Kevin Smith on Hacker Duty for "Die Hard 4"?

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Last week we learned that Kevin Smith would be playing a small (but inevitably colorful) role in this summer's action-fest "Live Free or Die Hard," and now comes AICN with a little bit of an update -- but before you click on in, ask yourself what kind of character Kevin Smith would be playing in a "Die Hard" movie.

"A hacker/computer wiz with some witty and sarcastic dialogue" is who Mr. Smith will be playing, if this particular AICN scooper is to be believed.

What I find semi-amusing about this new information is this: I predicted it a week ago at Cinematical! I was just guessing! Then again, who else could this guy play in a John McClane adventure? Nothing against Mr. Smith, but I don't think I'd buy him as a grizzled cop or a cowering hostage.

"Live Free or Die Hard" opens on June 29th, and I can't freakin' wait.