Liebe ist Kälter als der Tod (Love Is Colder Than Death) Reviews

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March 3, 2014
With inheritance from Alain Delon in Le Samouraï and influenced filmmakers such as Béla Tarr and Jim Jarmusch, Love Is Colder Than Death is indeed of significance as we are introduced to the cursed world of Fassbinder. However, I am not at all amused at the heavy electronic music, nor care what happened to the protagonists.
½ January 2, 2014
Very self-conscious in its attempts to be a cool Nouvelle Vague gangster picture, but the stark black and white compositions are frequently beautiful, especially for a first film. And after watching a few of his films I'm coming to appreciate Fassbinder's apparently sharp eye for a great pair of tits. The women in his movies seem to always have amazing bodies, which is downright impressive for a gay man. Even if you think his movies are boring, they're always easy on the eye.
½ January 14, 2013
For a first film, Love is Colder than Death is fairly solid. It has all of the nuances of a Fassbinder flick, but without the sweaty passion and colorful visualization (Even his black and white films can be colorful).
December 5, 2012
Fassbinder's austere & stark debut, Feel the coldness & the blankness & of course beware of a jealous whore!! I actually liked this a bit better than Godard's Breathless
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November 29, 2008
fassbinder's first feature gets off to a difficult start showing perhaps a bit too much of his roots in experimental theater. however i was soon hooked into it's existential gangster narrative, with fassbinder himself playing a tough guy in his favorite leather jacket. the bank heist at the end seems almost an afterthought. a kind of deconstruction of godard's 'bande à part'
September 5, 2012
It's a derivative French New Wave film with the budget of a film student. It's all cool macho style with nothing to say. I give Fassbinder a pass on this one because it's his first.
March 21, 2012
Fassbinder's stark debut examines nihilist criminals!!
½ January 27, 2012
There aren't enough involving moments in the first hour to make this recommendable on the whole. It does build a sense of foreboding in several nicely done long takes in the last third, but that seems to be done almost in spite of itself. Too much of the film is mired by investigation and evocation of ennui, which is extremely hard to pull off. It's also not helpful that Fassbinder hadn't yet discovered some of his most effective techniques, masterful use of color and lighting being two of them.
November 22, 2011
El Amor es Más Frío que la Muerte es una pelicula que se siente muy moderna, aun cuando fue hecha hace mas de 40 años, la imagen visula es interesante, la composicion es muy planificada y ensayada, aumentando el dramatismo de las tomas, la historia principal es simple, pero el sub plot es muy interesante al confrontarnos con preguntas acerca del por que de las acciones de sus protagonistas. Los celos, los deseos, las dualidades, son cosas que no se ven a simple vista o no son apreciados por todos, pero definitivamente estan ahi.
½ January 26, 2011
Jules et Jim meets Breathless.
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½ November 2, 2010
Fassbinder was a fascinating character, I really admire his 'Grab a camera and lets go shoot a movie' attitude. I feel it has been mistaken by a few reviews as pure amateurish film-making but I think that is slightly unfair. Love is colder than water is one of his first but it shows the beginnings of genius. Dedicated to Rohmer and Chabrol and very obviously influenced by the pair, it does have its own charm and plenty of cool to boot! Great film!
July 6, 2010
one hell of a mess. very amateurish in every aspects (acting,script,editing,etc). It is worth to know how Fassbender could bounce back and becoming one of the most impprtant director of German cinema after this film
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January 2, 2010
Fassbinder's austere & stark debut, Feel the coldness & the blankness & of course beware of a jealous whore!! I actually liked this a bit better than Godard's Breathless
July 28, 2009
A Brilliant Gangster Movie who can compare with the old Gangster Movies of the 30's in contrast to the American Gangster Movies after the 50's who never reached this Flair again it shows the Gangsters as broken Indivuals who's life is more a Pain than a Joy the vitality is gone away thats just a will to live on outside the Society where you can trust nobody and ive you do you skrewed
January 24, 2009
Fassbinder's first feature length film is alright. The title and synopsis is a lot more interesting sounding than the actually film.
½ January 27, 2008
Rainer Werner Fassbinder is the great filmmaker who had as his favorite female actress Hanna Schygulla is the first film
together with this title
July 19, 2007
November 29, 2006
I'd like to see this movie!
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