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August 10, 2014
An extraordinary and magical film that should open the eyes of more and more people to a serious developmental disorder and the pain caused to many children who suffer from it - and it shows how sometimes it takes one person to care and make a difference in someone's life.
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½ April 19, 2011
LIKE STARS ON EARTH: I remembered one reviewer stating they had tears of joy from this movie. They were right on... this is a beautiful film. There were a couple of quirky parts, but it fit well with the overall mood. Told through the eyes of a school age Indian boy, this Bollywood film addresses societies need to see each child as unique, and special. The superb acting by the main character Ishaan, with direction by Aamir Khan, makes the film uniquely superb.
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August 3, 2010
Touching, Amazing, Extraordinary

By far the best Indian movie i have ever seen, A real cinematographic picture, something so heart warming that it will take you to cinem'extasy.

The movie is based on a 8 year old who suffers from ADD and dyslexia, unfortunately his parents dont see that, and come about the situation by taking him to boarding school. A mixture of "The Wall" in terms of Education and "Dead poets society" the movie is Beautiful

I was shocked to see an 8 year old act so well like Safary, the movie wraps up amazing actors, who are really realistic and have a sensibility. Although the 4 hour plot, not one bit will you be bored .

Amazing Soundtrack, and Scenery, this movie is by far one of the best movies in the education category, it will make you laugh and cry, and most important it will inspire you. So forget that all the Indian movies follow the Bollywood style, and take a chance, its about time we give these movies a chance, and as i did it, i dont regret one bit.

Ram Shankar Nikumbh: lf you fancy racing, breed racehorses, dammit, not children.
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June 14, 2010
My favorite Bollywood movie is Lagaan: Once upon a Time in India. It's probably no coincidence that Aamir Khan also stars in that one. He is excellent. This one goes fairly light on the song, and especially on the dance, but it's still unmistakeably Bollywood. WIth great heart -- which is why I enjoy Lagaan so much. That's one thing that Bollywood sometimes seems to overlook -- the heart. Some productions are so overwhelmed by the singing and dancing that the heart often takes a back seat or falls out all together. But not here. I DO believe that every child is special, and I work with college students who live with the kinds of challenges Ishaan faces. It's good to see the heart of my life's work confirmed for me onscreen from time to time : )
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½ May 18, 2009
Nice directorial debut, hats off to Aamir for this. Its quite a job to make this kind of movie in Bollywood without involving any unnecessary romantic tracks, even though as side-track.
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November 29, 2010
This movie was unbearably long and had a lot of parts that were way too drawn out but it was very cute, unique, funny, and had a joyfully tearful ending. (My hubby was getting very teary eyed!) I like the story and it was very colorful and had fun music.
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January 6, 2008
An extraordinary movie that follows the struggles of a young boy unknowingly dealing with dyslexia, young Ishaan Awasthi has spent an entire year repeating the same grade and is not doing so well academically. Unlike him, his older brother Yohaan excels in all his schoolwork and this makes him feel even worse because his parents continuously berate him for his inabilities and erratic behavior. He finds solace in his love for art, and escapes into the leeway his imagination creates. After an incident at school, he is sent to a boarding school for discipline. Away from home and family, Ishaan becomes even more weary when he doesn't do so well at his new school. His confidence and will is shattered, and begins to lose interest until a new art teacher arrives. Ram Shankar Nikumbh instantly notices a despondent Ishaan, and discovers that Ishaan has all the symptoms of a learning disability that he himself dealt with as a child. His compassion, patience, and desire to help has enabled him to work with Ishaan using alternative methods of teaching. This enables Ishaan to regain his love for art, as well as bridging the differences in acceptance.
Great cast- Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tanay Chheda, Vipin Sharma, Tisca Chopra, and Sachet Engineer. Definitely worthy!
½ February 16, 2010
One of the better Bollywood movies I have seen. It does get a little preachy at times, but it is a sweet movie. Aamir Khan should be proud. (First and only viewing - 8/4/2014)
½ April 22, 2013
Pretty great movie. Very inspirational. I wish some teachers would care as much as the art teacher on the movie cared. The only flaw was that i couldn't understand what some people were saying, which made the movie pretty slow for me.
½ February 12, 2012
absolutely fantastic. the only reason I'm taking half a star off is because I thought the writing got a tad preachy in a few places. other than that, this is just an outstanding story about recognizing the strength and potential in every child. parents, children, teachers....everyone has something to love and appreciate here. great music, great acting, thoroughly believable characters, cool special effects, and just an overall stirring and uplifting movie.
March 29, 2011
I can not explain how I liked this movie. Words are insufficient. Reminded me of my childhood and teachers supported me. All kids are shining stars in the night sky. Aamir Khan 's another great film !
February 19, 2011
I love this film It's very inspiring It's lets you know that behind any child there is a gifted treasure, so stop ruling them out when they act out. Find a way to help them spread their wings
½ July 25, 2010
Excellent film! As a school teacher, my heart poured out to the child facing a disability. Especially when no one had a clue what was causing the child to "act different."
½ August 12, 2014
The greatest international film of all time. Aamir Khan stars in and directs his first film and fires on all cylinders. The film try's hard to bait you into crying and you'll probably cry anyway.
½ May 25, 2015
Great movie overall that shines a light on the challenges of dyslexia. I'd recommend checking out the wikipedia page where you'll see that this movie actually made a significant positive impact on the awareness of dyslexia and also catalyzed some policy reforms regarding the way the Indian education system addressed dyslexia.
April 12, 2015
"Awesome" is the only word i can write as my heart is full of tears. A must watch movie for all. Excellent work by Aamir and especially little "Darsheel Safary"..a break from crappy hollywood sci-fi larger than life movies!

February 9, 2015
A bit too long for such a story, and a tad unneven considering all the sad, happy, and bizzarre moments it has, but ultimately heart warming and a note to every student, teacher, parent, and any other person who doesnt quite see the true beauty in things and is too deep in the strict society the modern ages has us trapped on.
December 25, 2014
It's one of those films which could change your perspective forever.
½ November 28, 2014
Full of creativity.
An Extraordinary movie.
It leaves you so attached to the main character that you have Tears in your Eyes when the movie comes to an end.
October 14, 2014
As a teacher this movie has significantly changed my perspective on my role. I am more aware of the need to take time to understand each child in my class, and not judge them based on outward appearance and behavior. The movie was well written and produced and both main actors, teacher and pupil, have stolen my heart for always.
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