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What would you do if you could take a pill and suddenly access 100 percent of your brain power? This is the premise behind Limitless, a sci-fi thriller that looks as if its makers utilized around 30 percent of theirs.

March 18, 2011 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor | Comments (15)
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Nolan Bruce

30 percent brain power would be multiple times what any man has ever used.

Mar 18 - 09:55 PM


Daniel ?

Humans do not utilize only ten percent of their brain. That's a myth.

Also, "Limitless" is a mediocre movie. That is all.

Mar 21 - 06:03 PM


Drew May


Aug 8 - 06:59 PM

Russ Q.

Russ Quartermain

Considering the average human only utilizes 10% of their brain potential, i'd say the makers did pretty well then..

Mar 18 - 09:57 PM

Chris Sweda Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

What are you kidding? You didn't like the movie due to the fact the guy didn't use his 'intelligence' to save the world? Be realistic here 99% people that had that capability would do the same thing.

Mar 19 - 05:43 AM


Drew May

You missed the point there.

Aug 8 - 07:00 PM


Brian Priestley

Thats a myth do some resarch

Mar 20 - 10:36 AM

Xavier Köhler

Xavier Köhler

This honestly is easily the worst review I've seen from any critic--im not surprised then that youre hired by 'Christian science monitor's or somesuch ridiculous rubbish.

Aug 16 - 08:53 PM

Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd

You do realize that the Christian Science Monitor is a very highly regarded publication that has received multiple Pulitzer Prizes, and not Harold Camping's side project, right?

Oct 14 - 12:25 PM

Matthew Brady

Matthew Brady

That's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. However, the average person uses only 10% of their brain on a normal day. During a series of stringent tests the average level is about 33% and over the course of a life time approximately 85% of the brain is used. Christians > Haters.

Jan 14 - 04:31 PM

Ted S.

Ted Straton

I think most critics should take this drug because like you most of them don't have a clue.

Aug 21 - 09:01 PM

Clayton Soles

Clayton Soles

um actually yeah, at any given time humans are only using roughly 1/6 of their brain, the other parts are not dormant however, just inactive.
the the brain isn't much more than just thought process and bodily functions.
even with an godly amount of IQ, you would still only be using certain parts of the brain that are dedicated to said function, etc. you think the brain would put organ function on hold to solve a problem? not a myth, its actually years of research

Aug 23 - 12:49 AM

Marc Grens

Marc Grens

Peter Rainer, you should just quite you job because that was won of the worst comments I've ever seen in my life. Do yourself a favor and get into a new line of business.

Aug 31 - 08:00 AM

Jimmy McCloskey

Jimmy McCloskey


Sep 8 - 11:21 PM

Rui Per

Rui Per

This review was complete garbage. You really did a poor job reviewing this movie.
A cure for cancer? Really? Is that what you would do with your abilities? The road to your hell is paved with your good intentions. I bet if NZT worked for you you would use it entirely to proselytize your lame religion.
Two big thumbs down for you.

Nov 27 - 03:01 PM

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