Winstead Gets Into "Die Hard" Action

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is going from horror babe to action chick. As John McClane's daughter Lucy in "Live Free or Die Hard," she'll get her own yippee kai-yeah moments too.

"I get to throw a few punches and I shoot a gun every now and then," she said. "But I'm not around when most of the big action stuff is going on."

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Even so, just being in a scene where other people are saving the day takes a lot of time. "On 'Die Hard' it was a lot of hanging out, really long set ups for that one shot where the cars are going to crash or a helicopter's going to fly over. All day sitting in the trailers waiting."

But it sounds like dad keeps his daughter safe from the heavy duty stuff. "I'm not actually in a lot of that danger. I kind of used those examples."