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½ April 21, 2014
Guy Pearce does his best with his wit and charm but the film is very forgettable.
½ February 8, 2014
Perhaps I'm giving it an extra star because Guy Pearce is extra hot in this certainly passable action flick. Plenty of humorous touches and quickly paced ... well, too quickly in parts due to obvious sloppy editing to get this into the can.
March 12, 2012
Even if it's Die Hard in space i am still in
January 28, 2012
This looks to be freakin awesome!!! Can't wait!
January 13, 2014
(2014/01/13/web) Die hard space version?
January 9, 2014
Don't expect a masterpiece. Lockout is simple, fun, shallow entertainment and deserves to be viewed as such.
January 9, 2014
Another original idea shattered.. it could have been much more. I enjoyed the acting of Guy Pearce the most about this movie. some cheesy graphics but thats why its science fiction/fantasy.
January 5, 2014
Never thought an action movie could induce sleep. Not even the great cast can save this one. Joseph Gilgun is the highlight playing a convincing psychopath.
April 2, 2013
Lockout gave me exactly what I had expected: a cheap, yet thrilling sci-fi movie that would keep me entertained from start to finish. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, no more no less, that is why I liked it so much. Sure the effects weren't that great and the story cliche but I thought it was interesting enough to a point where it was very enjoyable for fans who wanted a cheap sci-fi flick, and it did the job.
½ May 4, 2012
This movie was so bad. The only good thing about it was Guy Pierces acting which was pretty funny. So on the bad side the whole movie revolved around this briefcase and then at the very end of the movie they just forgot about it. I think I could have made a better movie.
½ May 9, 2012
I've seen some crappy movies in my days but this one stands out as being the poop stain on the underpants of the film industry
August 7, 2012
they should make more movies like this. just fun.
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½ April 30, 2012
An instant classic. It`s Escape From New York in space, a film with lots of ideas and great homages to other pictures. A spectacular and pulse-pounding great-time at the movies. It`s slick, wickedly funny and loaded with eye-popping action. A non-stop, action-packed adrenaline-rush from start to finish. An explosive tour de force of fun that just dosent let up for a minute. Writer-Producer, Luc Besson does it again, delivering another compelling action film filled great characters, villains and a fun story. A great cast of stars deliver nothing but strength and fun to their roles. Guy Pearce is fantastic, he`s sharp, funny, cool and just plain awesome. Pearce is a charismatic and wickedly enjoyable action hero that you would not expect from his fierce and strong dramatic roles. Maggie Grace is excellent. Vincent Regan is outstanding. It`s smart, thrilling and tremendously entertaining. A pure roller-coaster ride that delivers 100% of excitement. A great movie. I loved it.
½ November 14, 2013
Guy Peace deserves better...
½ September 12, 2012
Unoriginal and lacks thrill.
November 3, 2013
Lockout is perfectly enjoyable for what it is, i really loved the smart-ass dialogue of Guy Pearce's Snow. I'm not sure what happened but apparently the budget must have disintegrated for the vehicle chase scene towards the beginning, watch out for those creepy SFX! Overall this is a good action movie, but that's all. It has everything you've hated and enjoyed about previous movies in the genre but it's mostly always entertaining. The only part i wasn't too bothered about was the interplay between the two criminal brothers, they just didn't do anything for me bad guy wise.
April 16, 2012
Luc Besson's cheesiest and most over the top movie yet, for better and for worse. Guy Pearce is the lead and proves a great action hero, although he's one that won't ever return. His humour is funny and his insults are always entertaining and the chemistry between him and Maggie Grace is fantastic. Luc Besson delivers on action at all fronts, from over the top bike chases to deep space brawls. Lockout isn't without it's flaws though, some of the acting is wobbly and seriously wooden, mostly seen by the guy who plays the President and Peter Stormare, plus there's not enough build up to set in an atmosphere or overall tone. But at the end of the day it's nice to see Luc Besson doing a sci-fi action film, I'm used to this revenge thrillers which are all incredible but I'm glad he's being adventurous. The CGI is a little messy and inconsistent, this is all at the start of the movie but once the scenes that feature MS-1 take place the CGI improves a whole lot, and the actual prison looks fantastic. It has to be said though that the best aspects of Lockout are the actors who you can tell are having a blast playing parts in this wildly over the top and adrenaline filled action movie! Plus Vincent Regan and Joseph Gilgun are incredible as the two evil scheming bad guys.
July 29, 2013
"A great sci-fi action thriller. May not be the best, but Guy Pearce is awesome, and so are its great special effects. Wicked cool."
½ October 20, 2013
I really wanted to like this film. I mean, REALLY. A sci-fi prison b-movie starring a fave actor of mine Guy Pearce, I thought this could be another "Taken" which took an established actor, a clichéd premise and rolled it all into a great piece of action fun. This film however gets almost everything wrong. A clever interrogation opening and interesting suitcase MacGuffin suddenly leads into the worst CGI chase shot seen in many a year (seriously, Playstation 1 bad - this has no place in this or any movie) and from this point, just 15 minutes in, it never came back. With two Scottish cons lifted from Braveheart and Maggie Grace (from Taken herself) in an unbelievable President's daughter role, the film was far from the cheesy actionner I was promised and was in fact incredibly dull. Midlands Movies Mike 5/10
September 19, 2013
Lockout had an awesome premise on the surface because it's a break and enter action film sort of like Escape from New York, only set in a science fiction setting of outer space.

But try as they might, directors James Mather and Stephen St. Leger fail to bring their story to life. They give a decent visual style to Lockout, but that just makes it all the more worse when the story they wrote with Luc Besson proves to be a failure.
The writing in Lockout is poor because for a film with a promising premise, the writing does nothing to emphasise the thrills of the situations the characters are stuck in, and so it never takes advantage of its high concept plot. And since the plot was the entire reason I watched Lockout, I was unhappy. The script doesn't deal any justice to the story either, or to Guy Pearce who deserves better.
The atmosphere is never enhanced to have the claustrophobic feel that it wanted to, and frankly its never convincing that the events are actually going on out in space
The actors in Lockout are all uninspired with the exceptions of Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, and they take the opportunity for a $20 million science fiction action thriller for granted regardless of the fact that it has such strong aesthetic qualities and decent visual effects. They assist bringing Lockout down to a B movie scale that it could have transcended.
And the action is decent but too small scale and looking too improvised, and you can see the cuts just before weapons go off and punches make contact which renders Lockout a new example of flawed editing in action cinema.
Lockout is just boring and that's the fatal flaw. I had a hint of that from the trailer but I hoped for more. That was too great a hope, unfortunately, and so Lockout just became a poor quality and forgettable film reminiscent of Escape from New York but not being fair in borrowing its ideas.
Guy Pearce proves he has the charisma to be an action hero in Lockout, because he has all the self-centred charisma and line swift line delivery in his character that one would require for an action film like this. He manages to make at least something in Lockout appealing.
Maggie grace isn't at her finest in Lockout, but she's superior to the standard set by practically the entire cast and supplies a genial presence and decent line delivery.
But aside from these two cast members and minor stylish elements, Lockout can boast nothing but a misleading trailer.
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