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½ October 10, 2010
Cast: Eline Kuppens, Matthias Schoenaerts, Sien Eggers, Tom De Wispelaere, Marilou Mermans, Frank Vercruyssen, Robbie Cleiren

Director: Pieter Van Hees

Summary: Ailing athlete Marie (Eline Kuppens) feels as if she's found the perfect place to recuperate when she moves in with a new boyfriend (Matthias Schoenaerts) and takes up residence in the idyllic Left Bank. But a shocking discovery in the basement sends her spiraling into doubt and insanity. Suddenly, she can't be sure whether her lover can be trusted -- and she's seeing things that can't otherwise be explained.

My Thoughts: "The film seems to have quite the blend of things happening. There are also quite a few of WTF moments. There are things that happen to a few characters that are never really explained. I don't consider this a horror film. The film is to slow for a horror flick. But I still enjoyed most of it. The acting was good in this by all. Maybe more emotion here or there could have made you feel a closeness to the main character. But she did a well enough job. This movie entangled mystery, cult activity, romance, and a touch of reincarnation all wrapped up in one film. Not a bad flick, but not a great one either."
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April 16, 2010
Atmospheric, slow burn horror film that didn?t really work for me.  It takes a long time to get going, and once there, seemed unrewarding.  There?s definitely talent behind the camera and I?d be curious to see what the director does in the future.
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November 2, 2009
A quiet Belgian horror film with elements of horror but relies more on character development. The film focuses more of the psychological stress of undergoing changes, like how an athlete feels when they can no longer compete.
Fan of horror genre will figure out what is going on because it has many similarities with other horror movies like "Rosemary Baby's" BUT it has a very a different ending. An ending that left me with a feeling of WTF?!.
It has many good elements but not enough to recommended nor to rewatch it.
February 16, 2014
A claustrophobic thriller that could have easily been a horror movie. It may be a bit too slow for the fans of horror genre as it takes its time to set up the story and develop the characters. Not everything in the story works and there seem to be a few dead ends in the plot, but overall it was a refreshingly chilling movie without turning into a creep-show.
½ December 16, 2012
The story develops slowly but achieves a subtle creepiness that grows over time. The settings and cinematography are very good in a quite understated way. The characters are believable and the acting very good. Only near the end does the story move beyond creepiness and become truly horrific and it does so in a series of sudden shifts that are not entirely unpredictable but that are quite effective anyway. The storyline does not develop in anything like the way I expected from the description and the ending, while foreshadowed, came as a complete surprise.
February 26, 2012
Starts off a bit slow but interesting... and then hits the wall. Hard. It seems like the director was trying to bring together too many elements and just couldn't keep it together. The climax seems gratuitous; it doesn't really follow from the story and plays like the viewer has been intentionally not given the story. It's like you've watched a film for an hour and a half, only to find the ending of an entirely different movie has been tacked on. Too bad; I wanted to like this one, and it turned into a muddy mess. I was Left Blah.
½ November 18, 2011
Left Bank is a brilliant, stylish, and ultimately disturbing piece of horror cinema that methodically builds towards its terrifying climax. Not for the impatient, Left Bank is a slow burn horror film that focuses on character development and drama before plunging into the horrifying abyss. Beautifully filmed, alternately erotic and tragic, and finally traumatic, Left Bank once again attests to brilliance of contemporary European horror.
March 17, 2010
Not the most exciting movie you will ever see but overall pretty good. The characters were pretty interesting and it left you thinking at the end.
½ March 7, 2011
Great movie not so scaring... but still have tons of tension and an orginal plot, smart horror for smart people.
½ November 28, 2010
Rewards await the patient viewer who appreciates a slow and tense build which provides due care to characterization and makes use of its limited budget well.

Social isolation, obsession, loss, pagan ritual, and mystery all add layers of interest.

While the conclusion left some questions unanswered, I cannot say that it wasn't foreshadowed and so ultimately it was not disappointing. There is a sense of doubt at the climax.

Atmosphere is filled with dark tones and a stifling sense of choking, which is reflected by the illness afflicting the protagonist.

It seems to be a film that not many people have seen. I initially expected to give it a six, but when I considered the overarching undercurrents I felt it was of higher quality.

I wouldn't call it a horror as such, despite the cover. I wouldn't call it a thriller with its deliberate pace. It is psychological drama, and worth looking at if you read the film synopsis and have interest in the subject matter.

If you don't like this style, which requires some patience and attention, then you won't care for it, even to the point of hating it. I find it interesting.
½ December 2, 2009
Great atmosphere, great fimic scenes.
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