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½ January 31, 2009
"It has its moments."

Exactly my opinion about the movie. When I came to leave my rating, I saw it already being rated as "NOT INTERESTED". Time!!! But having seen it now, it's neither awfully boring (give or take a few moments) nor the least interesting.All the same, relatively better than a few I recently sat through. Check it out if you're running out of options.
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August 26, 2006
One of John Travolta's best performances ever. He's smart, funny, brilliant, incredible and unforgettable. An Oscar caliber performance. He has never delivered a better performance than he has here. Scarlett Johansson is sensational. Gabriel Macht is terrific. The entire cast works with such energy and dedication. An outstanding movie. Riveting, enjoyable, proficient and wonderfully entertaining. This is such an marvelous film. A beautiful piece of film that never misses a note. A masterpiece plain and simple. Simply magnificent and unforgettable. It's moving, intelligent and well-crafted.
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June 23, 2009
Brilliant. John Travolta is so utterly lovable in this. The whole plot of the movie is fantastic and all of the actors perform amazingly. One of my favorites, for sure.
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May 11, 2009
Dissapointing and it wasn't good that I was tired that night as well.
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April 20, 2009
Starts fairly promisingly. It looks good and John Travolta is giving one of his best performances in years. Johansson shows up and doesn't let her looks become a distraction. It soon becomes just more sentimental crap trying it's hardest to tug at the heart strings. It tugs so hard that they simply snap and are rendered useless. Every character starts blurting out their inner feelings and emotions via long winded speeches. The ending is also a quick exit for the writer. It would have been great for a less dialogue heavy version where you can contemplate on the characters yourself. Instead we just get more forced drama shenannigans and of course Travolta just HAS to dance.
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½ June 29, 2006
The story of a young woman moving into a run down house she inherited together with two drinking losers has potential for all kinds of movies. This is a humorous but calm family drama with three really convincing main roles. Travolta and Johansson are great as always, newcomer Gabriel Macht isn't any worse. The story of the two misfits taking care of the girl's school career is sometimes slow, maybe even too slow in the middle of the film, but easily carried by the humor and the acting performances. The film is also very beautifully shot, especially the New Orleans summer heat is almost palpable in most scenes. And the end, when the real reason for their connection is revealed, is actually really sweet and touching. Puts a smile on your face.
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½ June 30, 2013
A Love Song for Bobby Long is a compelling and touching film about family. After her estranged mother dies Pursy Will inherits her house and discovers that it comes with two eccentric men who were her mother's close friends; and through them she re-discovers her mother and cleans up her life. The film has a good cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, John Travolta, and Gabriel Macht; who all deliver excellent performances. Travolta in particular gives a stunning performance that's unlike anything that he's done before. The writing is also quite good, with some very strong dialog. Though a tad melodramatic at times, A Love Song for Bobby Long is an impressive and moving character drama.
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½ February 8, 2006
[font=Century Gothic]"A Love Song for Bobby Long" starts out just after the death of Lorraine Will, a singer, in New Orleans. Her daughter, Pursline(Scarlett Johansson), is a high school dropout living in a trailer park in Panama City, Fl. She finds out about the funeral a day too late. Once she arrives in New Orleans, she finds two alcoholic friends of her mother's living in her house - Bobby Long(John Travolta), a former literature professor and his loyal sidekick, Lawson(Gabriel Macht), who occasionally works on the Great American Novel. The men reveal that the house has been willed to all three of them.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]"A Love Song for Bobby Long" is overall a mediocre movie that ends on a bad note. There is a nice message about the importance of education and some good dialogue(just the thought of teaching William Burroughs in a Catholic school...) but the film resembles nothing more than a middling stage play. That having been said, it does a very good job of capturing the ambience of New Orleans. Scarlett Johansson does show some range but John Travolta's performance is too mannered. [/font]
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½ April 28, 2011
Travolta at his best, and Scarlett Johansson looking as sexy as ever in this moving, authentic, and quite brilliant drama. Set in New Orleans, it has a charming, old, and worn look. Maybe too slow for some, but well worth it for those that can relate.
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April 10, 2007
"On Magazine Street" is beautiful portaryed, and Johansson and Travolta make this Dramatic-Heartfelt story a good one.

An Instant Classic. "Johansson is utterly amazing in this film. Travolta is classy, and stingy as a well educated , yet unhappy scholar from years ago.

The stars in this film are exceptional and rarely miss a note.
This film was full emotions, and heartfelt feeling. It is full smart dialouge.

This film is full Pervasive Sexually Explict Dialouge and refferences. This film is a great story, told with an old southern backdrop and feeling.

Four out of Four" Stars. Strong Reccomendation.
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½ May 14, 2009
I really liked this movie. The acting was good, and the cast worked really well together. I liked how the story was told.
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May 28, 2008
Great performances by Scarlett Johansson and John Travolta.
August 7, 2010
John Travolta's best work in a long time. Scarlett Johansson had some real acting chops in this movie. Great story with a great supporting cast.
May 16, 2010
Scarlett Johansson is really great in this role and in my opinion this is John Travolta's best movie since Pulp Fiction.
½ March 22, 2007
where does Scarlett Johansson get her immense talent from? She constantly delivers performances that older and so-called more seasoned actresses can't. A wonderful story of a non-traditional "family" finding love and redemption.
August 18, 2007
This movie is another of my all time favorites. It is increadibly moving, and while it shows how guilt affects a person's life, it is also at times quite funny.
½ June 26, 2008
I really like this movie! I purchased this movie by mistake, I thought it was a different movie, but it turned out to be one of the best mistakes I have ever made. This movie is entertaining, a good story, quality film, great acting and beautiful scenery. I lived in New Orleans for a while and somehow, they actually got 'the feel' of New Orleans in this movie. The odd thing about this movie, is that it teaches you while entertaining you and that's a good thing. I highly recommend this movie!
June 20, 2008
Great movie.Loved it.I laughed,I cried....It was not the best film ever,but the actors were spot on.
December 21, 2007
i love this movie dude it wuz awesome and lets just say it Gabriel Macht wuz so damn fine in it i almost dies
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