the Tiger is Pi, then in the snimal story.....Who is Pi?"

Also, when Pi is talking about the Tiger and weeping because the Tiger didn't look back, because he "left him so unceremoniously," if the Tiger is in fact Pi, then what is he saying with this statement?

Is Pi on the boat....GOD? Pi's Higher Self? Is he weeping at the lost of his innocence and youth?

Pretty amazing stuff in this film!
Jason M.
01-28-2013 06:40 AM

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Tony Stark

sam varma

all you bitches cant understand anything! the tiger was pi in the second story of the movie which pi himself made up for the interviewers!

Mar 21 - 07:54 AM

Donna Youghn Eshel

Donna Youghn Eshel

Pi is the tiger. The tiger is the adversity of life. Pi learns about life from his perils at sea. When he reaches shore he transitions from boy to his manhood. the tiger never looks back but to the future straight into the jungle, which is Pi's future. The jungle represnets his new world and life somewhere other than India. Pi is crying for his losses his old life, India his parents and the innocent boy he left behind,and may be his faith in God.

Mar 16 - 07:53 AM

Tony Stark

sam varma

absolutely wrong

Mar 21 - 07:55 AM

Angy Riad

Angy Riad

I believe the tiger and Pi are both Pi. The tigre inside of Pi is at first resistant and rebellious to continue and fight for life, and the other religious and soul searching pi tries to find a way to get the tigre and him to work together. As for the weeping from the tiger leaving.. He didn't need the tigre anymore, the tigre was good and no longer hesitates, he is ready to live again in his habitat (or Pi in a civilized city again)

Mar 11 - 11:30 AM


William Renaud

(This only works if you take the animal story as total allegorical invention on Pi's part) Break it down further. The Pi on the boat is that internal observer that we all have inside of us. That objective self that can step back and comment on what we are experiencing. Call it a neo-Freudian superego. He steps back mentally and lets his body become subsumed in his animal/instinctual self. Look at the perfect mimicary between the tiger's physical condition and Pi's.

In the end God is a question that Pi leaves you with. His survival is miraculous so the argument for "GOD" intervening is weighted.

But always remember that BOTH stories are complete works of fiction.

Mar 6 - 09:24 PM

Daivik Patel

Daivik Patel

I believe Pi is both the boy and the tiger. In the movie, after the first time you see the tiger in the zoo, you only see the tiger while Pi is trying to survive. Coming onto the boat in the life buoy during the storm, killing the hyena after he kills the other two, trying to catch fish, etc.

The tiger is his inner animal instinct, the portion of him that decides between fight or flight.

Feb 25 - 10:53 PM

Austin Ritter

Austin Ritter

God is my guess.

Feb 21 - 09:59 PM

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