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April 7, 2011
I'll be honest: I only wanted to watch this movie because I had a crush on Ryan Hurst. It was definitely worth the watch! Lone Star State of Mind is a comedy about two teenage lovers whose single parents marry, thus making their own relationship look incestuous. So the two decide to pack up and leave their small-town home in Texas, but of course, roadblocks immediately present themselves in the form of incompetent bank robbers and gangsters. This movie was comedy the whole way through, especially Joshua Jackson who was incredibly laid back, but delivered funny quips throughout. Ryan Hurst may have been my favorite character, not just because of my shameless crush, but because of his unabashed goofiness and commitment to being funny. Definitely worth the watch when it comes on television again!
June 16, 2008
This is an excellent movie that I have introduced many of my friends to. Not ever heard of one person who didn't like it!
½ September 10, 2007
a guy from dawsons creek, a gay nick lachey, and an old friend from remember the titans...how awesome is that?! lol...nah..its a kewl movie..
½ September 2, 2007
I got snot running out my nose.......they tor down my dixie chicks poster........the shit has hit the fan earl!!!!
June 29, 2007
"You put personal check in an envelope, Earl? why don't ya just get out your crayons and draw a picture of my pinky finger and stick that in an envelope?"
July 30, 2007
This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I was laughing so hard I was crying within the first 5 minutes!!!
½ July 12, 2007
Another movie I laughed the whole time through. D.J. Qualls-SooooFunny. Joshua Jackson-SOOOOO CUTE!!!
June 14, 2007
"Didn't I kill you once already, boy?" ...it still cracks me up. If you're looking for reality, look somewhere else. If you are looking for some laughs while watching a group of impossible characters attempt what should be a simple task that turns out not to be simple at all; a quest that leads to getting shot, mutilated or run over by a truck (sounds horrible, don't it? It's a hoot) This is the movie for you.
April 25, 2007
I can't believe this movie didn't get noticed more. It has a very believable cast and plot. I can't stop laughing every time I watch it!!!
March 29, 2007
great funny movie. Ryan Hurst was perfect for his role as Tinker.

"That's right, who's your daddy now Mr. Panasonic."
March 17, 2007
This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in awhile, I laughed, I cried, and then, I realized that it wasn't a horror movie and cried some more.
March 10, 2007
One of the funniest movies i have ever seen...I am not usually a fan of redneck movies but this one is hysterical.
January 7, 2007
I love this movie because I am from a dinky little hick town and if you are too then you can take value in this film!
January 5, 2007
i love this movie i am gonna buy it but i havnt been able to find it in a store yet. its one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.
½ October 14, 2006
This movie really bites the dust. No values. And I just wanted to barf when watching it. Istopped it after getting 10 minutes into it. Warning to all {don't watch it}
½ February 26, 2014
this movie although very cheaply produced has plenty of raw humor. starts out funny in the first 3 minutes and makes me laugh all the way thru to the end.
July 8, 2013
One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, great cast minus John Cougar Mellencamp. DJ Qualls & Ryan Hurst make this movie. Pay no attention to the critics reviews, they wouldn't know a good movie if it slapped them in the face.
½ November 21, 2011
funny. But i can't find the reason why Thomas Haden Church played the killer..
½ August 25, 2005
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