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½ December 28, 2010
With funnier jokes, better animation and more inspired references, this entertaining sequel is considerably superior to the first movie, boasting also a sweet message about love transcending all differences and characters much more charismatic now than ever before.
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½ January 13, 2010
Possibly one of the most uncalled for sequels in history, "Madagascar: Ecape 2 Africa" is a much better film than the first, and not just slightly. The depth of emotions you begin to feel for these animals was a great surprise and I wanted more by the time the film ended. Yes, there is a dumb villain subplot, but what kids film doesn't have that nowadays? This sequel is one that did not need to be made, but I am glad it was. This is an injection film that could spark a franchise of evolving films. I now forsee where the originality can come in future sequels. They dug themselves out of the hole with better characters, better comedy, and a much improved story. While still tired at times, "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" is a very fun film!
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November 24, 2008
All the characters are back and all are voiced by the same stars as before so continuity is a go for launch. Starting life as a prequel we get a brief glimpse at the main characters when they were very young in the zoo and how Alex got there.

From there we are back on Madagascar as the mammal team prepare to leave in their homemade plane back to New York. On route the plane crashes in Africa where they all experience the real wild of their dreams and Alex finds his family.

This sequel is a much better story and better executed if you ask me. The idea of seeing how Alex got stuck in the zoo and then accidentally gets back with his family again is a neat idea. The film is still a mix of off the wall madness, emotion and realism in the form of visuals but its a much tighter plot with better visual gags and better characters. Gone are most of the lemurs thank god.

Alas we still have to put up with the Indian accented lemur leader who is painfully unfunny still but we also have some good new additions. Alec Baldwin as Makunga is a really well designed bad guy or creep. Definitely made to look a bit like Baldwin with the thick glossy hair and slick sneering appearance. All the background animals actually add to the fun also, especially the fun idea of all the zebras being identical in every way and all the giraffes being hypochondriacs.

The old lady makes a reappearance I'm afraid, this time even more outlandish than before. Not just kicking animals in the nuts but having martial arts fights with them now and eventually becoming some kind of evil force against all the animals, pretty bad idea methinks.

Animation is still the same style of course but its all sharper and more fluid with some stunning African backgrounds and water work. The whole film feels much brighter, bolder, colourful and more enjoyable than the previous which seemed a bit drab. Still have some dreadful hip hop musical intrusions again, these seem to be a must for modern youth, gotta have plenty of hip hop pop culture in there. Incidentally the hip hop tune 'I Like to Move It' sung by all the lemurs in the first film seems to have become the franchises theme tune as we get it again here...facepalm.

Everything has been improved (almost) and we have a better film. Kinda feels like 'The Lion King' but with much added lunacy and those cool penguins, the film wouldn't be half as good without those flightless little birds.
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½ August 16, 2012
My favorite in the series, but that's not saying much. This one has a consistent story and does a decent job balancing the humor. These movies are pretty dumb, but I think the creators know that and use it to their advantage.
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½ January 28, 2012
Dazzing animation with a strong humor that it's, also, very good to adults. Sometimes, Madagascar could look like The Lion King, but still is a moving and entertaining funny picture.
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June 22, 2012
"Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" picks up right where the first movie ends. The gang board a plane manned by the penguins and head back to New York. Well, things go wrong, the plane crashes and they are stranded in Africa. Alex(Stiller) meets his father(Bernie Mac), Melman(Schwimmer) tries to figure out how to confess his love to Gloria(Smith), and Marty(Rock) searches for his identity in a see of zebras that are exactly alike. Not the most complicated story, but it's very entertaining. Again, the penguins absolutely steal the movie and provide the biggest laughs. An argument between the penguins and the monkeys over Maternity leave is hysterical! My nephews love this movie, and I gotta say, I enjoy just as much as they do. Really for the whole family, or a good date night(my parents has little "Madagascar" date nights).
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September 12, 2008
A watchable sequel with superb animation when it comes to scenery. A little Lion King like in parts, but each have their own little sub stories in this one.
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½ August 16, 2011
People seem to believe this film is BETTER then the original well it's NOT its JUST AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL. Why?
Its numerous pop culture refrences and repetetive jokes are all the same as those from the first. For example, the old woman who extremely dislikes Alex the Lion. This is the DOWN side of Madagscar 2. The UP side is the deeper meaningful pplot that is easy to follow and quite interesting. Like I said in the first I ENJOYED THE HUMOUR and if its the same in Madagascar 2 well I enjoyed it just as much.
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August 24, 2011
I actually enjoyed this movie more than the first one simply because the dynamic shifted to the penguins and King Julian who are undoubtedly the unsung stars of these movies. Sacha Baron Coehn will be remembered for a lot in his career, but in my heart, he will always be King Julian. Best part - drunken Lemar singing "Private Dancer" by Tina Turner. Genius!
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August 17, 2011
Not as good as its predecessor but still a refreshing and family funny. Entertaining for all ages and genders.
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March 22, 2011
I thought it was just going to be another animated movie, but boy I was wrong. I found the story inviting, the visuals much improved, and laugh out loud comedy. Was a very good animated movie.
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December 12, 2009
InTheBasket program

King Julien: Whatever happened to the separation of the classes?
Maurice: I'm sure this whole democracy thing is just a fad.

Julien: Ha,ha,ha! I like laughing! It's such a nice expierence!
Melman: [Melman pokes his head in] Whoa.
Julien: Exuse me, this is first class. It's nothing personal, it's just that we're better than you.

Madagascar is one of the Unique Movies, I adore every character in the Movie. Okay my all time fav character is King Julien.
This part was fun just like the first one.
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November 9, 2008
One of the rare cases of the second part being even stronger than the original, this sequel to the animated hit comedy is faster, funnier and more diverse. Especially when compared to the Disney-disaster "The Wild" this movie does everything right: great characters, a fast pace, great gags and beautiful animation. It's never too silly and even adults have fun spotting movie quotes. A movie where the smallest, cutest animals get kicked out of the way and old ladies get run over by safari cars has to be great. Still the movie doesn't miss to touch you, even makes you happy.
michael e.
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½ December 28, 2010
another instance where the sequel is better than the original
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½ September 22, 2009
I don't know if I will ever rate an animated movie beyond 3 stars. It just isn't a full movie to me when the characters are avatars. Each of the four friends finds out something significant when they land up in Africa. If you have 90 minutes to kill some weekend, and this movie comes up, watch it.
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½ September 22, 2009
a whilwind of great animation and hilarious one liners (Sasha Cohen's lemur king is worth the price of admission by itself), this film, while occasionally a bit obvious in its message pieces still manages to entertain throughout.

The penguins are a riot and the monkeys erudite as usual. There are some wonderfully inventive moves where you don't expect them, which make the bonding/friendship aspects seem all the more contrived.

Creating Alex's backstory was nice move and a wonderful way to start the film (while giving those who did not see the first film a good introduction to all the charactors).
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November 16, 2008
I love this movie and i do have to say this was a lot better than the first one, way more funnier than the first that left me wetting myself with tears streaming down my face!!
It keeps all the original hilarious characters such as the king of madagascar and the penguins and the monkeys, ita hilarious and a pretty decent storyline as well!
The crew return us to madacascar where they are about to tke of in there made plane to make it back to new york but when things get complicated they end up landing in africa where we see Alex (Stiller) childhood and family but when the prides water drys up alex faces an opportunity to prove himself!
This lol sequel is differnatly not one to miss really worth a watch!!!
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½ February 10, 2008
Not as fun as the first movie... I'm not enjoying this movie very much.. The story really a standard, and a out of logic of course... Maybe the nonsense thing can be forgotten by me if they really make a movie which is very funny, but that thing didn't happen to this movie, so the only word I can say is "Sorry, I can't gave this movie a higher score"
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½ January 4, 2008
This animated sequel of the foursome catapulted homeward is outstanding funny (I should have watched the first movie before this) and realises it is about to get all Woody Allen on The Lion's King's ass. Despite cheering blasts of prog-rock, a chimpanzee pay dispute, a spectacular penguin-manned plane crash (the best and hilarious scene I ever watched), and a great gag about zebra herd mentality. Thumbs up!
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November 20, 2008
Great sequel. The four friends are still trying to get back to New York zoo but their plane crashes in Africa, where Alex (lion) is reunited with his family. Marty (zebra) finds out he is not unique and Melvin (giraffe) finds out he is in love with Gloria (hippo). Funny scenes e.g. when they get attacked by a group of New York tourists on safari.
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