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In Kevin Macdonald's project, what ultimately unites mankind is its banality.

July 24, 2011 Full Review Source: Slant Magazine | Comments (11)
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Atom Bom

You are a fucking idiot.

Jul 24 - 12:49 PM

Eduardo Velazquez

Eduardo Velazquez

You have to be different huh? punk...

Jul 24 - 01:34 PM

Liam Cochran

Liam Cochran

wow, just wow you're a douche that has to end a perfect score for no particular reason (or a good reason for that matter)

Jul 24 - 03:55 PM

Shannon Coleson

Shannon Coleson

you literally look like a penis. fuck you

Jul 24 - 04:44 PM

Ranzha Emodrach

Ranzha Emodrach

It's a documentary. It's not meant to be stimulating as an action film would be throughout. Mr. Schenker, you sir are an insult to the human race.

Jul 24 - 05:05 PM

R F.


It's not that it's a negative review, it's that it's a really dumb review that pisses me off.

Jul 24 - 05:43 PM

John Michael Bell

John Michael Bell

Slant wouldn't be Slant without the odd, over-the-top, hyper cynical review of an otherwise well-reviewed film. This is Slant at its worst; wordy, aimless, vicious but providing the reader with little reason not to see the movie (which is the bloody point of a negative review).

And really, it's the cynicism, the assumption that people deciding to catalog their life's moments (something people have been doing since our ancestors drew pictures of the day's hunt on cave walls) is unforgivably narcissistic, that is most off-putting about the review.

And the wordiness. Slant needs to get these guys an editor. Slant is the king of walls of text that succeed in nothing but stroking the egos of the reviewers as they relish in their vocabulary while forgetting that writing without a point is useless.

Also, people Afghanistan are called Afghans, Mr. Schenker, not Afghanis.

Jul 24 - 08:31 PM

Gabriel Guzman

Gabriel Guzman

I love how you're alone you loser.

Jul 24 - 09:27 PM

Andrew I.

Andrew Imrie

Oh, it's you again, the hater of documentaries. Perhaps you should stick to reviewing more crowd-pleasing, CGI-heavy fare like Transformers and the like.

Jul 24 - 09:32 PM

Christian Wilbur

Christian Wilbur

guys, that's the thing about opinions! they can vary from person to person! MINDBLOWWWWW!

Jul 25 - 11:10 PM


Rob Humanick

If this were Facebook, I'd "like" this comment. Thank you: two people can have different opinions and still be "right."

Jul 26 - 03:30 PM

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