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½ December 27, 2009
I don't know why so many people on this site have said this movie was rubbish, it led me to wonder if i had watched the same film as everyone! Little black Book is one of those rare movies that really touches you. The ending is simply superb and I did not see it coming. The concluding scene was really tense but the writers still managed to bring humour into it! Ireally enjoyed this movie> Brittany Murphy does an excellent job as the main character and portrays her very well. This movie has everything a romantic comedy needs romance, humour, a great plot and superb acting, don't be put off by other comments, watch it and see for yourself how good it is!
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January 20, 2008
Watched this a few times now. I guess technically not what you would call a great movie, but so likable and I really liked how the ending showed a happy ending without a man to fix everything. Brittany singing is a little cringable at times, but that's the worst I could say about this.
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½ April 22, 2007
I really... really hoped this movie will be a great movie... Especially I started to like Brittany Murphy because she's could be the next America's Young Sweetheart u know... But the star in this movie isn't her, but Holly Hunter... I think she's saved this movie... Even the idea for the movie wasn't bad, but it's still horrible to me.... And the acting weren't emotionally in some scenes... But this movie could entertaining as well because of the 'Kippie Kann Do!!" thing... I thought it was funny...
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½ October 15, 2006
Brittany Murphy was quite funny in this comedy film, but Holly Hunter was the best one since "Broadcast News".
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½ September 3, 2014
A lighthearted romantic comedy, Little Black Book delivers some good laughs. The story follows an associate producer of a daytime talk show who uses her position to look into her boyfriend's past relationships. Starring Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter, Rashida Jones, Julianne Nicholson, and Ron Livingston, the film has a great cast that has a lot of comedic talent. However, the plot is pretty stereotypical for a rom-com and uses all of the standard cliches. Still, there's some cleverness to the script, in that it purposely uses the cliches in a satirical way. The main problem though, is the last act; which feels tacked on and disconnect from the main plot. Little Black Book is entertaining and fun, but it's a little messy and doesn't really come together in the end.
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½ September 14, 2008
Have you ever been frustrated with your boyfriend because he won't share his romantic past? That's Stacy life. She thinks "Omission is betrayal." She goes to the extreme to find out the history of his love life and finds she has fallen down a dark, chaotic rabbit hole and will not come out unchanged. Knowledge is power and control. But sometimes, the truth hurts. But it can also set you free. If you could, would you want to know about your man's past relationships? I absolutely adored the exciting, dramatic climax. It was so emotional! And I loved the ending. It's nice to see a movie for a change with a nonconforming happy ending. It says, "Be happy without using someone else for a crutch."
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August 22, 2007
Good entertaining movie about couples.
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½ September 13, 2011
Brittany Snow â(TM)¥ The film has a wonderful cast, failed to be funny though. But the artistic intentions were good
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August 12, 2007
I really like Brittany Murphy and this was the first comedy she was in that I thought was funny and original.
½ April 1, 2013
This movie was incredibly stupid and confusing. Stacy, the main character, was so hypocritical and unlikeable, had major issues of dependance, paranoia, selfishness, and she was not one I rooted for, she wasn't one I could identify with that is for sure. Also, spoiler alert---don't read further if you want to see this movie---in the end she was in no way shape or form "punished" for her immoral, selfish actions, no justice was taken in that. She actually got rewarded and got an amazing job talking about all the evil she had done. How BACKWARDS! I seriously was floored at the end of this movie, how could the writers so blatantly insult the viewer's intelligence by writing such a rubbish, lazy, confusing, and immoral ending like that (not to mention the whole movie.). Stacy did not learn anything from her mistakes, and I was hoping she would to probably save the movie. But no. So F- and zero stars if I could, but one half star I'll settle. Thank you.
½ February 28, 2008
Oh, shit, how the hell did I get through this garbage?... also, how the hell did Holly Hunter dare do this movie?
August 20, 2012
One of these Premise movies somebody successfully pitched to a producer, which was then written up as a screenplay by foolish, tasteless hacks. So bad. So very, very bad. It is advertised as being based on a "runaway bestseller". Nonsense. A tie-in book, which was no doubt also terrible, and written by professional television writers, was issued by a publisher, with thousands of copies remaindered to the paper pulp recyclers.
½ April 3, 2012
It is this type of chick flick that turn off guys to the entire genre. Not funny, stupid plot, Murphy's character was annoying and paranoid (and we are supposed to find that cute and charming?) and the entire movie was just boring.
December 1, 2011
entertaining whie watching it. but when its over you kinda just think to yourself...wht the fuck did i just watch
November 18, 2011
I wonder how many relationships will crumble in the wake of this stinker...most likely not as many as facebook.
October 5, 2011
I was sad during the viewing of this movie because it reminded me of how sad it was to loose Britney Murphy who I thought was very very good in the movie and made me realize we lost someone who would have been a great asset to film making. Holly Hunter was exceptional as usual but this showed that miss Murphy did truly have a bright future at the time.. Sad that she's gone.. Watch it to remember her again.....
½ August 24, 2011
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for Brittany Murphy. When she passed two years back, I was effected more than I thought I could be for someone I didn't really know. But her death also brought a strange contentment.

I'm a realist at heart. How does the saying go? But the flesh is weak? So, in the spirit of my heart, I don't bother reaching for things far above the mortals such as I. I have no desire to meet Ryne Sandberg, but I love pouring over his statistics. I gave up my dream of kissing Farah Fawcett sometime around age twelve, though I sometimes wake up giggling with the suspicion I may have been dreaming about her. And I don't think I'm ever going to get the chance to punch Emperor Palpatine in the nose. But there was always Brittany Murphy just on the otherside of my practical howbeit slighlty glassy eyes.

Brittany has left the planet, and it seems as though I was better off being a realist after all. Then there's that strange contentment I mentioned a few lines back. At long last, everybody is in the same boat around the sun that I've always been in. O Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done.

That's all that really need to be said about "Little Black Book". It had Brittany Murphy, and that should be enough for anyone.
½ July 1, 2011
Most romantic comedies I could take or leave, but occasionally, one comes around that's so amazingly awful that it sets a new record for the genre. "Little Black Book" is one such movie, a stupefyingly bad film that continually gets worse the longer it goes on. The biggest problem with the movie is a weak script that goes wrong in so many ways. The film starts off blandly and innocently enough, but it gets ugly fast and by the time it's over you have a bad taste in your mouth.
It's a romantic comedy built around not trusting your significant other and stooping to desperate measures to prove what a rat they are. Watching Brittany Murphy use her job to dig up dirt on Ron Livingston's ex-girlfriends and going to extremes to get into his Blackberry aren't cute. It's pretty creepy and borderline psychotic. Murphy is a charming actress, but here, you don't like her at all. You want to call a therapist for her. And then there's the rest of the cast. Livingston was great in "Office Space", but he doesn't have what it takes to make it as a leading man in rom coms. That's probably a good thing for him. Kathy Bates should have to surrender her Oscar for this ultra-embarrassing performance as a Jenny Jones clone, but worse yet is her co-star Holly Hunter. What shoe does in the final act of this picture is so despicable that it takes an already ugly movie and makes it really uncomfortable and brands this as unwatchable.
You'll be scratching your head and wondering just what the makers behind "Little Black Book" were thinking. Who was this movie made for?
June 18, 2010
Nothing worse than a comedy that strains to be hip when really it's punishingly boring. The late Brittany Murphy amps up the perkiness as Stacy, a wanna-be TV journalist who gets her bog break working on a sleazy talk show hosted by Kathy Bates in ham mode.

Then there's Barb (Holly Hunter, slumming hard) as a producer who convinces Stacy to do a segment on black books in order to find out if Stacy's man (Ron Livingston) is cheating on her with his exes, played by lovely and talented ladies Julianne Nicholson, Rashida Jones and Josie Maran. It's tedium overkill.
½ January 15, 2008
good music throughout, thanks mostly to Carly, and surprisingly good singing from Brittany. this is one of her most convincing roles ever. it's sad it's kinda depressing, like her life turned out to be.
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