explain this movie to me

i didn't understand most of the film which is weird because i usually understand and love these types of movies. i didn't like it and i know i'm wrong when i say its a bad movie clearly from all the great reviews its amazing. i think i just wasn't paying attention or some shit. if someone could help me understand the movie that would be great.
Ryan White
01-1-2013 08:13 PM

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Steve Ebert

A bad movie's like a bad joke. If it has to be explained, its too late. Fail..............

Jan 20 - 12:43 PM

Eric Baca

Eric Baca

Don?t feel bad if you didn?t understand it. I rented it from Blockbuster @Home through DISH, since I am really good with these mind blowing movies as well, but I could not wrap my head around this nonsense. The guys in my office at DISH may have enjoyed it, but I, like you, just thought it was a bad movie. So instead of waiting for the mailman, or even for the end of the movie, I took it to the local Blockbuster store to get a free exchange. Now that I use BB@H instead of Netflix, I never have to put off my movie night because of a bad film.

Jan 12 - 07:59 PM

Kim F.

Kim Fortier

Bad guy from 30 years in the future comes back in time and hires a bunch of young guys to be killers for him. They are hired to kill people from the future who will be sent back to them on a pre-arranged day, hour and place. These killers of future people are called Loopers.
The Loopers know that if they are still alive 30 years from now, they will be captured in the future and sent back to be killed by their young Looper self, supposedly to erase all history of them ever having existed. The young Loopers accept this in exchange for living the good life in their present time.
The young Loopers hear that there is a really bad guy in the future that goes by the name of The Rainmaker. He is all powerful and is doing lots of really bad stuff, including making sure all the old Loopers are rounded up and sent back to be killed by their younger selves. In other words, ‚??closing all the loops.‚??
Bruce Willis (Future Joe) is sent back by The Rainmaker to be killed by younger Joe. But he is smarter than most and manages to get away without getting killed. He has information on who The Rainmaker really was when he was young, and he wants to kill him as a child before he has a chance to grow up to close all the Loops and end up killing the one woman that Future Joe ever loved. He also would be doing the whole world a great service by getting rid of this terrible future guy. He has some numbers written down which end up being The Rainmaker‚??s birth date and hospital location. There were 3 babies born in that hospital on that date, so Future Joe is going to each one and killing the child, knowing that one of them is The Rainmaker. It is also known that supposedly The Rainmaker saw his mother being shot as a child and has a synthetic jaw.
The child Cid is obviously the young Rainmaker, evidenced by his extraordinary powers that he can not seem to control. Young Looper Joe realizes in the end that their lives are just a big circle. If he kills himself, he also kills Future Joe and prevents him from shooting Cid‚??s mother. This possibly changes the course of Cid‚??s evolvement into The Rainmaker, who hates all Loopers because one of them shot his mother and he could not stop it.
This is how I saw the movie. I probably missed stuff. Also, this forum does not allow you to use apostrophes -- they come out weird.

Jan 2 - 06:43 AM

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