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Nothing happens and there is nowhere to go in Tokyo.

October 3, 2003 Full Review | Comments (13)



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She's got ADD. Positive reviews for Elektra, Basic Instinct 2, The Covenant, and Stealth make her opinion pretty much worthless.

Oct 16 - 10:51 AM


Jeremy Arblaster

I sometimes ponder whether I've seen the same movies as reviewers. How someone in a job like that can be so ignorant of the clear beauty this movie has. From the stunning ambient soundtrack featuring Sebastien Tellier, Air and Death in Vegas to the spectacular contrast of the old and new worlds of Japan make this movie aesthetically and audibly delightful. I gain no such feeling towards the main characters. Bill Murray's sarcastic, old man humour, and Scarlett Johansson's disillusionment make both instantly appealing. As for arranging things for the night, is it not clear to you what time they're in the bar?? Neither can sleep. I'd guess our definitions of 'evening' are different. The film is beautiful, and restrained. Clearly films like Elektra, full os simplicity appeal to you....

Dec 7 - 09:23 AM

Trevor Grady

Trevor Grady

You obviously have a hard on for this film, and were looking for a place to drone on about the "stunning ambient soundtrack" and the "spectacular contrast of" blah blah blah. Not EVERYONE loved this movie. Get over it.

Jan 16 - 11:57 PM

Darien Shields

Darien Shields

I agree rather whole heartedly, the two characters spend the entire film complaining about how dull and boring Japan is and stalwartly refusing to try and enjoy themselves. And then she says "Lets never come here again because it wouldn't be as fun on our own!"

It lacked direction, plot, movement and, ugh, anything.

(And I don't think it's fair to judge a review based on other reviews. By the same token you might say "Well, I don't like the Village, Signs, or Lady in the Water, so the Sixth Sense must also be terrible!"

Feb 18 - 02:39 PM

Ryan H.

Ryan Hays

Darien Shields,

You are insane. The whole point of the movie is that the characters are fed up with how dull and boring their lives are. They are depressed and try their best to enjoy themselves, but unintelligent people, such as yourself, cause their cultural gag-reflex to act up. The movie was a snap-shot of two people's life at a crossroad. One middle-aged and one in her 20s. The movie didn't need direction the direction was life's quirky twists and turns. If you cannot appreciate this then perhaps you need to reevaluate your tastes.

Mar 3 - 11:57 AM


Mickey Mic Mean aka the Monsta

there ARE places to go in Tokyo!!! hahahaaa

Oct 21 - 12:04 PM

Henry T.

Henry Troy

I agree with Darien Shields and the reviewer, glad to find I'm not the only one to very much dislike this film.

Quite simply, nothing happens in it. It's all what ifs and unspoken intense feelings etc etc. When you actually look at the plot, it goes like this: American guy goes to Tokyo, meets younger American woman. They get on pretty well, but nothing happens between them. He leaves. The End.

The complete my rant, I also find it bizarre the almost militaristic way people defend this movie. As I can see from the comments already posted, as well as the views of others I know, you get the most arrogant and patronising responses possible if you criticise this movie. "You obviously don't understand the feelings involved" or "you just don't get it". Sounds more like the immature responses of a hormone-laden teenager than a reasoned human being talking about a movie.

Having spent a lot of time in Japan, I feel I have some ability to judge the film, ontop of the fact I'm a simple moviegoer.

But there are things to do in Tokyo... :-)

Nov 15 - 02:18 AM

Nicole Pais

Nicole Pais

I think you've just said everything here: NOTHING HAPPENS!! Really, I don't get why do people think this movie is "that" great and even offend people who don't agree with them. Here's my opinion: The movie is empty and boring, it might have a deep view but it is completly lost between the non-happening-things-at-all. There's no emotion, I've watched this movie twice - so I could change my opinion from the first time, but I didn't - and all I can see in this movie is "blank emotions" or "empty emotions". Henry, I agree with you: the plot goes exactly like that. And come on people, get some brains and stop offending people just because they don't like what you like. In my country to that we call "ignorance" or "unintelligent people". Just grow up, kids!

Aug 21 - 07:36 PM


werwer fcdvb

Over simplifying the plot to excruciatingly dumb levels is not a reason to dislike the film. Pleaser explain what you dislike about the movie, your comment has been unfinished and ignorant for 2 years.

Sep 15 - 03:42 PM

Oliver D.

Oliver Dirie

Nothing much happens in your reviews either

Nov 15 - 04:32 AM

Guillaume B.

Guillaume Berry

Shouldn't a film critic have more in the way of critical tools than casual dismission?

Mar 4 - 04:14 PM


Jens Nordlund

Fire her!

Aug 23 - 09:56 AM

Jesse Compton

Jesse Compton

You have no soul.

Sep 25 - 01:45 PM

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