Looper: Proof that the masses are brain dead.

Massive potholes, terrible dialogue, unrealistic decision making, just dumb all around. The plot makes no sense, the script is extremely lazy And then the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, despite all the makeup and prosthesis, still looks nothing like Bruce Willis, at any stage in Willis' life...

I am flabbergasted as to how this movie is so highly rated, but then I remember that the general public liked the GI Joe movie, and Transformers, and Twilight...

So I don't know why I bother hating this movie so much.
Joe Rakowski
04-28-2013 02:22 PM

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Ash Gilmore

Ash J. Gilmore

It's a time travel film expect plot holes, the dialogue is awesome so that complaint doesn't even make sense, the only bad decision was at the end and that decision helped the story because it showed how Joe had developed as a character, and the script was actually quite smart in my opinion. Also, the "masses" like yourself did not like this film because most were expecting some big action thrill ride when it is very story driven. I agree that the makeup was a tad off but I didn't think it was that bad.

Overall I respect your opinion I just find fault with your reasoning as to why you disliked it.

Apr 28 - 09:12 PM

hollis m.

hollis mills

^^^the truth^^^

May 2 - 07:30 PM

Lee Henderson

Lee Henderson

Agreed, it is complete GARBAGE and the "mental midget" "white knight" "fanboys" who troll every criticism of this film can't handle even the most remote derision lest it unravel their pathetic enjoyment of this vile "idiocracy" of film making. This is a film that basically does EVERY SINGLE THING a competent film doesn't need to do in order to appeal to the dumbed down mouth breathers that the educational systems (that were supposed to teach better) pumps out. Some of the concepts are mildly amusing and then it devolves into a card game of "I win" with a elementary student.

Apr 28 - 03:09 PM

Joseph Colman

Joseph Colman

You're trying to hard to come off as smart.
Also, if you get this mad at a piece of fiction, you need to evaluate your priorities in life.

May 20 - 01:11 PM

Joe Rakowski

Joe Rakowski

I agree with you.
Also, these goofs don't seem to understand, we are not mad at this movie, we are mad at the fact that it is so highly lauded despite the obvious laziness of the script, its failing attempts at being profound and the falling short of young/old gimmick with the main character.

May 30 - 03:08 AM

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