Mad Max 4 Coming Soon?


After over two decades, George Miller might finally be ready to take Mad Max past Beyond Thunderdome and onto Fury Road. Back to Article



jj l

Ugh. Happy Feet 2? The first was pretty terrible.

Oct 26 - 12:19 PM

Peter Parker

Taylor Scaggs

The only way this will be good is if it is as violent and over the top as the first too films. And doesn't star any coked out pop diva's or children who are blantent rip off's of ewoks. Needless to say Thunderdome is a horrendous piece of **** compared to the first too movies, i want that George Miller back.

Oct 26 - 12:29 PM


Ben Wellick

no mel no mad max

Oct 26 - 01:05 PM


Randal 1013

you can't have mad max without mel gibson, and mel bigson is too old to be playing mad max. in other words, they really shouldn't be trying to make a nother mad max sequel. what they should do is come up with an original idea instead of recycling past movies.

Oct 26 - 01:14 PM


Michael Warren

I think I'm one of the few who likes BEYOND THUNDERDOME more than THE ROAD WARRIOR. I think I liked that the kids spoke sort of like the characters in the book RIDDLEY WALKER which is one of my favorite novels. ROAD WARRIOR has superior action sequences, though.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to a fourth film, but I'm really bummed that Mel Gibson has no interest in the role.

Oct 26 - 01:33 PM


Ian W

I don't think a Mad Max without Mel Gibson is really that big of a deal. I am a dear fan of the first two films, but the thing about Max is that he is a hard-case archetype. He rarely speaks, and when he does it is in short terse sentences. No soliloquies for Max which means it should not matter who plays him as long as they can bring the intense gravity that is Max. The reason why no Mel Max could work, as opposed to say no Willis Die Hard or no Ford Indiana Jones is because he could be anyone. Indy and John McClane are very well characterized by their wit and humor, Max is a man full of rage and little else.

Oct 26 - 05:42 PM


damv bat

it would be so cool if thay used that pequing in happy feet

Oct 26 - 06:22 PM


Daniel Klooster

This article gave me bad visions of Wonder Woman driving a dirty junked out RTV armed to the teeth with a dancing penguin on the hood.

Seriously though, I wouldn't mind a completely new style Mad Max movie that's not at all tied to the originals. Wouldn't need Gibson, and it shouldn't be compared to the others.

Justice League should be dropped. Just has failure written all over it.

I enjoyed Happy Feet for what it was, but there should be no sequel. Just like all money-making kids movies, they'll make completely senseless sequels and beat the thing into the ground.

Oct 26 - 08:08 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

my god, miller is a busy bee in these upcoming months won't he?

all i know is this, three films will be produced and three quality films won't come

out. hoping miller realizes whats most important, Justice League, and whats least

important, happy feet 2? geez, the first happy feet was good only because of the

legendary robin williams. and about mad max, obviously it ain't worth a penny without

mel. poor mel i truly feel for this legendary man. he has done so many great movies

and tuly his work will last forever. but thanks to one bad night, he's painted as

hitler and i really hope if mel ever saw this that good, fair people still love him and

realize we all make mistakes. and there are few we really can't redeem ourselves,

murder and rape mainly. Sad to say this but we all have a racist bone in us and it is

our job to learn to neutralize it and learn how to love all peoples. but throughout

history, man has always hated one another over issues of one seeing another as inferior.

I KNOW WAY OFF TOPIC BUT, mel Never deserved his social cricifixation thanks to one bad

night. he didn't kill nobody nor does he lead secret cults that want to eliminate jews.

he said sometging stupid. We all have done it once whether we care to remember or

realize it. And if somebody wants to go and kill mel on this one mistake, then lets

be fair Halle Berry made the same mistake on leno a couple nights ago. not to the same

level but still she was not drunk and completely sober when she made her anti-semite

slur. so, i hope there's a md max 4 with the great mel gibson and if not miler better

make a great jla film or else!!! or i'll make him make babe 3: pig in space

Oct 26 - 10:54 PM


Howard Smith

Sorry!!! I will keep my money there is no Mad Max with out Mel!!!

Oct 26 - 11:54 PM


Joey Chid

am i the only person who thinks that the mad max series sucks?

Oct 27 - 12:57 AM


Steve Comstock

Yes are the only one.

Without Mel there is no Mad Max.

Oct 29 - 01:28 AM


Brenton Steinhilber

No Gibson, no interest.

Oct 27 - 04:31 PM


Paul Fairbrother

I agree that Mel is Max. I suspect someone like Karl Urban will end up being the new "Max."

Oct 27 - 06:15 PM


Joey Chid

i guess that i am.... i only saw the first one and everybody said it was a great action movie, but i really couldn't get into it.

Oct 28 - 01:37 AM


Steve Comstock

Yes are the only one.

Without Mel there is no Mad Max.

Oct 29 - 01:28 AM



Rumor has it that the story line will be based on the Johnny the Boy character from the first movie. He survives the gas/lighter/headlight bomb Max left him to die with by haxsawing his ankle off. "The chain in the handcuffs is high tensil steel. It will take you 10 minutes to cut through it with this . Now if you're lucky, you can hacksaw through your ankle in 5 minutes." Max drives off and we see an explosion back in the distance. This is where the new movie footage kicks in with Johnny the boy a bit disfigured and hobbling off with his sawed off foot in his hand and the hacksaw in the other. He forms allies and becomes "BOSS" of a bombed out town that Max wanders into. Good potential huh? (And NO Tina Turner this time as a bonus!!!!)

Feb 5 - 05:01 PM

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