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November 13, 2013
I didn't pay too much attention to this bc I was more interested in Liam Hemsworth & Austin Stowell. I do enjoy hearing The Funeral by Band of Horses in any movie.
July 27, 2013
This is not your typical war story and 90% of the movie is spent bashing the Vietnam war and the soldiers that are fighting. It was a little too saccharine sweet to be believable, but it was reasonably entertaining and cast exclusively with attractive eye candy.
July 26, 2013
good period pic and i hesitate to call the sixties a period piece but heres the formula: "platoon" + 'apocalypse now" + "a walk on the moon" + 'the notebook"- the old people = this one
½ September 20, 2014
Predictable and cliched, and these are not characteristics typical of movies based on remarkable true stories. One can only assume that the story was pressed through so many filters of production that they hoped it could squeeze into a Notebook-lite story. One of the most tedious cliches is the good looking, "all American" soldier shown as a wise and worldly man, doing what needs to be done, contrasted with the silly hippies who are so naive for opposing war. As a person with plenty of military in his family, I can assure you that soldiers are just as clueless as anyone else, and it's a dehumanizing trope to try to peg either stereotypes this way. And it's hard to have exciting chemistry between characters when their humanity is so soundly ground out.
August 27, 2014
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

(2013) Love And Honor

This movie is like watching the stocks exchange where it sometimes goes up and down, and then it falls so far down that it can't get back up again. It takes place sometime during the first moon landing in 1969 during which was also when Americans were still fighting in the Vietnam war. Anyways, the set up has army soldier, Dalton Joiner (Austin Stowell) having a keen eye on some very thin wire, and was admired for it by former soldier, Mickey Wright(Liam Hemsworth). By the time this particular regimen group got to Hong Kong for a week of 'R&R', 'rest and recuperation', 'rest and relaxation' or 'rest and recreation', Dalton decides to use his by flying back to a small town in the United States to see his girlfriend, Jane (Aimee Teegarden). And because, Mickey has already built a rapport with him, he decides to go with him. Anyways, a portion of this film centers on a silly white lie since the group of people Dalton and Mickey are living with are protestors against the Vietnam war. And it was also during at this point I start to role my eyes and start to cringe at some scenes just because the movie lectures us like the Vietnam War was still happening as viewers are watching it so it's like why are we going back to listen to opinions about it like it's still happening.

2 out of 4 stars
July 7, 2014
3 Stars. 1 star for Liam Hemsworth, 1 Star for Teresa Palmer and 1 star for them together.

Again 3 Stars!
September 17, 2013
I loved this movie. It was about the war in 1969, about two soldiers who go AWOL during a week of leave and they go back home to see one of their girl friends. A building romance transpires between Mickey and Candace, and the men get caught up in a cobweb of lies and love. I gave it 5 ***** because I'm in love with Liam Hemsworth and any movie with him is AMAZING! Lol.
½ August 3, 2013
its not a bad movie guys
July 2, 2013
this movie sucks. I must be drunk while watching this till the end..
½ April 9, 2013
This movie is so bad, that i have watched it last week, and my eyes are still hurting.
½ April 9, 2013
Oh llllloooooorrrrddddd
March 29, 2013
Rubbish. If you got into the theater for free, you still spent too much money to see this.
March 29, 2013
Y'all must be high cause that movie was the shit
½ February 18, 2013
Although Liam Hemsworth is not entirely believable as a war vet, this movie certainly exceeded expectations by offering balanced opinions on the Vietnam War.
January 6, 2013
Una película que clasificaría dentro de buena y bonita película para un rato simple sin nada que hacer. La trama es interesantemente pretenciosa, y cuesta trabajo conectarse con ella. Las actuaciones son aceptables -destacando Teresa Palmer-
No es una película imperdible, pero si agradable
March 5, 2013
Although the plot seems a little simple minded and slow, I am excited to see Teresa Palmer, and Liam Hemsworth costar together in this film. Both are extraordinary talents, hopefully their chemistry works together well.
March 4, 2013
Even though I've liked both of the leads in other movies I don't think that they will be able to save the film for me.
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